Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quiet Reflection...

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After spending most of an Afternoon in the ER with Princess T resulting from a serious School Playground Injury to her arm and an upsetting back-end Story to go along with the Injury... one that is very Emotionally charged and raw for me & will require me demanding a School Meeting in the Morning... I have been in Quiet Reflection... I have had to be.  I don't want to go into the details and get myself all worked up even more and there is good reason for that.
You see, I don't like Reacting from a place of pure Emotion... and the Emotion of Anger in particular.  And it is in Quiet Reflection that I find my Peace and a Balance that will Serve me better.  Even if one feels a sense of righteous indignation and putting a wrong right by revealing something that needs to be addressed, I really still feel there is a right and a wrong way to go about it to get results that have a Positive impact. 
But isn't it hard sometimes?  Especially when Emotions get in the way because something or someone is very close to the Heart and an injustice has been done?  And that is what I want to Reflect and Meditate upon.   And not just about this incident... though it could certainly be a Topic worthy of a Post... I'd rather focus on my Reaction TO IT... and Reactions in general, especially those we could make from a place of pure Emotion, whatever that Emotion happens to be.  
Though I don't consider myself to be an Emotional person, I do find myself often being a Reactive one. 

[ i mṓshən'l ]
  1. expressing emotion: relating to or expressing emotion
  2. easily affected by emotions: being by nature easily affected by or quick to express emotions
  3. affected by emotion: affected or characterized by emotion, especially sadness


[ ree áktiv ]
  1. reacting: tending to react to events and situations rather than initiating or instigating them
  2. reacting chemically: taking part in a chemical reaction
  3. caused by stimuli or events: describes a psychiatric condition caused by situations or stimuli such as the behavior of other people or the death of a loved one

Upon Quiet Reflection I realize that unless there are particular stimuli, events & situations that cause me to be Reactive in a Negative way, I go through Life rather Blissfully Positive because that is how I choose and prefer to Be.  And though I try not to allow circumstance, people or Negative energies to disturb my Peace, quite often I can still be faced with a choice of how to React because I'm confronted with something or someone that does cause a Reactive Response of some kind.   I'd like to say that I always think before I React, but sometimes I don't.  And since I know myself well it has become my habit to try to refrain from an initial knee-jerk Reaction until I can React from a place that is not pure Emotion and has more Reason & Reflection to it as well!  I'm not always successful, it depends on how close to my Heart the Issue at hand tends to be.
So sometimes I'm Grateful for the delay in receiving all the information that I need to Process and will require a Response, no matter how unfortunate or unjust the situation... just to give me the Blessing of some additional Time... to Quietly Reflect... and then to React.

A "Later" FOOTNOTE: I'm Happy to report that the sane and sensible approach worked out well this Morning at the Meeting. I was promised that we would be notified in the future of any and every injury so as to ensure that no unnecessary delays in seeking medical attention will be risked.  All our concerns were respectfully addressed and we're hoping that the follow-up Medical attention after the swelling subsides will reveal that she hasn't broken or fractured the limb, though she is still in pain and a soft cast & sling. I feel so badly for my precious G-Baby Girl & want her to always feel secure, safe and comfortable that when something happens responsible adults will respond appropriately in the future and she will be listened to respectfully even though she's a child and not have any needless suffering or anxieties about not knowing what to do if the adults do nothing.  She did everything I had always trained her to do, it is unfortunate that the adults didn't respond as they should have.  I'm so glad I had a Morning of Prayer and Meditation to have the right words and Spirit to address the situation in a way that had the best and most Positive of outcomes.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds like you're taking a sane and sensible approach to a sticky situation. Hope the Princess heals fully and as quickly as possible.
    (It was nice to be able to finish one of your posts even though it is a somber one....I've just had to self-eject lately at the sight of the "dark" and sinister content. I'll be back full-time after Halloween. I promise.)

  2. So sorry yall are going thru all this! WOW....keep breathing and stay positive

  3. I commend you on your keeping emotions in check.... ME - well that's a different story when one of my children/grandkids is involved. I react CRAZY! Cornered BEARS have nothing on me! Sorry that's how I roll. The bad part is when I get really really mad my throat starts closing down and my voice gets higher and higher and it ridiculous - but luckily I've only experienced that twice in my life. Glad you're little G-Baby is gonna be OK!

  4. Poor Princess T. Sending healing blessings her way. A cooling off period is always good, but sometimes we forget that.

  5. I hear you about that whole reaction/emotion thing. I got caught up in it myself not that long ago. Good for you for taking a breath and moving forward with self awareness. And hoping the injury heals quickly.

  6. First and foremost I want the Princess to fully recover, and I am sure she will with you dependable care. I'm with you, she should feel safe and secure with any adult that is responsible for her well being

    I too am sorry she had to bear this, she will zip through this, her home base is safe.

  7. I hope those "adults" issued an apology to princess T for not acting more appropriately or expeditiously? I'm glad that all went well in the meeting Dawn.
    I have a tendency to react rather quickly myself, and "usually" it works out OK. but I really appreciate being able to run my hotter streak past my husband...who is Mr calm and mellow through all things *winks* And he usually cools me down a bit and I find myself a bit clearer about what action I should take. And I like to think I rev him up a bit *winks* Vanna


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