Thursday, October 25, 2012

OMG What Costume To Wear!?!

Every year like Clockwork it happens... so I don't know why I thought this year would be any different.  Just days before Halloween there is a scramble about OMG what Costume to wear!?!  We don't really think these things thru completely in advance or make any Grandoise Plans... we always seem to fly by the seat of our pants and just 'Make It Work' at the last minute, relying more upon Serendipity than a well defined Vision..
And so we have a Mad impromptu Evening of chaotic Wardrobe changes and Make-Overs... or
Make-Unders... should there be Make-Up or should we go more Au Naturel?  What thrifty disparate Thrift Store Ensembles can we gleen, what Old Costumes in the Closet can we use our Imaginations and put together to Create a Fresh Costume out of? 
The Costume possibilities come on and off... as does the Make-Up.  And since we're a very spontaneous bunch there's no telling if any of this will be the end result when Halloween Eve comes around... it's kinda like a Dress Rehersal subject to change without notice! *Smiles*

And since there will be more than one occassion to wear Costumes...

Such as the upcoming Pre-Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Celebration and 15% Off Sale at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST this Saturday Night from 5-9 pm, and various Private Parties or Events... well, we could end up doing it all... 
And wear the Rapunzel Rich Hued Plum & Gold Queenly Costume some Evenings...
And one or more of her numerous Belly Dancing Costumes the other Evenings...
She has a Collection of Exotic Dance Ensembles dating back from when she was Two years old and since she's no bigger around than then, just growing ever Taller, just like her Mother... they all still fit her!   Her Mommy once had a Fav two piece Bloomer and Tube Top Outfit that fit her from the age of 18 Months until she was almost 10... it was incredible!  *LOL* 
 And Princess T is built lean and angular just like that as well, so she also gets a lot of Mileage out of her two piece Ensembles!  *Smiles*   Then {Age 4}...  Notice the Date... very close to the same Mad Costume Wardrobe Change Rush Date of 2012!  *LOL*
And Now {Age 7}!!!  She even painted her Big Toenails Blue to match her Ensemble, yeah, we're a bit OCD too!  *Smiles*
But she's not the only Costume Frenzied G-Kid in the House... Prince R, though not as picky or coordinating obsessed... is just as indecisive...
Should he go with a full Mask this year... which the Yellow Hue of makes his Green~Hazel Eyes turn a weird shade of Amber like a Tiger's Eyes... kinda Creepy, since outside of a Cat you don't usually see this Color Iris on Humans!  *Notice he's got that 'What are you looking at Gramma?" expression... as I'm staring & noticing this weird Iris Hue the Mask is bringing out!  LOL*
So I'm trying to convince him that perhaps he'll get Hot or won't be able to breathe in a full Mask?  *Winks*   Though the overall look of blending three different previous year's Halloween Costumes into one was Creative and Artfully done I must say... so he did a good job. 
But I'm Hoping that Comfort will Prevail for both of them and he'll opt not to wear a full Mask and she'll opt to wear more Clothes for the now chillier Evenings?  I can't bear to Imagine the eventual and inevitable Whine-fest otherwise... *Smiles*
So he came forth with Option #2... which I was totally digging... and preferring...
After I talked him out of a Full Face Painting too that is... *Winks*
I swear his Eyes got a Devilish Red at the Compromises I was suggesting in the name of Convenience... and a bit of Laziness on Gramma's part, since getting the Showroom ready for a Grand Opening for this Friday and taking Princess T to her Orthopedic Surgeon Follow-Up across the City had totally wiped me out... so I can't say I was totally up to Full Dia de los Muertos Style Face Painting just before Bedtime on a School Night!  *Winks*  The Wardrobe Changes, Costume Decision Making and Photo Shoot had been quite enough for one Night!  *Smiles*
And Princess T wasn't the only one Recycling part of a 2009 Costume... we're very Resourceful in this Household... *Smiles*... 
The Young Prince has grown about a foot or more Taller and more Muscular in three years, so though he filled it out more, he had to layer his a lot more to 'Make It Work' height wise because he's getting Man Sized now!  *LOL*
But I must say we all had a Big Time... and got real Silly... which is always a good way to end an Evening... with hearty Laughter, Silliness and Family Fun!   Apparently the Grim Reaper Prince had done-in the Dancing Princess and this was their Mock-Up of the carnage!  Wednesday Addams and Pugsley Addams have nothing on these two!  *Winks*

But the Dancing Princess came back to Life just in time to read Grandpa a Bedtime Story... still in full regalia... and that Image is Priceless...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I wanna play costume change too. Please Please Please. Such fun.

  2. Those G-force kids have the most beautiful eyes! They must love Halloween with grandma!


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