Monday, January 7, 2013

Pehaps This Will Help Me Become A Better Editor?

Perhaps with this Blogger inability to load New Images fiasco, it will help me become a better Editor?  Since the New Image Load is still on the fritz and I don't want to use a bunch of Old Images I am being a lot more Selective and reducing the Images per Post while I wait for things to return to Normal.  Perhaps this will become a habit by the time Blogger gets it's act together?  Which won't necessarily be a bad thing... I need to learn to Edit better... I want to learn to Edit more effectively!
Every time I watch an Episode of 'Project Runway' and they reem one of the Designers for not being able to Edit effectively, I know I would receive exactly the same Criticism no doubt!  I'd be THAT person that would have trouble exercising sufficient Restraint not to go over the top!
Not that I start out over the top mind you, but that is ultimately where I usually end up.  I will begin with Tasteful Moderation, especially when Styling, Collecting, Decorating or Creating... but given enough Time... things will be added to the mix... not all at once... its a gradual process... but the end result will be Excess!  And then the Taking Away Process begins in my feeble attempt to Edit.
Today I will be spending the day assisting a Friend move into and Decorate her Wonderful new Shop and Studio.  I'm absolutely Delighted for her and to be able to be of help as she expands her Vision... but she will definitely have to Delegate her Vision for how she wants it to look and dare not leave me to my own devices!  *LOL*  That would be risky... well, unless you dig Excess or Enjoy Editing in my aftermath?!  *Winks*
But as long as I have someone being the Voice Of Reason I can usually hold myself back... well, that or a Blogger Image Loading Malfunction...
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. LOL! Can't wait for you to see my "Shop & Studio"...See ya!

    -PaMeLa ;)

  2. What a wonderful friend you are helping with the move and set up!!! I figured out a way to post new pictures to a post while the direct upload is out of order. All your pictures you have posted on your blog are in an album in Picasa Web ( which means you already have an account through your google profile with picasa web albums. Just go to picasa web albums and upload the photos you want to use from the computer to picasa. Then when you are drafting your new post load the new uploaded photos on picasa to a draft post. Hopefully, that made some sort of sense. Good luck.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. I always love your posts and all the pictures. The pictures are great.

    Hope you have fun helping your friend move into her new shop.


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