Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sirens And Saints ~ And A Thoughtful Friendship Gift

Whether you tend to be a Siren...
Or Saintly... or perhaps a little bit of Both... *Winks*... you're gonna Love coming with us to our next Stop at SIRENS AND SAINTS.  It is one of my Fav Shops in the Valley to find Awesome Wardrobe and Accessories.
Not to mention Visit with Friends... some of which own and some of which are the Shop Gals and Artists.  This is my Friend Punky who is one of the Awesome Artists and helpful Shop Gals.  This day she totally Surprised Pamela and I with a Friendship Gift each of one of her Beautiful new Bottle Creations she let us pick out!!!  *Insert Squeal of Delight!*  I'm holding mine and Punky is holding the one Pamela picked out... since Pamela was our Photographer.  *Smiles*   LOVE my Bottle, Punky you're such a Talented and Generous Soul, mwahhh, Thank You again for such a Thoughtful Gift!  Hopefully the Beautiful Creations have you distracted enough that you're not noticing the double chin and goofus expression I'm sporting??!  *LMAO*  Also working on using a Doctor Oz Teeth Whitening Remedy since drinking so much Tea at our Mad Tea Parties at Home has taken it's toll on my Teeth... Sepia Tea Stained Lace is Lovely... Tea Stained Teeth... not so much! *Winks* 
Here was the Trio of Bottle Art we had to choose from... I just fell in Love with the small one filled with Violet Hued Bubble Bath and trimmed with feathery Eyelash Fabrics and a Bohemian Bling Stopper... Simply Elegant!
Punky wants to try to switch her Schedule so that she can join us for Girl's Day Out, she's such Fun that I can hardly wait for her to join the Posse on a Third Thursday!  She's so Creative, you just wouldn't Believe the Gorgeous Creations she comes up with.  She just recently Created some beyond Awesome Gypsy Curtains for her Home that I'm DYING to replicate at Bohemian Valhalla to Grace all of our Windows!  I'm SO ready for new Window Treatments, but either want to Create my own... Yeah I know, yet ANOTHER Project... LOL... or have one of my Artist Friends Create some for me that knows my Aesthetic.
And speaking of my Aesthetic, when I come into SIRENS AND SAINTS I always find an abundance of Accessories and Bohemian Bling that I would Love to own!   This Trio of Hardware Necklaces for instance...
And most especially THIS Divine over-the-top Creation which is JUST my Style... because, well, I know... I'm rather over-the-top too aren't I?  *Winks*
This piece is actually on my 'Wish List'... Hint Hint to The Man and The Son with our Anniversary coming up soon...  we're in the Silver Season of Life... so Silver would be an appropriate Gift, no?  *LOL*  Yes, I could definitely see me wearing this piece when I'm feeling my Siren Side... and I do Believe this one was Created by my Friend Sandra... and I just LOVE her Work and have a Collection of it that I wear all the time.

And I Loved this one too... for my Spiritual Side... and when I'm feeling more Saintly... *Winks*  What?!  You say you're not buying that line?!?  Really... I CAN be a Good Girl some of the time... I really can...

Just as my Friend Jesus, He knows...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What a happy look you have , so fun

    I love that necklace with the big spoon on it! I would wear that

  2. I truly need more "girl" time in my look so happy Dawn!!

  3. Love it! looks like lots of fun!


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