Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Fashion Show ~ Brass Armadillo West

Luckily, before the G-Son's Medical Crisis on Saturday Night, I was able to Attend and Cover the Vintage Fashion Show on Saturday Afternoon at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, put on by my Friend Lisa Z. of SIMPLY VINTAGE.  The Models made everything look absolutely Stunning... and my Friends Pamela and Myko had their Lovely Daughters Casey and Sierra Modeling in the Show.  Thank you also to Ann, Talia, Taylor, Amy and DD for Rockin' the Catwalk, you all made the Vintage Clothing come to Life in a Fresh new way!   My Friend Pamela M.C'd the whole Event and my Friend DeAnna did Hair and Make-Up... it was a great Success and so well received... every seat was filled and Customers lined the Loft Balcony looking out over the Event from the 2nd Level! 
 And it was also a Fund Raiser... and Donations were accepted for Hope's Closet and New Life Shelter which benefit the Victims of Domestic Violence. 
Thank You to everyone who Supported the Show, came out and filled up the Donation Boxes!
This was one of my Favorite Ensembles... being Modeled by Myko's Daughter Sierra.
I swear this Ensemble Channeled the Lovely Eva Gabor!  I remember watching 'Green Acres' just to see what Fab Clothing Eva, as Lisa Douglas, wore!  *LOL*
Casey looked Retro Adorable in this Parasol Print Vintage Frock!
Another Beautiful Pastel Hue...
But I must say that some of my Favs included the Vintage Hawaiian Clothing... so Tropical, Bold and Flattering!
I could Imagine wearing a Vintage Tropical Ensemble on a Trip to Bora Bora, couldn't you?  *Winks*
Many of the Vintage Outfits had matching Coats.  Whether Short...
Or Long... 
Another Fav was this Lilac Party Dress... so ultra Feminine!
And how about a Lovely Vintage Camel Coat in a bold shade of Turquoise!
Another Fav of mine was this Frock that reminded me of an "I Love Lucy" Episode... very 50's Glam!
And now to my Era... my Fav Era... the 60's... my Friend Shelly and I fell in Love with this Bold, Funky Jumpsuit Ensemble... but it was scooped up quickly by an Adoring Customer after the Show ended...
Ah well... at least Shel and I got our "Party Hats" consolation prizes when Pamela Photo-Shopped us saying Good-Bye to the Groovy Jumpsuit *LOL*... yes, it was a one-piece Jumpsuit with Palazzo Pants!  So very 'us' it was though... *Winks*
But if I were still Slim and Youthful... this Asian Gown would be on my List of Retro Wardrobe Favs!  Casey looked Stunning in it. 
As did Sierra in this Fabulous Vintage Prom Dress!  Gorgeous!!!
Just look how it flows as she came down the Catwalk!!!
And here's a Wool Ensemble I simply Adore... there is a matching Coat and Hat in Lisa's Showroom.
And Okay, I know it's the Arizona Desert and we don't get to Rock Furs much... but this Seal Maxi Coat is to die for... and SOOOOOOOOOOOO soft!  And it's Vintage... so no modern Seals were slain.
And my Friend Taylor Modeled several of the Vintage Men's Ensembles... he looked so Retro!
What I Love most about Fashion Shows is that the Clothing comes to Life whilst being Modeled... they just don't look as Magnificent on a Hangar as they do being worn and Showcased so Beautifully!
And Customers were obviously in Agreement since many of the Items Modeled during the Show were Sold that day directly after the Show ended!
And I'm sure you can see why...
It was even Tempting to buy Furs after seeing them Modeled so Beautifully... even though it was still a 90 degree day outside!  *LOL*  But hey, Winter is coming... and you can always head up North of the State to somewhere like Flagstaff on the first Wintery Day of the year!  *Smiles*
But its still delightfully Warm enough in the Desert during Winter to wear the Lovely Lighter Ensembles.
Can you just picture yourself?
Absolutely Loved this one and the cute Vintage Hat!
And here's Pamela Rockin' the Microphone... she was hilarious!  She would have us all Rockin' these Vintage Lovelies at the Grocery Store!  *Winks*  And why not?!?   I always say it's better to be looked over than overlooked!  *Smiles*
And here's Pamela with her Lovely Daughter Casey after the Show... you can easily see that lookin' Lovely runs in the Family!
And here's Myko's Lovely Daughter Sierra in front of their Showroom #142, all decked out in Fabulous Vintage Christmas Splendor, you really must check it out too for a Vintage Christmas Flashback that will blow you away!
We were all having so much Fun!!!
Adam in Retro Cowboy wear...
How Cute is this Coat and Hat?!?!  LOVE IT!!!
And it wasn't just us Gals Enjoying the Show... with all the Lovely Models we had plenty of the Guys Appreciating it too!
Adorable DeAnna Styling everyone's Hair and Make-Up backstage.
So that they looked simply Amazing as they hit the Catwalk...
This Ensemble reminded me of how my Mom always looked in the 50's... that was an Era when nobody really dressed down... every Day was an Event in Rockin' Stylish Clothing and looking well put together!
Here's Dan and Lisa... Thanks for Hosting such a Marvelous Show... we all had a great time!  And Thanks for loaning me your fancy Camera Dan so that I could Cover the Show so well for us to Share on Facebook and here in the Land of Blog!

Dan is also a great Sport... here he is as the Groovy Sheriff Dan resplendant in 60's Fringed Vest!
And many of our Customers came to the Show dressed in Vintage Fashion and Vintage Hairstyles... it was so much Fun to see Today's Youth Embracing Yesterday's Fashions and Style in a Fresh New Way that they have put their own Signature and Spin on.  Giving New Life to the Past by paying Homage to it in the Present... and Hopefully even into the Future...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. Looks like a really fabulous day
    love the tonic dress at the top and the prom dress, both beautiful
    great cause too, well done


  2. Dawn - Ha ha!!! It was such a fun event!!! Did you see the audience photo? I added a few Photoshop elements to it! xo


  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, so many WONDEROUS garments! What fun,I'd love to have attended!I've ALWAYS wanted one of those vintage prom frocks....heavenly!!!X

  4. Looks like a fun time was had by all. That pale pink vintage prom dress was perfect!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. That looks like it would be so much fun to be a part of Dawn! I love vintage clothes and almost NEVER buy new. It really helps to be a size 2 though because that would be about a 60's size 8-10. *winks* The girls all look beautiful! And I'm sure they had a great time. I'm with Queenie, that pink prom dress was dreamy! Vanna


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