Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort And Joy Part IV












As you can clearly see the Inspiration for Creative Christmas Decorating abounded at the SWEET SALVAGE "Comfort & Joy" Event this Month.  Many different Styles and Color Palettes were Infused into the Theme of Comfort and Joy.  Because after all... Comfortable surroundings, particularly during the Holidays, is paramount since it is the time of year we will most likely be opening up our Homes to Host Family & Friends in order to Celebrate together.  So we want it to be Inviting, Welcoming and filled with the Comforts of Home Styled in such a way that our Personality Shines through and becomes such a Joy filled Atmosphere that everyone will want to linger and feel right at Home.  I can tell you that it is no easy feat to take a Commercial Retail Space and Transform it into something so Inviting, so Enchanting and Magical, that you feel as though you were Invited into someone's Home.  Most Retail Stores have small sections Decorated for the Holidays, but the rest looks like a Business offering Product in a depersonalized way  But the Sweet Team Personalize every aspect of the Shop each Month and Style everything so well and with such skill that it no longer looks like a collection of disparate objects offered for sale, but instead a Cohesive Vision that comes to Life that you could Imagine and Envision your own Home being like.   An Atmosphere that is Inviting, Comfortable, Stimulating and Joyful... just like a Home.  I applaud you Sweet Team, for pulling off this Miracle and Visual Delight Month after Month, I'm certain that many Homes now look absolutely Fabulous on account of your Efforts to bring us such a Wonderful Shopping Experience. 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1.,very nice music notes.
    All pictures wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous pictures what a inspiration for me to start with decorating my home... Love the vintage style...xoxo Marissa

  3. Wow, what marvelous booths and displays. I could shop here until I used up my wallet, my honey's and a group of strangers. Love the photos.


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