Monday, October 8, 2012

The 1,000th Post... No, Really, It Is!!!!!!

Welcome Today to my 1,000th Post... no, REALLY, it is!!!  Imagine that... apparently I've had a LOT to say since I began this Journey back in July of 2010 entering into the Land Of Blog and deciding to create my own Blog and fully participate in this wonderful new experience of online Journaling.

I never was one to Journal or have a Diary, so I never anticipated that I'd stick with it or enjoy it as much as I have... or that I would benefit from Blogging in so many unexpected ways and meet so many great new Friends in the Process.  It has been one of those activities where one thing leads to another in the most Positive of ways.  There are many new things I'm doing that I'm not certain I would have embarked upon had it not been for the starting point of Blogging about it.  It revealed my Heart and my Passions with a lot more Clarity and gave me some direction and encouragement to just go for it and see where it all leads.  There are also so many new Friends that I would never have met had it not been for the Land Of Blog point of initial contact.
And who knew that 1,000 Posts would come so effortlessly to me and be something that I look forward to Creating just as much as I do my other Art Forms.  Or that others would enjoy coming to visit and become Supporters of what I am doing here in Cyberspace... it really has been quite unexpected and so much Fun!   And in Today's 1,000th Post I'm going to Share some Images of a few new Halloween items I 'Scored' at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST... because it just seemed like a Day to Celebrate all the Positives.   Just check out the awesome Dia de los Muertos Skully Beads I 'scored' for a mere $3.99 a strand!  
I plan to eventually make some Festive Dia de los Muertos Jewelry with them but in the meantime they look just fine spread out on a Silver Tray Vignette in the Front Kitchen.  I just Love the Bold Dyed Colors of the Stone Beads so I bought both of the strands that the Dealer had available and I'm hoping she stocks more soon because I'd like to get more.
And though I've always thought Vintage Tintypes in their Exquisitely Ornate Frames are totally Awesome and would Love to own some... usually I could never afford them because they're typically not within my modest Budget.   But Today I 'Scored' this Fab Pair for only $7.50 each!!!  *Color me Happy!*
These are the larger Tintypes that I typically see Selling for $50-$75 apiece or more... so my Heart was fluttering like a Hummingbird when I saw this duo marked at only $15 for the Pair!  I thought perhaps my Eyes were playing tricks on me and it was $150?  But nope... only Fifteen Bucks!  So I snatched them up pronto... Perfect for my Mantlepiece Halloween Vignette!  The Two Victorian Era Ladies look like they're giving rather Seductive looks to the Camera... so I'm Wondering if they might have been Naughty Gals or Temptresses of their Era?  *Winks*  I Love a Good Story... even a made-up one!  *LOL*
And then there's the Sweet Victorian Child with the cute little lace-up Boots standing on a Gothic Chair almost EXACTLY like a set I own!  Don't you just Love coincidences of Serendipity like that!?  Mine are now painted distressed White with Vintage Floral Barkcloth Fabric Seats, but I'm going to refinish them soon in a Gothic Matte Black Wash with Vintage Velvet Fabric for the Seats.
Because as you probably know by now I've come full Circle and am back to my Original Preferences of Decor and Styling that is rather Dark & Gothic, with Sage & Sepia Botanical or Organic Accents and Bohemian Jewel Tones thrown in for bold splashes of contrast.
So these Gals won't just be displayed for Halloween... they'll be a staple Vignette accent as they move through various rooms of the House throughout the year.  They are now part of the 'Adopted' Relatives Images that I enjoy Collecting.  But I do Wonder about their back end Stories and who among their kinfolk finally gave them up {their Images anyway}  for 'Adoption'?
And I've Saved the Best for last... my Friend Rick, Jr. always has the most Interesting and Cool Inventory in his Booths and great deals... and this one piece in particular I've really been Jonesin' for but it was way out of range of my modest Budget for Found Treasures I wouldn't be flippin'.  He had a good price on it, I knew what comps price-points were, so I didn't want to insult him with an offer of what I could afford.  So... I just Lusted after this Crazy Chocolate Mold of a Kewpie Doll that looks absolutely like it is Intended to be a Macabre Torture Device for the Iconic Figure!  *LOL*
It's not... all these Vintage Chocolate Molds have the 'Cage' and they don't really look that Tortured or Macabre... but the Kewpie chewing on it's little fingers looks so anxious in that 'Cage'... and it really is a rather Addams-Family-ish Piece even though it was never Intended to be... which makes it all the more Creepily Awesome for a Fab Halloween Collectible that is sure to be a conversation starter!!!  *LOL*  Who knew Chocolate Making could be so Sinister looking?!  *Smiles*
The G-Kid Force and I don't even eat Chocolate... and I'm not a Vintage Chocolate Mold Collector... but this Piece I really wanted to have and so I'd sigh every time I beheld it.  Until Today, when Rick, Jr. made me an Offer I couldn't refuse by allowing me to buy it for 50% off so that it was affordable for me!!!  He's such a Sweetheart, I knew he could have easily gotten the reasonable price he was asking for it from any avid Chocolate Mold Collector, so I was really Touched by his Generosity to make it so affordable for me since he knew I Loved the Piece so much and he was Happy to let me have it & see my Elation!   Love Ya Rick, Thanks-a-Mundo my Friend, you made my Day!!!  Everyone there knows how much of a Creepy Collector of Oddities I am... and this is SO very ME!!!  *LOL*
And now it sits Pride of Place in the Back Kitchen Halloween Vignette... and Believe me, these Vintage Chocolate Molds are substantial and HEAVY!!!
He looks Adorable and right at Home beside our 'Adopted' Antique Uncle Festus Portrait and Dia de los Muertos Skullies & Velvet Pumpkins...
I Hope you've Enjoyed my 1,000th Post?  And here's to a Thousand more...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. 1,000 POSTS!!! Congratulations to you!!! I was entertained by this post as always! Great style for Halloween. I LOVE the pictures, and that kewpie mold is FUN! Hey, I brought my sister in BA West and was looking for you. I thought maybe I would catch you there. Hope to see you soon...........

  2. Congrats Dawn on #1000!! Wow...what a milestone... I know I have enjoyed your posts immensely...and the photos...outstanding..I am not one for skulls but I do like the ones with the flowers in the eyes...:) I love the tintypes too I have a couple of ones with my ancestors...they are a treasure...the details are amazing... Love your Boheme style Dawn...looking forward to more wonderful posts!!

    Peace, Linda <3

  3. Love your blog Dawn! Your style is fabulous and so inspiring!

  4. Cool stuff abounds here! Certainly wouldn't want to be caught alone and in the dark around this stuff. Hope your little one doesn't have to endure too much more, but if so it will be for the best for all the healing needed. Hope to see you at the DBG next weekend....


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