Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sweet Salvage Comfort And Joy Preview Party

Last Night I attended the SWEET SALVAGE "Comfort & Joy" Christmas Event Preview Party, which was Exceptional, the Sweet Team Ushered Christmas in with such Style and Imagination!  I want to Thank Kim and Katie for Inviting me to be their Guest, I had such a Fabulous time!  As always everything exceeded all expectations of how Breathtaking, Magical and Enchanting it would all be to behold and experience!  Inspiration and Eye Candy was EVERYWHERE!!!
I was particularly smitten with this adorable Taxidermy Red Fox wearing a Santa Hat!  Taxidermy is Appealing to me more than usual lately, which The Man will be Delighted about since he's wanted to fill this Ole' House with Taxidermy for YEARS!  *LOL*
We'll have to reach a compromise... since he Loves Taxidermy in general and is somewhat of a Purist about it... and I want to Dress them up and Style them!  *Winks*
I don't know why, but I kept thinking of the Beloved Comedian Redd Foxx when I was Admiring this Whimsical Styled Red Fox, so it just made me Smile.
And I wasn't the only one Smiling... everyone was having such a Good Time!  There was an Amazing Buffet and Bar by POSTINOS and delicious decadent Desserts by Lisa Gorton of OH SO SWEETNESS... I particularly Loved the Baklava!  Though I had to remind myself to eat because Mingling and Covering the Event was so much Fun and I wanted to take as many Photos to Share here in the Land of Blog as possible... I was a Woman on a Mission!  *LOL*
Sweet Stephanie looked absolutely Adorable in her Christmas Plaid ensemble, it looked so Vintage Christmas... LOVE IT!!!  And it was a Delight to meet some of your extended Family at the Event, they are so very Proud of you and how Talented you are at Sourcing and Styling these Found Treasures at The Sweet!
As a matter of fact I met and was introduced to so many other Guests this Evening who Share a Mutual Love for Found Treasures and Creative Styling that it is Inspiring to Visit with such a Delightful Group of Kindred Spirits and hear the Passion and the Wonderful Stories.  It runs in the Blood of so many of us and the conversations were stimulating!

I made a new Friend, Eve, who Shares a similar Love of European Style Treasures since she's from Czechoslovakia.  She is so Elegant, Stylish and absolutely Charming.  I had such a nice time talking about the things we both Love Eve and I Hope to see you at the Event when we're picking out our favorite Found Treasures for Christmas.  I know what you've got your Eyes on so I Hope you 'Score' them!  Eve snapped the preceeding Photo of Yours Truly, which I appreciated... I'm usually the one behind the camera so rarely get the chance to be the one in front of one.
The Sweet Team were busy Hosting and Greeting all of the Guests, it's such Fun to hear what Inspired each Vignette Theme to be Created and the Attention to every Detail and Imaginative Displays always blows me away!  As well as the Great Stories about so many of the Pieces and how they were Sourced or came from their own Personal Collections Lovingly kept for many years and now being offered.
This Hand Made Vintage Santa and hand hewn Swing in Cynthia's Space had a great Personal Story for example!  I can definitely relate to finally Letting Go of some Special Personal Treasures that I have Loved for many years and have been a part of our Story.  It's not always easy to say Good-Bye, but knowing they'll go to a Good Home and be someone else's Found Treasure warms the Heart.
I know you won't want me to ramble on too much... so for this Post I've decided to concentrate on several of the Panoramic Shots I took before most of the Guests arrived.  That's why I particularly LOVE about attending these Preview Parties, getting to take the Ideal Panoramic Images that would be difficult, if not impossible, once the throngs of eager Shoppers descend upon the Event on Opening Day!  And getting to languish in the unspoiled Vignettes and intricate Details and soak it all in at my leisure and fully Appreciate all of the Hard Work and Creativity that goes into bringing each Event to Life!
Lets face it, when we're eagerly Shopping and focused on the Thrill Of The Hunt we tend to miss so much... and so much of the Inventory goes out the doors so quickly that we might not otherwise get to even behold it or Share it in Images... so this is a Dream come True, to Experience it all in it's Pristine State before anything is Sold or unfoofed.
To meet with each Stylist and discuss their Inspiration, how and where it all started coming together, from the Sourcing to the Theme and Styling... to some of the Great Stories of how Special Items were Discovered and the back end Story or History that goes along with the Piece. 
And of coarse to get an unprecedented Preview of the Inventory and Scope out, without missing, those Special Pieces that Call out to us and we Hope to 'Score' on Opening Day!  *Winks* 
And Okay... also Torment ourselves by Lusting after those Special Pieces we Wish were within Budget... but won't be coming Home with us this time... but at least we can capture in Images... {Insert me Lusting after this Gorgeous Loving Cup... among other things... Le Sigh}
And those larger pieces of Inventory, such as Fab Furniture we ADORE, that unless we get a bigger House... or a Vacation Home... well, there's just no space to bring them in no matter how much of an Infatuation and Love Affair we're having with them!  *LOL*
Sweet Nancy of Steampunk had several such pieces that alas, my Love Affair with will have to be strictly Platonic with since there is just no room at this Ole' House... *Sob*
But there were Vignettes that encompass a variety of Decorating Styles that I've never actually replicated at Home but which I can definitely gaze upon with Adoration all the same.  Such as this Gorgeous French Nordic Style... which is a Style that always has such a Serenity about it that it is pleasing to the Eye and to the Spirit even if your Home may never look like this in your Reality. 
Though a Dark Gothic, Exotic or Curated Dolly Kei Style is more my Aesthetic of choice and fits my Personality and Lifestyle... I still absolutely enjoy beholding those of you who Style so well with Whites and Pastels...
Vintage Glam...
Fun, Whimsical or Playful Style...
Well.. you get the picture... almost ANY Style, done well, is Beautiful to Behold and Experience... I can Appreciate it all... and the Diversity of Styles is what I thoroughly Enjoy here at the Sweet!  Each Space and Stylist has Evolved Month after Month and everything is always so Fresh and Innovative.  Honestly, it just keeps getting better and better...
I mean seriously... even the Restroom Styling is Stunning!!!  So I always have to take a peek into the Men's Room... *LOL*
And the Ladies' Powder Room... because no Space is left plain or boring... everything has Style... Penache...
And a Story Line or Theme... Loving the Tiny Tim Theme in the Hallway for example!!!
And yes, I took a Gazillion Photos as usual *Winks* so I will be Sharing several days worth of Posts about the "Comfort & Joy" Event as it Opens to the Public and unfolds for the next four Glorious days. 
And I Hope to see you there perhaps Tomorrow on Opening Day? 
But goodness gracious, I better get to bed now because I've got to get up in a few hours and get the
G-Kid Force up and ready for School... and then meet up with with my Friend Pamela to head back out to SWEET SALVAGE for the Grand Opening of the "Comfort & Joy" Event and 'Score' our Treasures!  *Winks*
But if you can't make it... not to worry... you can always come back during the next several days and come along with us to Enjoy it Virtually here in the Wonderful Land Of Blog... where we never have to really miss an Event... so long as we can Log On and Enjoy it all through the eyes of the lens that captured it...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I sure wish I could scrape a few coins together and make the trip to capture a few of those white and tinsel trees! I've looked quite extensively "up here" and have only come up with one small white-not-so-vintage tree. I definitely have room for more :)

  2. Beautiful! Your posts are getting me all in the holiday spirit!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


  4. Wow some of those pics were so nostalgic...That reindeer was fabulous!!! All of it was so Christmasy!! Love the post Dawn!

  5. Hugs and kisses Dawn from all your friends at "Sweet" it was great seeing you! Thank you for your wonderful words and pictures.


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