Monday, December 17, 2012

Sure It's Christmastime But... My Mind Wanders Elsewhere

Sure it's Christmastime and I'm in the Spirit of the Season... but... my Mind wanders elsewhere. I'm still thinking upon Velvet Pumpkins I shall make after I Harvest the stems from our Autumn Pumpkins still going strong on the Porch.  And so when I see a few lingering Fabric Pumpkins in the Shops they still beckon to me and continue to Inspire.
Inspire me beyond Velvet... to other Appealing Fabrics that would make a Lovely Pumpkin Patch to display year round and showcase Vintage Jewelry where it can be seen and remembered... used often rather than stashed away in some drawer or Jewelry Box and forgotten.
And Vintage Ephemera that I can always find a use for no matter what the Season.  I've been obsessed with Old Stock Vintage Seed Packets and Vintage European Magazine Ads lately... I don't quite know why? 

And as I lugged a Favorite huge Iconic Image of James Dean from the Movie 'Giant' to my Showroom... I have to Confess that Christmas Decorating hasn't been foremost on my mind lately... and quite often I think outside of the Seasons at hand when I'm feeling Creative and contemplating Styling.

I can often be physically Enjoying a Season or Holiday while my Mind and Imagination flits to a variety of things... different Seasons, Passions, Visions and Styles that transcend any Season at all.  I can be a million miles away in my Head.  And as I hang the Iconic Image, even though the Classicly Handsome & Sauve James Dean is sadly no longer with us, I Wonder if that Fabulous Old Mansion out in the middle of nowhere is still standing?  I Hope so... and I would love to find it and take a peek inside, wouldn't you?  It really was quite Grandoise for being in such a desolate barren area, I've always wondered about THAT back end Story?!?

And then my Mind wanders to Upholstery Projects and Details that are catching my Eye... like Upholstery Buttons covered in Bold Bohemian Prints and pressed into Organic Simple Upholstery Fabrics... I Love the Contrast and unexpectedness of it!  Put that right up there with Creating Fabric Pumpkins!  *Smiles*

Yes, I have SO many Beautiful things on my Mind... Gypsy Dreamin' all day long...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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