Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Merchant Square And Picker's Alley ~ Part II

Okay, you're back... so lets continue on our Trek through MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL and PICKER'S ALLEY shall we?

I really Adored this Black Ornate Table with the mismatched Chairs and it was such a Bargain I wish I'd had the 'Seed Money' to scoop it up... Alas, had to leave it behind... *Sob*  If it's still there when I make it back on that side of Town though I will not be able to pass on it twice!  *Winks*

Loved everything in this Booth... 

And this Gorgeous Vintage Lampshade was another Treasure I Wish I'd sprung on... it was beginning to become Deconstructed, just the way I like 'em... and it had Lovely Aged Silk and Velvet in Organic Hues.

The Fab Turquoise Motel Chair it was sitting on was another Swoon-Worthy Item...
As was this Vintage Commercial Rack for Magazines...
And though this Old Tub had fallen apart, I ADORED the Vivid Turquoise hue... I should have asked if they'd discount the pieces... I could have certainly Created something Cool out of them!
Here is a similar Tub that hadn't fallen to bits and it too was in a Lovely Aged Hue... though the Vivid Turquoise was still my Fav.
Princess T ADORED this Huge Hand-Carved Wooden Dragon...
This Booth had an Awesome Collection of Art and Stone Statuaries straight out of Mythical Stories, Legends and Lore... 
Lots of Asian Art in fact... look at the Lovely pair of Stone Garden Art Foo Dogs.
Loving this Iron Bed and the Old Doors...
The Statuaries made of Stone, Cement or Wood were everywhere and Beautifully Time Worn!
Lemon Tole Lamp... so Cute.
So many of the Statues reminded me of Fabulous Carnival Art Pieces...and perhaps they even were because there were also some Vintage Carnival Ride pieces.

I was really Impressed with the wide Selection of Found Treasures everywhere in "Picker's Alley".

It really felt like a proper Flea Market, the kind I remember that used to abound and are so few and far between now.
I know how many of you responded to the previous Post's Gorgeous Mermaid Angel Statuary... so I know you're going to Love this Mermaid Gal Statuary too... she was ENORMOUS!

Lots of Galvanized and Willow Inventory...

And really nice Architectural Salvage.  This Ornate Gate was beyond Awesome and reminded me of a Gothic Church Gate... wish I could have bought this piece!  I was having a major Lustfest with it!  *Smiles*

There was lots of Festive decorated Enamelware too...

But since I'm pressed for time you'll have to come back again Tomorrow for Part III...  I Hope I've wet your Junquing Appetite and you're still Hungry for MORE?!?  *Winks*   And in answer to some of the Questions I've had, this Antique Mall is located in Chandler, Arizona... the Link I've provided at the beginning of the Post will take you to their Website for more Info.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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