Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another 'Score' And A Showroom Sign


We have Dealer Discount Signs at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST but though I had mine on File at the Front Desk I was hesitant to hang one in my Showroom 'til I could appropriately Gypsify it and make it My Style!  *Winks*   Yes, I'm very OCD like that...
So I've had a lot of Fun Creating my Discount Sign for the Showroom and this is the end result I'm satisfied with.  Whaddya think my Friends?   Definitely more "Me" huh?  *Winks*  You know no plain average Sign would do for Yours Truly, right?  I would HAVE to go Over The Top with it and have Fun with it... it goes without sayin'!
And what Gypsy Gal doesn't Love and Live to Barter and Haggle?!?  I have Fun with the Art of the Deal and the Art of Negotiating... I would do Monty Hall Proud I tell ya!  *Winks*  Actually I Enjoy making Gypsified Signage so much out of Vintage Treasures that I might just do some up for Sale in the Showroom this Year too. 
And speaking of Deals, check out my most recent Goodwill Hunting 'Score' that will be offered for Sale soon in the Showroom!  A Fabulous Hobo Style Italian Leather and Animal Hide Charlie Lapson Bag!  Whether you like to wear it with Animal Hide side out...
Or Buttery Italian Leather side out... this is a Classy Stylish Bag that is very versatile and European Chic.  Hard to part with?  Well... just a bit because it is Beautiful and a Perfect Color, so can go with so much of my Wardrobe... but since I make my own Bohemian Style Bags I don't really get too Attached to Accessories.  Whew... Thankfully that's one type of thing I can easily Let Go of without any Emotional Attachments!  *LOL*

I hung one of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery Signs at the Entrance to my Showroom... it really matches the Vibe and my Style so well.  I may be leaning towards keeping it's matching Mate... we'll see if I can find some place to hang it at Bohemian Valhalla?  *Winks*  At least for a little while longer... it's the Peacock screaming for Adoption I think? 

My Lil Vagabond is always there to Assist Gramma in the Styling Process.  She'd rather Style and Organize than Play... I see a Professional Organizer or Stylist Career in her Future, she was Born for it!  She could Style better and had an Eye for the 'Good Stuff' at the tender age of Three Years Old than most Adults... and now that she's Seven she tells folks she's been doing it FOR YEARS!   Well, it is for more than half her Life already, so she has a point!  *LOL*  She's trying to Convince Gramma and Grandpa the Unkempt Hair Look is  On Trend right now... I think the Kid could be going for Natural Dreads?!!  *Winks*  I asked her what we'd do if she finds the Look is too hard to manage... her response... well, we'll just cut it all off... this Kid is Fearless for Fashion!  *Smiles*

And look what else you could 'Score' on a trip to The Brass Armadillo West... this Fab Antique Beaver Top Hat with it's Awesome Original Leather Carrying Hat Case in my Friend Betty's Booth!!!   Okay... so you know I'd go Over The Top with Embellishing it too for my Mad Hatter Top Hat Collection... so if you're a Purist, you better get in there to snag it pronto!  *Winks*

And how about this Amazing Filigree and Bejeweled Bohemian Box... Now that's all pretty hard to for us Bohemians to resist!!!  But Valentine's Day is a comin' up!!! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your granddaughter is the cutest thing in the world. I love that you live in the Arizona desert. Inward there when I visited Vegas and although I did not like VGA the desert was amazing. You can actually listen to the voice of the universe there. Feel the power.

  2. Yes you can... the Stillness of the Desert is what I Enjoy most about it. Such a harsh Environment has a Profound Peace about it in that everything conserves Energy and Lives for this Moment.

  3. Without question, you take the "Art" of the Deal to a whole new level! Wishing you continued success, #1035! (I'm pretty sure I have failed to tell you how much I enjoy your shorter posts. This one - for instance - is "Perfect" in my humble opinion.)

  4. My comment got eaten up! I just wanted to say that your BoHo collection is absolutely fabulous and really inspiring! Those leather bags are a sensational addition to any wardrobe. Thank you so much for coming to visit with me to listen to the storytelling Rabbit! teehee..Anita

  5. Most excellent gypsy beautification of your shop discount certificate! The fine leather/hide hobo is a wonderful score!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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