Saturday, November 3, 2012

What Fun We Had... But Then Disaster!!!

What Fun we had Halloween Night Trick-Or-Treating... and deciding which Hybrid Specialty Pumpkins we shall buy to Decorate with for Thanksgiving to replace the Jack-O-Lanterns.
There's so many varieties to choose from...
And we're leaning towards the ones they call 'Pink Pumpkins' seen on far Left of screen... that have a Rosy Blush to their Skin.
The entire Day the G-Kid Force were excited... though there wouldn't be Halloween Festivities at School, they knew once they got Home that we'd start our Traditional Celebrating.  I remember a time when my Children could Celebrate Halloween at School and go in Costume... I must say I miss the Freedom and Individual Liberties of those days gone by...
Even Trick-Or-Treating isn't like it used to be when every Home handed out Candies to the Children, regardless if they Celebrated Halloween or not in any other fashion.  Now on most Streets it was perhaps only one out of every ten Homes that hands out candy so the Kids have to trek further... but I must say that those who participate are ultra generous to make up for those who don't give.  The
G-Kid Force didn't mind if many chose not to hand out candy or Celebrate... but they did lament that most people didn't have to be rude about it... which many were I am sorry to report.  Word up: If you chose not to give out candy on Halloween, fine, turn the porch light off as traditional indication or put up a sign saying "No Candy"... but don't yell at the Trick-Or-Treaters or rudely slam doors in little faces... there's no excuse for such bad behavior... nuff said.
Even though some peeps chose not to participate, our Fur Baby Yul decided he definitely wanted to... and must have a Costume too... he wants to do everything the G-Kid Force do, especially The Princess.  So she Crowned him for the Evening with a Bead and Feather Halo {which had been a Bracelet}... he wore it proudly for some time until it finally fell off!  *LOL*
And our Crew definitely got into the Spirit of Halloween with full Costume... even The Son... since his Jobs encouraged Employees to come in Costume.
So between jobs he came Home so that I could get the Group Shot...
He was going to be working double shifts from early Morning until Midnight Halloween, but he kept in good Spirits.
Which made what happened to him all the more tragic... but I'll come to that later in the Post... right now I'm telling all that was GOOD about the Evening & Celebration!
We stopped by during Trick-Or-Treating to visit one of my Favorite Aunties... 80 years Young.  We Love you Auntie June... and like my Mom, Auntie June is always the Eternal Fashionista!!!  In fact, at the Senior Center she still Hosts and Coordinates Senior Fashion Shows... showing that you can Rock it at any Season of Life and keep a Youthful Vibrant Spirit!

The Princess couldn't decide this Night whether she was 'feelin' the Crown or not...

She obliged for a few Photos and then decided...

We're going sans Crown.

The Young Prince was having a similar decision on whether to go with face make-up or not?
The Princess was growing weary of the Prince going in and out of the Bathroom to put Halloween face make-up on...
Then take it off again... decisions... decisions... decisions...

Yul was quite amused... apparently he LOVES Halloween... since he sat in the Old Motel Chair on the Porch and Greeted each and every Trick-Or-Treater that came by... they Loved it... and him...

And he was totally diggin all the added Attention!  *Smiles*  No Costume or Decor scared him... though the Bohemian Cat Boys, Rusty and Morris, are quite terrified by the sights & sounds of Halloween so they stayed hidden, peeking out at everything like Scaredy Cats and only coming out after we quit handing out candy for the Night.  *LOL*

And though not many Homes were handing out candy this year, because those that were gave double doses of Generosity... the G-Kid Force 'scored' big... and got some great Treats!

So that part was all good... as was the part with me relaxing after I got everyone tucked in and settled in to watch my Halloween Cult Classic Horror Movie Marathons and Halloween Inspired Reality Series like Halloween Wars, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. 
But then to spoil a perfectly Perfect Halloween Disaster struck... when The Son got Home from his 2nd job just after Midnight, we discovered that our Back Cottage that he resides in had been Burglarized sometime during Halloween Night!!! He lost almost everything of value that he had and quite a bit of damage had been done to the property... so Curses to the Evil Culprit... may Bad Karma come around upon them for such an Evil Deed to exploit good, hard working people {since the Police said it is doubtful they will be caught or the items recovered}!!!  It spoiled what had otherwise been a Wonderful Celebration and that Grieves our Spirits deeply.
Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. First, may I say that those children are becoming more beautiful by the SECOND!? Dear GOD, they are stunning!
    I know what you mean about government influence in our lives. Gracie was only "allowed" to go Trick or Treating from 3:30 until 6pm! How dare the government tell free people what time they can open their doors! It really infuriates me! The local public school kids had parties but were not "ALLOWED" to wear costumes. Geesh! I would dress Gracie as the Pope and and they would have a First Amendment battle on their hands! LOL!
    This is one of the reasons we home school. There are many more.
    Daddy took Goose Trick or Treating while I manned the candy. We always go big because many people aren't home from work in our neighborhood until after the alotted time. We gave out huge boxes of Crayons and full size Hershey Bars! It's kind of a bribe because I LOVE to see the little Trick or Treaters but, in the past, we didn't get many because the builder of our neighborhood went bankrupt before the subdivision was complete! I think there are only 50 houses, about half or more aren't even home.
    Last year a man answered the door every time the bell rang and said "I'm sorry I don't have candy". Poor guy. I told Gracie that if it happens this year, give him some of yours! She knows I'll pay her back! LOL!
    Another reason we stay home is because of Michael's job. Some of the local ferals have no fear of the police and would not hesitate to damage his patrol vehicle or our home. Last year an officer's home was shot at and another had a Molatav cocktail thrown at it while the officer's families slept! It's a different world, my friend!
    Do you have contact with a detective at the local Police Department? Make certain you stay under his radar. A weekely call wouldn't hurt. People who steal like to brag so keep your ears open. It is most likely someone your son knows.

  2. Dawn - I sure miss the days when kids could go to school dressed in their Halloween costumes, now it's all about "possibly" offending others that might find it offensive...sigh!

    I hope whoever broke into your son's home gets a HUGE dose of BAD KARMA!!! :(



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