Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12~12~12 ... End Of The World?

The Conversation went something like this as Prince R and I are driving down the road together recently:
Prince R matter-of-factly: "Gramma, you do know that the World is gonna end on 12~12 don't you?"

Me... Guarded... not quite sure where this Conversation with a 12 Year Old is going: "Oh... well then, I've got a LOT to get done in two days."
Prince R, now very Intrigued to Impress me with his vast Knowledge & absolutely Convince me that we're all on Borrowed Time: "No... Seriously Gramma... the Mayan Calendar Ends sometime this Month, I can't remember though if it's 12~12 or 12~21? But I think all the Numbers representing Days, Months & Years lining up  for the last time are significant with the 12~12~12 and all... and... blah blah blah... {As he goes into Precise Scientific Details & End Times Prophecy that obviously Fascinated him when he heard it on the Discovery Channel or something.}
Me: "Well... I wouldn't tell your Little Sister... you might Freak her out, Okay?"
He's a very Bright Kid with a very Scientific Logical Mind and Thought Process... so Princess T firmly Believes anything her Big Bro' tells her as the Gospel Truth and then it's up to us to Refute it or not... I REALLY didn't wanna go "there" with a 7 Year Old if she heard 'The News' only 2 days before Armageddon...
And though I intentionally diffused the Conversation with Humor lest he be looking at my Reaction to accurately gauge said bombshell and Believe I took it Seriously so it MUST be True... and we went into the obligatory Lecture of don't Believe everything you hear on TV or the Movies because they don't always report facts, know what they're talking about or its simply made up... the fact that a lot of this 'News' is out there for our Kids to hear, take to Heart & potentially Believe bothers me. Because they can't always discern Truth from Speculation or Hype... so I'm Glad we often Talk about such things together & they bring it up for discussion.
And without going into my Personal Beliefs about End Time Prophecy... or yours... or Debate it... lets just say, for the sake of the Point of this Post, that it could happen.  It did make me Contemplate what I would or wouldn't do if it was emminent and only days away...
If Time were really that Short for us all... or even just for me for that matter... what would be done differently or left undone?  How drastic would my {our} Priorities shift and change?  Gives you Pause for Thought now doesn't it?
Yeah, that Fantasy Dream Trip to Bora Bora would have already happened... come Hell or High Water!
I'm quite certain The Man and I would throw all Caution to the Wind and with Reckless Abandon Enjoy our Last Hurrah!
I definitely wouldn't be concerned if the House was clean or what to do... or not do... about any of our Stuff... or if the mundane 'To Do' List was complete!  I certainly wouldn't be wasting or spending any of my Precious Time left yelling at the G-Kids about anything... because it wouldn't matter if their Room was a mess or they just had Ice-Cream for Breakfast!!! {This has happened... can you tell... LOL}
There are definitely those that I'd want to spend my Last Hours with... either in Person, or if that wasn't possible then via some other medium of contact... and I would Hope that they fully know and realize who they are... and that their Sentiments would be the same.
And I suppose what Troubled me most about this unexpected Conversation between my Young Grandson and I was the Ambivalence & lack of Emotion he had about the World Ending in possibly a couple of days... because his Generation should have a lot to Live For!
Not that I would want to Impart a Fear of Death in anyone of any Generation mind you... we've all gotta die of something sometime... and one should have a certain Peace about that in their Spirit since it is inevitable... 
But it does disturb me that a lack of Hope for the Future has become so prevalent, especially in the Younger Generations... as if they fully Expect that everything is going, or has already gone, so totally to Hell, or they don't find so much to want to Live FOR... that if it were to all End in a few days, they might just be Okay with that...
And though I responded to my Grandson calmly, in typical Humor & light discussion on Purpose about such an unexpected Heavy Topic, because I want him to Relax, not unduly Worry over it, Believe he has a Future & Enjoy his Life without thinking it will End so soon and so there's not much Point.  I wouldn't want to Imagine that the Grim Predictions could be remotely accurate or give credence to an exact Time that Man would or should know The End.  I want to maintain Hope for the Future of Mankind in my Lifetime and theirs... and be able to wake up Today and still see Oversized Rubber Bugs the G-Kid Force have left on Purpose around the House to Scare me... and this Post to be Proof that the World didn't in fact End... at least not Today...
Blessings and Hope coming to you from the Arizona Desert on 12~12-~12 at 12 a.m. ... WOW... that is a lot of 12's! ... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh's children are exposed to so much "stuff" it is amazing any of them turn out OK. the fairey princess




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