Monday, January 14, 2013

Light Attraction... Another Bright 'Score'!

For some reason lately I keep Attracting great Lighting in my Junquing Forrays!  I'm not exactly seeking out Fab Vintage Lighting specifically, so it's certainly Interesting and not at all Intentional that I'm still discovering so many all of a sudden!  Hey, but I'm Rollin' with it... Que Sera Sera!  *Winks*
Sunday Night's Lighting 'Score' while on my way to pick up the G-Son happened as I drove past a Thrift Store on the way into the City... only minutes before Closing Time!  It was so close to the wire I almost didn't bother stopping.  But something was drawing me in, urging me to stop with only a mere Fourteen Minutes before I knew they'd be Closing!
I ALWAYS go with those Gut Instincts even if I don't clearly understand them and so I did... stop... even though I wasn't even certain what it was I expected to find on an extremely brief Marathon
 Walk-Around-The-Shop-As-Fast-As-You-Can "once over" with so little Time left to do it properly?  *LOL*  It felt like I was one of those Timed Wacky Game Show Contestants! 
It was definitely a Speed Walk around a very large Thrift Store without a Clue as to what I was even looking for on such Short Notice... but there it was... just as if it was Waiting for me... a GORGEOUS Vintage Floor Lamp with Ornate Onyx Base!  And less than Ten Bucks!  OMG Color me Happy!  The only thing left to Complete this 'Score' of Serendipity... would have been to Win this Killer Antique
 Addams-Family-ish Lampshade at Auction to go on it... Alas, it wasn't to be... got bid out in the last Minutes, don't you HATE when that happens, especially when you were the Lone Bidder until the end of the Auction!  It would have looked so Lovely on my New Old Floor Lamp!  *Sob... insert a little Tear in my eye!*  Ah well... perhaps it wouldn't have fit anyway... (She says as she tries to soothe herself... Winks.)
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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