Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Expanding Vintage Christmas

Yes, I have been expanding Vintage Christmas at Bohemian Valhalla little by little.  You know how there are just some things you can't 'pass' on when you see them because you know you'd have serious regrets if you didn't pop on them?  Well this was one such time when my Friend Myko had some Vintage Red and Gold Scrabble Tiles in her Showroom and Loft Space!
She had this pre-made 'Christmas' Scrabble Tile sign with Green Scrabble Tile Stand... and a whole Grab Bag full of additional Red and Gold Scrabble Tiles that I was able to make the Names of The Man and the G-Kid Force with on some of my own Tea Stained Scrabble Tile Stands at Home.

Since I Love making Scrabble Tile Signage in my Vignettes at Home and in my Showroom I am always on the lookout for unusual Scrabble Tile Colors and I've 'scored' several unique Colors this Year, but I must say this was the first time I'd seen any in Red and Gold... and you know the Golden Rule of what American Pickers always tell you... the best Time to buy something you've never seen before, is when you see it!  *Winks*   And Note to Self: Must make some of those Adorable Bottle Brush Tree and Vintage Spool Decorations as well... too Cute!  Though Myko has them priced so reasonably I might just buy a couple of hers until I get around to making some of my own.
But one Christmas Project I've been Admiring for some time and had been saying I was going to get around to making I actually did finally complete one of... the Vintage Canning Jar Snow Globe! 
I'd seen these all over Pinterest and various Creative Blogs and just Loved them and though I've seen some Lovely Pre-Made ones I really wanted to make and Customize my own to the Specs I specifically wanted. 
I've got a virtual Hoard of Vintage Canning Jars and they are so quick and easy to Create that there was no legit excuse not to make at least one before Christmas... because you can keep it as Simple or go as Fancy as you Desire. 
 I went Simple on this one because we're doing the Simplified Vintage Christmas this Year... so just a lone Vintage Bottlebrush Tree, some German Glass Glitter and a Tea Stained Old Lace Fabric Remnant was all it took... and Walla... Love it!
But if you want to Purchase yours, Myko has some Lovely ones in her Showroom at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST ...
And over at 'Vagabond X-Change' Booth at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST they also have some Super Cute Pre-Made ones too evoking a Simple Vintage Christmas.  So you can 'Score' yours this Christmas even if you don't have the Time or inclination to make some.
But since I've Sold just about all of my Christmas Inventory in the Showroom I needed to 'Score' some Vintage Christmas for the busiest Week of the Holiday Shopping Season coming up to Sell too.  So Imagine my Delight when during a Goodwill Hunting Forray I 'Score' a Huge Bag FULL of Old Stock Vintage Christmas Snowball Ice Lights and Vintage Starburst Lights still in their Original Boxes with Original 'Back In The Day' Prices displayed!
This was particularly Sweet because I not only Love Vintage Items, but Vintage Packaging as well... so this was the Motherlode of 'Scores' of Vintage Old Stock!  What a Rush of Nostalgia from my Childhood the Snowball Lights are... my Parents had these everywhere at Christmastime... along with the Old Chinese Lantern Style Hand-Painted oversized Christmas Tree Strand Lights {Wish I still had THOSE!} they are among my Favorite forms of Holiday Illumination!  This is just a quarter of the Lights I've got of these Vintage Jewels... enough that I can Sell a bunch and keep a bunch to use at Home...
So the Front Kitchen Tole Chandie got a Vintage Snowball Light Makeover... there are 5 different Colors {Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow & Green} but alas my Chandie only has four Lights so I had to decide on one Color to leave out.
But I Love them as much as when I was a Kid... and the G-Kid Force was really diggin' it too!  And I only Wish I could Capture the Ambiance of them when the rest of the Lights are off... but with my Camera I can't so you'll just have to take my word for it.  *Winks*  I'lll have a slew of them in the Showroom in the Morning if you think you might be Jonesin' for a Vintage Christmas Light Ambiance at Home too this Season?
And Today I'm joining a Fun Linky Blog Party for the first time at I GOTTA CREATE  Blog and THE WILDLY ORIGINAL CROWD...
So won't you join us and see what everyone is busy Creating for the Holidays?
Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The red Scrabble tiles & light bulbs will keep me twinkling all day! What great finds.

  2. A very lovely vintage round up!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd and inviting others to do the same.
    Happy New year to you :)
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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