Monday, October 15, 2012

Merchant Square Flea Market

This weekend Princess T and I decided to trek across the Valley to Chandler for our first ever visit to MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL and the Flea Market they were holding this weekend.

So I got the ole Map Quest out and had Princess T riding Shotgun to look for the Street & Freeway Exit Signs since I'm not familiar with that side of Town and didn't wanna get lost.  It was a Glorious Day for a Flea Market, our Weather has been nothing short of Spectacular!

One of my Favorite Retro Vintage Vendors REDHEAD SADIE VINTAGE was set up at the Flea Market...
She always looks Adorably Retro and has the best Inventory of Vintage Clothing, Hats, Accessories, Bling and Retro Style Decor... so Nostalgic!
It really takes me back in Time...  to an Era that the Styling was so Cool, so Feminine and so Fun!
And it's always Fun to Visit with Friends... as I was there in the Tent my other Friends Judy and Gail showed up, they have Booths in the MERCHANT SQUARE Mall and they were pleasantly surprised to see us clear across Town in their stomping grounds!  *Smiles*  In fact, I ran into several Friends while at the Flea Market... it really is a popular destination and the next one will be in December.
Princess T Loved this Bohemian Retro Skirt that REDHEAD SADIE had.  "This is like something Nanna {My Mom} would wear isn't it Gramma?" she says... Yep, Great-Nanna always Rocked Exotic long flowing Skirts like this.
In fact, it makes me Wish I'd Saved many of Mom's Vintage Bohemian Clothing... though she was so Tall and uber Slender I would have just had to be Content with the Mannequin Triplets Rockin' 'em.  Yours Truly could never have gotten into anything my Mom wore, because even in my Youth, though Slender back in da day, I was never Tall... so Mom and I never traded Wardrobe.
But we did always Trade Bohemian Bling!  *Winks*  And she passed along much of her Vintage Bohemian Bling Collection in recent years, which I really Cherish.   If you look closely in the Mirror you can see me taking this pix... Roaming Flea Market Blog Photographer In Action!!!  *LOL*

My Fav piece in REDHEAD SADIE'S VINTAGE Tent was this Killer Acrobat Towel Holder.  Couldn't you just see Him holding your Gym Towel after a Workout?
  I thought he'd make an Awesome Hat Stand too... since he's doing a Handstand.  Maybe I shouldda splurged and gotten him because I've never seen anything like it before... and I need some Cool Hat Stands for the Showroom.  I was really tempted to... but I was on a strict Pickin' and Autumn Decor Styling Budget.  *Darn Budgets!*
Another really Cool Booth at the Flea Market was Bonnie & Arnold Arens of "THE FAMILY JEWELS".  {Sorry couldn't find a Link... but their number is (480)460-5431} They had an Awesome selection of Antiques and Estate Inventory.  Princess T and I were Admiring this Middle Eastern Lamp.
Arnold makes these great Silver Teapot Lamps out of Vintage Teapots.

And I'm Sad that the Photo of their Awesome Collection of Antique Magnifying Glasses didn't turn out because of the Sun's Glare reflecting off their lenses... but I'm Photo Shopping it and using it anyway because they were so Fab!  *LOL*   My Mom would have been Swooning over the very Old Jasper Wedgwood one {2nd one up from the Front}!  I particularly liked the one with the very long Mother Of Pearl Handle that had a huge Ornate Brass Knob on the end {4th one up from the Front}.  Hey, every Junquer needs a good Magnifying Glass or Jeweler's Loupe right? *Winks*  But again... not within my Modest Budget for this Junquing Spree.  *Le Sigh*
But we were having a Grand Time and I did find some Awesome Deals on my "Pick"... both to Sell in my Showroom... and for some Autumn Decor here at Home.
Okay, so you know how Gaga I am about Velvet Pumpkins?   Well, Bobi Steele of CHARMED I'M SURE in Chandler was offering these Amazing Fabric Pumpkins at the Flea Market for a mere $2 to $15 each!   And she gave us an additional Discount when Princess T and I bought an armload of 'em!  {Sorry couldn't find a Link, but her Number is (480)814-8241} We were so Jazzed!  Princess T picked out some Leopard Print ones and of coarse I picked out some Velvet ones.  You'll see them added to our Halloween & Autumn Vignettes in Future Posts.
What?  You say you don't wanna wait that long... well, Okay, if you insist!  *Winks*  Here's a peek at 'em before we add our Bohemian Bling.
Princess T was Elated with her Wee Leopard Print one for only Two Dollars!  Seriously... if you have seen the Price of Fabric Pumpkins with real Pumpkin Stems you'll appreciate what a Bargain these Lovely Creations were... I wanted to Buy them ALL to fill up my Showroom too... but, yeah, Budget again... {Insert Huge Sigh!}
But to get all four we did buy for under $11 for the batch, well, it had me totally Stoked!
I just Love Decorating with Fabric Pumpkins and they're great to utilize year-round to conveniently hold and Display Brooches and other Bling.
So... if you haven't yet 'Scored' your Fabric Pumpkins for this Fall... Bobi's definitely your Gal!
I really Loved this pair of Tole Lamps.  Alas, because the Commute was so long from the far West Side where we Live, we arrived about the time most of the Flea Market Vendors were packing up so we had to whiz around to see as much as we could and do "Speed Pickin'". *Smiles*
Which does come in handy since I 'Scored' some great Deals when Vendors were more willing to Negotiate & Haggle to rid themselves of some Inventory they wouldn't have to pack up and take Home unsold.   Take my Exotic Mannequin Head Gal that I just stopped to look at on my way out of the Flea Market...
I didn't hafta say a thing, the Sweet Guy Selling her just started knocking her Price down until I said, "Sold!"  *Smiles*  Hey, I can always use another Manny Head for Hat & Jewelry Display and when I can get a Deep Discount, I'm all over it!  This Model is Earless... but she's still quite Lovely and matches my Vintage NY Upper East Side Mannequin Head Collection really well.

So you can be sure we'll be back in December when they Host the next Open Air Flea Market.

And we'll try to arrive Earlier... and possibly on the 1st day of the Event for the best Selection.
Though to be sure, arriving Late allows a good Gypsy Haggle... which I Live for... so I dunno... *Winks*  Maybe our Timing was Ideal?  *LOL*
But there was a lot I wanted to Buy that I had to pass on this time around... so I'll have to expand the Budget for the next 'Pick'.
And try to get better Parking since we were in the Lower 40 this time with not arriving Early... so that limited how much I could purchase AND carry back to the Truck which was parked a long ways off...
They did have Golf Cart Shuttles assisting folks, but it seemed as though it was full loads this Day so we just walked... it was such a Beautiful Day that it was nice to Walk... even carrying a Pack Mule worthy Haul back to the Truck!  *LOL*
And we hadn't even hit the inside of the Mall yet or "Picker's Alley"!!!
But... we'll Save all that for Tomorrow's Post Okay?
'Cause the Princess and I have worked up quite an Appetite now... so we stopped in to the Mall's Cafe when we smelled the Delightful Aroma of Chili Dogs... OMG, were they ever delish... I began chowing down before I even remembered to take a Pix!  *LOL*  And for 3 for $5 what a Deal!  Yep, it was a very Good Day... and be sure to come back Tomorrow as we Tour the Mall & Picker's Alley!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OMG!!! This post represents heaven on earth to me, how I longer to be there! And those fabric pumpkins.........! I'm dying!!!! To top it all off with chili dogs, well, there are no words. A perfect day. I'm sure I'll be drooling over the pictures for quite while! Blessings!

    (by the way, thank you for your delightful comment on the Naja piece-I wrote a reply comment to you specifically! ) HUGS

  2. The gymnast man twol holder is a definite must have. :o) You are a much stonger woman that I to pass him by... Looks like a wonderful flea market!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Miss Dawn, it was so wonderful to see you and your sweet granddaughter Saturday! Thank you sincerely for featuring me and my stuff on your blog...I adore what I do and I hope people can see that. Hope to run into you again soon!!

    Miss Jenny
    Redhead Sadie Vintage

  4. Miss Dawn, thank you for the running commentary of this event!! I am Jenny's mom and its always so much fun to see what she is doing. I live in Oregon now and don't always get to participate in her adventures and success!!


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