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Bella Notte ~ A Love Story And Affair

I'm not even gonna try to do a Shorter Post Today, and I make no apology for it, because we're going to be talking about one of my absolute Obsessions... FABRICS!  And a Love Affair at that... because we're not going to be talking about just any Fabric, we're going to be talking about one of the most Sublime of Fabric and Bedding Lines... BELLA NOTTE!  I ADORE this Line, I Love it ALL... I want it ALL... I NEED it ALL!!!  *Winks*

Yes, as a Fabric Artist, if I could buy yards of this Fabric Line's Laces and Velvets in every Hue they Create I'd whip myself up into a Creative Frenzy wanting to make Clothes, Bags, Pillows and every Fabric Accessory known to Man!  *LOL*    Even their Fabric Swatch Headers are Gorgeous enough to make Inspired Creations out of... if I had mere Swatches of this Line I'd be in Fabric Heaven!   The extensive array of offerings and combinations is staggering, if not a bit overwhelming because picking a Fav... when you Love them ALL... could be torturous!  Their dying process is Amazing and I've never seen anything like it!  This is me with a Header of the Gorgeous Olivia Lace Line in a Rainbow of Lucious Hues... Modeling it as a prospective Gypsy Belt!  *Smiles*  Yeah, I'd wear it just like this...

And me snuggling with a Fav Hue and Style of their Velvet Pillow Line... this is definitely something I'd save my Pennies to Indulge in.  In fact, if Money were no object, I'd toss out all my old Bedding Linens and replace them with BELLA NOTTE Bedding, Pillows and Linens.  I'd be their #1 Customer in fact... so if a Lottery Win is in my Future, I'm certain this would be at the top of my List of Dream Purchases!
Fortunately for us our Friend Wendy carries this Line in her Shop at MELROSE VINTAGE so we can easily procure ours Locally and see all of the Headers showing the various Fabrics and Hues, touching them and arranging them to see what works best for you.  And if you want Custom Orders or Yardage that can be ordered as well.  I can certainly Envision some Gypsy Fashions Created in this Fab Silk Brocade Fabric as well as the Laces and Velvets!
And during Girl's Day Out of coarse we simply must stop by MELROSE VINTAGE  to visit with Adorable Wendy and for a heady dose of all that is Romantic, ultra Feminine and Luxurious in Styling.  The next few days worth of Posts will take you around the Shop so that you can Virtually come along with us and have a total Eyegasm too!  We've only just begun to touch the tip of the Iceburg of Romantic Decorating and Style... you're gonna lose your mind!

I don't know what your Sofa looks like, but with it piled high with an assortment of the Line's Pillows it will certainly look Luxe and so very Inviting!  And they have Gorgeous Shams too to cover any existing Pillows you might have...

Here's my Friend Pamela cuddling her Fav Pillow... she looks very much like an Anthro Model in this Shot.  And I took an even better one with her much better quality Camera... so I Hope she Shares that Image so I can 'borrow' it for this Blog Post Series taken at Wendy's Shop!? *Strong Hint Pamela 'cause I know you're probably reading this?! Winks*
Wendy had just finished Styling the Shop and I totally Lost myself in the Vignettes... you really had to drag me out of there, I was definitely in my own little bubble and Imaginings of "IF I had this and that"!  *Smiles*
And THAT in particular... *Winks*... Yes, I was having a Serious Forbidden Love Affair and Lustfest with the ruffled Velvet Spice Colored Pillow.  It really wanted me... seriously!!!
I could move in to a Vignette looking like this you know!  *Smiles*  I've seen a humorous TV Commercial with a Family Living in a Shop's Vignette because they moved right in and made themselves at Home (I think it's an Ikea Ad... Gak... but I digress)... and I can certainly relate to that sentiment and temptation even tho' Ikea isn't my Thang so I've never stepped foot in an Ikea Shop and they're completely Safe from me ever wanting to move in!  *LOL*  Too mass produced and plain for my liking.  No offense meant or intended for anyone who totally digs Ikea... it's just not my preference... but I do Love that Commercial and think it's Brilliant!
So anyways... there I was trying to narrow down which Hues of the Olivia Lace Line were drawing me in the most... for Future Reference... in case I ever Save up enough to buy some Yardage...
Picking out a Fav Pillow was much easier... but deciding which Fabrics I'd want to Save up to buy Yardage of... when you would want to Create from them ALL... not so much... torturous in fact... because I truly was THAT indecisive about it...
I'm standing there twirling the Swatch Header this way...
And that way... mezmerized by the variety of Divine Hues... each as Beautiful and worthy as the next to make a Fab Creation out of...
"Fawn" is Lovely... and it rhymes with my Name... *Smiles*
And I could definitely be a "Spice" Girl... *Winks*  Gypsy Spice... yes, I could have been one of the missing Spice Girls...  *LOL*  Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger and the elusive Gypsy Spice...
But "Tuscan" was Calling to me strongly too... Tuscan is always a Romantic Vision of a Dreamscape, no?  Alas, all of the Earthy Hues in fact were really drawing me in and I was gravitating to them strongly and yet unable to pick a definite Fav...
But then... so were Hues like "Ocean"... especially when draped over a matching Hue of the Line's Velvet... *Le Sigh*... see what I mean... I was so indecisive and I'd have to possess deep pockets to really get the Yards of everything I Desired... you know, one of EACH!  So... I'll have to save up my Pennies for a very long time and then narrow down my choices considerably to make this Do-Able... 'cause now those Rosy Hues are lookin' mighty Fine too... *LOL* 

But... even if I cannot afford to Create an entire piece out of these Sublime Fabrics... I could always use them as Accent Trims and still feel positively Decadent!  Stay with us now... I have a lot more of the Shop to take you around and Show you...  and besides Internet Explorer is FINALLY working properly again!  About time... lucky for them Firefox wouldn't load and Google Chrome has been taking all day to attempt to load so I don't know that I can stick it out and get either loaded for the time being even though everyone seems to be strongly suggesting the switch so I really want to! 


And Today and Tomorrow Artist Christie Repasy will be Selling her Paintings at MELROSE VINTAGE!  So since Valentine's Day is coming up soon... and you want that Special Perfect Romantic Somethin~Somethin for your Sweetheart... just sayin!  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I just got back from a trip to AZ (from Ohio) and I stopped into this fun shop last week!! Small world! :)


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