Friday, October 12, 2012

The Faith Of A Child

In the Realm of Faith I always think that I stand on good solid ground.  I am a Woman of Faith after all, absolutely Believing and Convinced that God has no limits in what He can do on our behalf and that He is still in the Healing Business.   However, on the long commute to the Orthopedic Surgeon's Office yesterday Morning I Confess that I was sick with Fear... which I'm told is absence of Faith in disguise.  I wasn't certain what the outcome of that Consultation would be, or that it wouldn't be as grim as the previous Consultations with the other Doctor's we've seen about Princess T's arm injury within the past 10 days and what the two separate series of X-Rays had Revealed.  After all, they were referring us to a Surgeon... and that typically means Surgery... and none of us wanted that to be the case, it was terrifying.
I'd had a very difficult Morning with Princess T as it was, she was uncooperative and anxious about seeing another Doctor, especially one that does Surgery... possibly HER Surgery.  It took almost 45 minutes to even coax her out of the House and into the Truck for the long drive across the City, which I knew would take at least an Hour and a half in Rush Hour Traffic & would seem like an Eternity given our Moods & destination.  She wept, resisted and had a full blown tantrum, I was a mixture of Emotion myself trying to Cope and Deal with it all.  This wasn't going to be one of our 'Fun' Girl's Day outs together that we eagerly look forward to and have a good time doing... and I felt like the Villain carting her off to something both of us dread and she certainly had more at stake in!
   So I decided a Bribe was in order at the beginning of our Journey, something that would Lift both of us up and Lift this Heavy Oppressive Mood that had blanketed the Morning thus far.  We stopped at 'Starbucks' for the ultimate in Comfort Beverages... for my Fav Iced Coffee and for her to pick out anything in the Confection Case she desired.  An Extravagant indulgence for us, yes, but necessary given the daunting trek that lay ahead of us and the uncertainty of what we might be facing.  She chose Apple Juice... good choice... I was proud she had better willpower than I at picking out something healthy & wholesome.  I was sitting there with my Caloric Iced Caramel Frappaccino Venti with Extra Caramel and Whipped Cream... obviously I was going down in Flames!  *LOL*  
 Okay, so now with Special Treats in hand the weeping & tantrums had ceased, whew, what a Relief, we continued on our Journey towards the Unknown.  We hadn't been on the Road very long when a Miraculous Occurrance happened, Princess T began heartily singing her Praise Songs from Sunday School Classes that she's learned attending our Salvation Army Church.  I chimed in, Praise to the Lord is always Good... I know that it Pleases Him above all else, we're His only Creation that can Offer it to Him as our Gift of Appreciation for all He has done.  She turns to me with this Huge Smile and sparkle to her Eyes and says, "Lets just ask God to Heal my Arm and then I won't have to get any Surgery and I'll be Perfect again!  And lets sing Praise Songs ALL the way there Rejoying in it!"  {She calls Rejoicing "Rejoying" that's not a typo.}   She sets off in an Exhuberant Chorus of "Look What The Lord Has Done"...
Look what the Lord has done
Look what the Lord has done
He Healed my body, He touched my mind
He saved me and it was just in time
I'm gonna praise His name
Each day He's just the same
Come on and praise Him
Look what the Lord has done.
 She was Excited and suddenly totally at Peace with her visit to the Doctor, as if she'd had an Epiphany... and though I was very Proud to hear my Sweet Baby Receive such Revelation of God's Wonderful Healing Power... and in spite of the Faith I THINK I have... I Confess, I was also a bit worried because it was obvious to me she unconditionally BELIEVED she would Receive Miraculous Healing by the time we reached the Doctor's Office in less than two Hours!  With my eyes and ears I had heard the grim prognosis of the Comparison X-Rays and Doctor's opinion, which led to this Referral to a Surgeon... and obviously I was clouded by what was seen... rather than Standing On Hebrews 11:1 Now Faith is the Substance of things Hoped for, the Evidence of things Not Seen. 
Princess T was obviously Standing On God's Word Firmly & Confidently... and I had no issues with that whatsoever. I've often Stood on such Solid Ground myself in complete Faith.  But here's where my Faith wavered my Friends... what IF my Precious little one's Faith was shaken to the core IF she didn't receive her Miraculous Healing she fully expected and Believed she would Receive?  What if she still had to have Surgery, still had the evidence of the serious injury she must deal with? It worried me... because I know that not every Prayer is answered in the way we may Expect and Believe, bad things still happen to good people and that Mystery can come against an Individual's Faith & shake it.  What if she felt let down so much that she no longer wanted to pursue her Relationship with the Lord like she so Eagerly does now?  I've seen it happen to Adults and I didn't want it to happen to her, hindering her Faith Walk... so yes, my Faith had doubts and I was rather ashamed of that fact.  But I didn't allow it to show, instead I pushed the doubt back and Stood in Agreement with her to Receive her Divine Healing.
We arrive at the Hospital and the Orthopedic Surgeon orders the 3rd Series of X-Rays to compare to the other two.  He walks in shaking his head and apologizing for us having to drive so far because he couldn't explain the results he had in his hand.  Though he had fully expected to have a Surgical Intervention judging by the first two series of X-Rays which had been taken within the past 10 days, the last set being only a few days earlier and revealing even more injury than the initial ER ones after the swelling had subsided, something unexpected had apparently happened.  
The X-Rays just taken had Revealed an even more startling Rapid Healing of the Injury... so rapid in fact that she wouldn't even need a hard cast or the soft cast, just the sling for a couple more weeks... and certainly NO SURGERY!!! *Color me Happy & SO Relieved!*  In fact, though the fracture is in a most awkward place at the elbow that typically doesn't Heal well at all, in her case he suspects that a TOTAL HEALING with NO LINGERING EFFECTS is what evidence he now sees!  Her arm should Heal well and we only have to come back in two weeks to get a Full Release to Normal Activities and to Ensure Total Healing took place! 
  I was beyond Elated... and Princess T just took the news in her stride and said matter-of-factly with the Unwavering Faith of a Child... "See, God Healed me, just like we asked Him to and Praised Him for doing on the way here Gramma."   I was so choked up I couldn't respond... and it Convicted me that the Word Instructs us to have the Faith of a Child for a Reason... they don't waver and they don't doubt, they just purely Believe that anything and everything is Possible with God!   Amen and Amen to that Wonderful Truth!  Thank You Lord for the Healing... and for Revealing to me through a Seven year old where my own Faith was lacking and needs improvement... and for allowing us an Amazing Testimony to be Shared through a Personal Trial. 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. No accident that Jesus loved the children. Thanks for the photos and the lesson.


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