Friday, October 26, 2012

Grand Opening Of Showroom #114 Brass Armadillo West

Today was the Big Day that we had the Grand Opening of my Showroom #114 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST in Goodyear.  We had worked tirelessly on it since our move-in date of October 14th... it always takes longer than you think it will to get everything the way you want and need for it to be and get the Inventory priced and in place.  We had a Blank Canvas to work with and that was a real Blessing since I could make the Room entirely my own, with no re-modeling.  Prince R worked on Creating huge Tissue Paper Flowers to Decorate the Showroom with and if the 1960's Vintage 6-Foot Aluminum Christmas Tree doesn't sell right away he plans to make Origami Ornaments to hang upon the branches.  That Retro Christmas Tree has been put together and Decorated since 1961 by my Family and I inherited it when my Dad passed.  I'm Happy to now pass it along to a New Home that appreciates Retro and will Enjoy it as much as my Family always did, it just seemed a shame to keep it in Storage any longer since it hasn't been used after Dad was gone.  Putting it up one last time brought back a flood of Happy Memories though and it looks splendid in the Showroom.  These Images are a Series taken along the Journey as it neared the time when we could Invite the Public in finally and were putting the finishing touches on everything and stocking every empty spot we could find.  No problem doing that as I continue to Edit & Purge the Hoard of Time Worn Found Treasures here at Home! *Smiles*  We had our Ribbon cutting Ceremony... well, sort of... the G-Kid Force were not nearly as Enthusiastic and Excited as Yours Truly was about the culmination of this long awaited Dream of mine... and The Young Prince was on his way to a School Dance where there would be GIRLS... and so Gramma's Showroom Opening paled in comparison to the Evening which lay ahead for him!  *Winks*  He was like, "Lets Hurry and get this done Gramma so I can get to the Dance early..."  *LOL*  But Princess T stayed with me for the duration and we returned once we dropped him off at his Dance and finished pricing Inventory and Meeting and Greeting our first Customers.  Our efforts were very well received by the Public that stopped by Tonight after we Opened the Showroom and I'm Jazzed about the next Chapter of this Journey as we continue to enlarge the Vision and now have ample Space to do it properly.   Don't forget that Tomorrow Night between 5-9 pm there will be a Halloween Celebration at The Brass, with a Spooktacular 15% off everything all day at the Store... so dress up in your Halloween Costumes... we will be having Fun Events and Refreshments with Trick~Or~Treating in the Store... Happy Hunting my Friends... we'll see you there!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congrats on the GRAND opening Dawn and GRAND it all is...for a start l absolutely love the paisley curtains over the entrance..and your "heirloom aluminium lovely to have it set up and bringing back old memories until it finds a new many beautiful of wonderful luck to you and hope you enjoy the spooktacular tomorrow night:-))


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