Friday, November 23, 2012

Paris Montana ~ The Big Heap

Because it is the kickoff of the Holiday Season and our most Glorious Weather here in the Arizona Desert, it is a whirlwind of back to back Outdoor Markets and Events... my Blog Posts are going to have a difficult time keeping up with me!  *Winks*  This Past Weekend I hit "The Big Heap" Event over in Cave Creek.   Some of my Artist Friends were going to be there and it was AWESOME!  My Friend Heidi of PARIS MONTANA was there in the Fab Blacktop Boudoir Airstream Gypsy Caravan... and was the first place I headed.... I saw her through the fence before I even got in!  Heidi was a Gypsy Vision wearing these Gorgeous Lace Chaps she Created... LOVE 'EM, she really ROCKS her Style and Lives it!!!
I ADORE Heidi's Clothing and Jewelry line and own several Amazing pieces that I always get numerous compliments on... this day was no exception since I too was wearing several items of my PARIS MONTANA line to the Event!
I had to take a Lustful Look at her newest Creations of Gypsy Style Bohemian Bling...
And some of her Mom's Amazing Belt Buckle Creations... OMG it was SO hard to resist not buying another one of these this day!!!  *Le Sigh!*

But I do plan to snag another one since Mama Love isn't Creating them anymore.

And I definitely want another one of Heidi's Gypsy Lace Jackets... I was totally diggin' this one...

And I was somewhat of a Walking Advertisement for the PARIS MONTANA OOAK Jacket Creations & Bohemian Bling Line this day. *Winks*  I told Heidi I could have Sold a half dozen or more of her Jackets alone as Ladies up and down Cave Creek Road were stopping me to ask where I got mine from before I even got to the Event!?  *LOL*  I was glad that early in the day it was temperate enough to wear a Jacket layered over my other Clothing... that's what I particularly LOVE about Fall... getting to layer Beauty when the weather Cools off slightly!

So I stocked up on Heidi's Business Cards to hand out so that she could hook them up with their own PARIS MONTANA Originals!   I know I LOVE mine!!!  Some sweet folks even asked if they could take my Photo because they Loved my Wardrobe... and then obliged by taking one with my camera too so I could have one to give you a Bloggy Gander.  *LOL*  That's always appreciated since I'm usually the one behind the Camera and not the subject matter... so now I can send some updated Photos to Friends & Family.
Heidi's Gypsy Caravan was buzzing with Customers... how Cute is it that this one Customer's Shirt just happened to match Heidi's Display Tablecloth and Umbrella!!!???  *Awesome Coincidence for a Photo Op!*
Her Vibe and Inventory is so Awesome that I'm not at all surprised folks were gravitating there...
I only wish I'd showed up the first day of the Event because she'd already Sold so much... as could be seen by all the barren areas in the displays.
I Adore her Mannequin Gals too... I'm still seeking out some of my own... one day...
And you know I had to soak in every piece of the Bohemian Bling Creations...
One by one...
This Gypsy Arm Cuff Creation with Coins was a Favorite...  it could double as a tiny Tiara as well!
And the 8-Ball Necklace with Rosary... over-the-top Fabulous!
Just my Style...
This piece caught my eye too... too bad the glare of the Sun messed with the Clarity of the Image... Darn!!!  Yeah, it did Warm up quite a bit by mid-Afternoon.

But the entire day was so Divinely Glorious and Fun that I stayed all day in Cave Creek... and have a ton of Images of other Artist Friends and new Vendors & Artists I met at the Event... so be sure to come back and tour the rest of the Event with me...

 And if you've seen some of Heidi's Fabulous Creations you can't live without... click on the Link provided here: PARIS MONTANA to take you to her Blog Site for contact information.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, thanks for the tour, looks like a great place to do some shopping!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. Очень интересные фотографии.Очень красивые вещи!!!


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