Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blog Post Withdrawals... No Way... I Need A Fix!

So... the "Insert Image" Function here on Blogger has been malfunctioning for days, threatening me with Blog Post Withdrawals! *Gasp! Heaven Forbid!*  Lucky for me I had Scheduled some Blog Posts in Advance when I could still load New Images in the way that I have become accustomed to.  But now they've all Posted as Scheduled and keeping my Zen while wanting to be able to Create New Posts was easier said than done.  No way I was going thru Blog Post Withdrawals Cold Turkey... I needed a Fix!  I was Jonesin' to Blog!

I've probably Shared on more than one occassion that Patience isn't one of my Virtues... I really Suck at Patience!  And the Older I get, the more Impatient I have apparently become!  *LOL*  Maybe it's the ADHD and OCD Thing that makes it more difficult for me to exercise Extreme Patience... okay, lets be Real... to exercise ANY Patience at all really... especially when things are malfunctioning, I dunno?   All I know is that when things don't work the way they're supposed to or usually do, I'm very Impatient and like a dog with a bone trying to find a way around it, rather than attempting to wait until the Function is Restored at some unknown Future point in Time!  *Smiles*

Expecting me to Wait is like Expecting a Runaway Train to just brake and stop... better to allow it to lose momentum on it's own than to stand in front of it and become Collateral Damage!  The Man knows this about me and so he doesn't even try to suggest or persuade me that perhaps just Waiting might be less Frustrating?  Clearly he can see that Waiting is in fact more Torturous to me and I've got to be doing SOMETHING even if it's Futile!  *LOL*   So I was a Woman Possessed and on a Mission, Fixated to figure out a way AROUND this inability to load Images to a New Post!  
My Tenacity usually pays off some kind of way and Today was the Pay-Off in that I found the "Select A File From Picasa Web Albums" Function was still Working to load pre-hashed Images.  Okay, so they've previewed in previous Posts of the Past, but that'll do in a pinch until I am able to finally load New Images whenever "Select A File Upload Browse" Function returns?!  That's probably not the Tech Terms for it all... but being Tech Challenged and no I.T. Guru... I make up my own Terminology for this Stuff as I go and don't even pretend to know what I'm doing or talking about?! *Winks*
Only I had to also figure out and learn to use this other Function to load Images to a Post since I'd never used it before... and apparently there is no Editing or Cropping and Enhancing... so obviously I'm now "Settling".   I Hate "Settling" almost more than Waiting!  I'm not Inclined to "Settling" for less than I want... so obviously I Suck at that too... I want what I want!  Now that I know how to Edit and Tweak my Photography exactly how I want it to look,  I hardly ever don't use those Functions.  So I was seeking out Pre-Edited Images that would Suffice and had been Personal Favs.
And at least I'm able to come Online and Blog about something... and Share some Favorite Images of the Past until things get Squared Away by Blogger so that we can "Insert Images" properly again... I got my 'Fix' for Today and so at least I won't be Fiending for an opportunity to Post!  Yes... I've become a Blog Junkie Jonesin' for the Fix of a Post!  Pathetic!  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Gorgeous photos and inspiration. A feast for the eyes this morning.
    Mary Alice

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. DAWN . . . We're so upset . . . We deleted Our own Comment ! RATTSSS !!!

  3. Look what you did with your trials, a wonderful post. The old school picture with the clocks and the last one in all the blues are my favorites. Who needs cropping and editing! Thanks for stopping over and leaving me your wonderful comment at Quirky Vistas. Hope you'll stop in and visit again!

  4. Wretched Blogger has spats from time to time,and I'm just glad it isn't just me havin the porblem loading pix! I remembered that I can do it via Picasa, but it's a bit of a pain! Let's hope it gets sorted soon so we can continue to get our fix! You've put up some wonderful images despite the trauma!!!


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