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French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

Attention all Francophiles!  This Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event is a "French Market" Theme!  I was there for Opening Day this Thursday and it is beyond Awesome, after all, who doesn't Love a French Market?!?   And French Styling is a personal Favorite.

The Event will run through this Sunday Afternoon, so there's still time if you haven't made it down there yet?

I limited myself to one Purchase... such Restraint, I know, it wasn't easy... and I chose this AWESOME Antique Crucifix telling the Crucifixion Story in it's original Cloche and Wooden Base with Metal Plaque which reads: "Christ's Crucifixion Have Mercy On Us".  
Here it is at Home.  The one good thing about having a one purchase limit is that you become ultra discerning about only getting what you absolutely LOVE the most!
But if I didn't have limites and Money were no object, well,  there was no end to the Treasures at this French Market Event that I would have wanted to cart Home with me!  *Winks*
Including, but not limited to, Vintage Full Cage Skirted Dress Forms...
In due time I'd like all of my Dress Form Gals to look like this Style with the full Cage Skirt.
Alas, for now anyway, I shall just have to Swoon over every one I behold and cannot buy... *Sob*  Don't ya just HATE that when you find the Perfect Item and don't have the Budget for it yet!?!  *Insert a Petulant Pout*
Okay, I'll quit whining about missing out on yet another Perfect Dress Form... and move on to the Cool Industrial Style Lighting that I'm totally diggin'... and in Black too... you know how I've come Full Circle and am in my Black Phase again.  *Winks*  I could certainly Envision this Trio in a Kitchen illuminating a Countertop.
And fellow Old Door & Stained Glass Lovers... check out this beyond Fabulous set of Vintage Stained Glass Double Doors with Crescent Transom!!!  What a Grandiouse Entrance this would make!   Makes me want to build an Addition to this Ole' House to have an excuse to put it in right now!  *LOL*
But that wasn't the only piece of Architectural Salvage Stained & Slag Glass... check out this Huge Amazing Piece and the equally Amazing Price!  Vendor Steampunk really Rocks it when it comes to Architectural Salvage!
And these Vintage Bottle Racks always make me think of Europe.  I have absolutely no place to put one... but I want one all the same!  *LOL*  You can Display so many things on a Rack like this.
It was Divine being surrounded by the likes of Lavender Bunches... White Ironstone... Cloches...
Crystal Sconces... Lovely French Style Furniture...
And the Fabulous Carolyn Westbrook was there Thursday for a Book Signing of her new Books "Through The French Door" and "The French Inspired Home"!   {Sorry for the poor quality of this Image... but there was a flurry of activity around Carolyn's Table as you can well imagine, so I snapped this rather quickly so that none of the many Admirers would be in frame!}
Doesn't this Linen Covered Chair look so Inviting? 
And this one...

In fact, if you were looking for Lovely French Style Furniture, it abounded... Sofas...
You really would be spoiled for choice!  You could furnish your entire House in fact!
And the Smalls and Art were Awesome too...
As well as the Jewelry and Accessory Creations.
And the French Ephemera... this was REALLY hard for me to Resist!!! *Le Sigh*
As was the Lustfest I always have with Deconstructed Style Sofas and Chairs, a Forbidden Love Affair... which is what I Dream of one day having in my Livingroom when the Crew here gets old enough that I can finally have what I really want in the way of Furnishings without it having to be absolutely Practical!  *LOL*
This is the Palette I Hope to one day have in Bohemian Valhalla... as if my Livingroom Furnishings were as Old as this Ole' House and everything has stood still in Time... with Decayed Oppulence and Lovely Benign Neglect which has always Fascinated me and drawn me in.  Seriously... I REALLY want this Perfectly Deconstructed Sofa...
And the Chairs that go with it!
Is it Practical or entirely Functional... Nope... Family Friendly... Nope... do I Care... Nope... still Want, Want, Want it all, Jonesin' for it badly in fact!!!  *Smiles*  Alas... for now I have to cave in to Function and Practicality... Darn, Curses... Foiled again!  But one day... I will prevail... even if the rest of them think I've totally lost my Mind!  *Winks*
So for now I had to pacify myself with just Wishing and Dreaming of the Day... and I stood there for the longest time... taking it all in from every conceivable angle...

You know you're really Jonesin' when you keep coming back to something... and its drawing you like a Magnet...

Yes, this was indeed my Fav Spot at the Event... and I Photographed it to death!  *LOL*  Even whilst Shoppers swarmed around me... I was oblivious... totally captivated by the Styling I WANT to have... and have to wait upon while the G-Kid Force are still so Young. 
When you get Older that becomes difficult... the Waiting "Until"... you don't want it to be "Some Day" anymore... you want it to be NOW!  *LOL*
Because the Clock is ticking... Tick Tock Tick Tock... and we already Waited 'til our own Kids were grown... and now we gotta wait until the G-Kids we're raising are grown... and you want to have enough Time to actually Enjoy how you want it to eventually be... before Time runs out!!! *Arghhh!!*
Can you only tell I'm getting a tad bit Impatient?!?  *Winks*  So I have to get my Zen on and take deep Breaths and just Imagine that one day will come eventually and I can Style any way I want when it's just The Man and I putzing around this Ole' House... decrepid as we might be at that point in Time!?!  *LOL*
In the meantime OTHER PEOPLE are Buying up MY Stuff... the Stuff I Dream about having and Styling the House with... and I Confess I'm Jealous sometimes about that.  Okay, more than sometimes... I'm Green with Envy in fact!  *LOL*

And in case you've never felt that way about Furniture you can't have, for whatever reason you can't have it... let me equate it with something perhaps every Woman can relate to... Fashion.

Regardless of what your current Size is... you know how you see that FABULOUS Outfit that is beyond Amazing and you would Love to Rock and buy... BUT... they don't have any in YOUR SIZE?!?  You know how that Feels?  And lets just Imagine that it's a OOAK piece and so it will never be in the size you are NOW... and if you're like me it probably means its in a much Smaller Size than you are NOW... *Winks*

And you wouldn't be able to get it until you get down to that particular Size... and you really don't know for sure WHEN that will be... IF EVER?!?  Okay... so, now perhaps you're Feelin' me better about the Deconstructed Dream Furnishings?  *Winks*  And this GORGEOUS Vintage Gown we've been Beholding... same Feeling actually... Deep Frustration!   *Le Sigh*  Ah, well... I've had my little Rant and now I do Feel better having Shared it!  *Smiles*
And be sure to come back Tomorrow for Part II because you just know I took a Gazillion Images... *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. LOL - other people are buying MY stuff... that is so hilarious but so true!! I feel like that all the time. Oh Dawn, thank you for a tour of this event, I need to get my butt down there.

    Lovin' all you've captured, especially the furniture.

  2. Rat bastards...buying YOUR stuf.. The very IDEA! LOL!
    The crucifix cloche was a righteous purchase. It was a hard call, though.
    I absolutely adored the pillows with the French chairs. Adored, I tell you!
    Hoping you are well...



  3. Thanks for the photos of what I missed out on Thursday!!! LOL!!! Sorry I missed meeting ya...I ended up going on Friday. I still left with ephemera treasures {you know how much I can't resist French ephemera!}

    I saw other shoppers buying "my stuff" that I wanted too!!! BOO!!!

    Girls day out at Sweet next month for certain!!! xo

    -PaMeLa ;)


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