Thursday, September 27, 2012

'Wicked Faire' ~ Sweet Salvage Part VII

Well... I think I'll be able to squeeze one more Post after this out of the "Wicked Faire" Experience at SWEET SALVAGE!  *LOL*  But I Truly got tons of Halloween and Autumn Inspiration...

And I'm Glad I took a gazillion Photos for Future Inspiration and to Share here in the Land of Blog.

I personally think the Events could Warrant a Publication in Book or Magazine form... I'd buy one, how about you?  My Library is already stocked with Amazing Books and Magazines that have provided years of Inspiration and Visual Delight.
And isn't this Old Style Phone just Delightful?  I've actually been trying to Convince the Crew here that we should swap at least one of our cordless Landline Phones with an Old School Classic one... preferably an Old Black one with Rotary Dial feature rather than buttons.  I just always liked the sound it made when dialing... and they were practically indestructable... unlike Modern alternatives which seem to break down with frustrating regularity.  But I shall refrain from getting on my Soap Box again... *Whew... I bet you're Relieved to hear that!!!???!  LOL*
You were probably thinking... Oh Lord, there she goes again!?  *Smiles*  I'm very Opinionated you know... in case you hadn't noticed in previous Blog Content. *Winks*
This Black Cat Garden Statuary was so Cute... and I liked the Time and Weather Worn Patina that had been Imparted upon it.  I have a particular fondness for Garden Art and regularly bring it inside after it has Aged and Weathered to Perfect Imperfection!
Hey... I remember sitting in some of those Orange Retro Chairs back in da Day!!!  *Smiles*  Very comfy they are...  I actually recall having a Friend that had his Apartment decorated in the "Howard Johnson's" Color Palette of predominantly Orange & Turquoise with Mid-Century Modern Furnishings that were very popular during that Era when they first came out... very "George Jetson" he was and it looked!  *LOL*  Apparently it's making quite a comeback too since Mid-Century Modern is really On-Trend right now!  Damn... maybe we shouldda kept all that stuff from our Youthful Decorating days Stored Away and loaded up the Booth with it now, huh?  *Who knew?!? Winks* 
What ARE some of the things you Wished you hadda kept because they've either come back in Style or you just have Heavy Nostalgia about owning again?
I know I have my "List"... and every so often I do run into something I used to own and never stopped Lovin' and come full Circle to Decorate with or wear again.
And when I am on the Thrill Of The Hunt, one of the things I thoroughly Enjoy is seeing stuff that I remember my Parents having in the Houses I grew up in... or my Nanna had... Friends had... or I had.  Whether or not I'd actually want it... or Decorate with it again, just seeing that somebody Saved one or more of it and that it still Exists is pretty Cool and Nostalgic.
And I Wonder what we have NOW that we may Feel that way about in the Future?  Or our Friends, extended Family, Kids or G-Kids will?

Have you ever Wondered what exactly might be the sought after "Vintage" or "Antique" Items of the Future that are Modern or Trendy now?  Or which OOAK Items will be Timeless Works of Art?

The very 1st thing I saw heading out the Doors with a proud new Owner on Opening Day was this Awesome Dollhouse sized Haunted House.  It looked as though someone might have made it?

It reminded me of of one I always admired at the Miniature Golf Course at Metrocenter.  That reminds me too that its been too long since the G-Kid Force and I Challenged each other to a Game of Miniature Golf... we'll have to put that on the Fall Itinerary now the Weather is getting more and more Glorious and Cooler.  I used to be very Athletic in my Youth... but Miniature Golf is something you can still ROCK at regardless of Age and other limitations!  *LOL*

And I don't think I've ever seen a piece of Vintage Motel Furniture that I didn't like!  I own several and they're so comfy!
I also really liked this Vintage Fabric Hat Form... one day I Hope to 'Score' one of those.
And how Lovely is this Southwestern Style Pillow in lucious Halloween Hues?
I only got to hang around the Creepy Butler Guys when I wasn't with Princess T... she was totally Freaked out by them!  *LOL*  Hey... maybe I should buy a few and position them around this Ole' House in areas I want G-Kid Restrictions of?!?  *Insert Evil Cackle!*  Do ya think maybe that would keep them out of those Rooms and Things that I don't want messed with?  *He he he*

The Intravenous Display cracked me up... how Funny would it be to put a bottle of Jack Daniels or your Fav Wine on the Stand?   Make mine a Moscato Bottle... *LOL*  Hey, a nice glass of Moscato certainly takes the Edge Off any stressful or tiring day... so it's like a good Medicine really!  *Winks*
I have a Bottle chillin' in the Fridge right now... so come on over if you're Feelin' close to your Edge, 'kay?  *Winks*
And we'll discuss Decorating, Treasure Hunting, Fantasy Vacations, Junquing, upcoming Shows and Events, Selling or Buying, Art... anything that will help us unwind, relax, Inspire, make us Laugh and have our own lil Partay...

Okay... so I HAD to throw this one in here next... only as The Disclaimer that some of the Locals and Legends consider our Ole' Homestead to be Haunted!  Yep, it's True... but now that I've Issued the Disclaimer I Hope you'll still drop by sometime?  During Daylight Hours if you're a bit skeerd of Spirit and reluctant to come at Night?!?  *Winks*  Hey, it's happened... and the only place on the Property Rumored to be more Haunted than the Main House is the Carriage House Cottage... ie: My Art Studio Cottage that The Son now resides in.  So it's often hilarious to see how many Young People bail once the Sun goes down that he had over as Company!!!  *LOL*  Or the ones that will only stick around if there's a Crowd of people there and only IF they don't have a Personal Experience that totally Freaks them out!  *Smiles*

The Son keeps wanting to Invite the Team from "Ghost Hunters" over to do an Investigation... tongue in cheek since he thinks the Show is so Lame {I Love it by the way}... he likes to do the "South Park" Parody impersonation of the Show every time he sees me sitting down to watch an Episode of GH... which is HILARIOUS and Spot On I must admit!  He's kinda spoiled one of my Fav Shows for me 'cause now I see the "South Park" Parody parallels and start cracking up with Laughter!

Have you ever been to an alleged Haunted Location?  Ever had an 'Experience'?

So many People I know have that I'm rather glad that now it's more acceptable to admit it and talk about it without being mocked or considered nuts... because I certainly do Believe in Spirit... since Energy never really Dies, it just changes Form... so it makes perfect sense to me on a Spiritual and a Scientific level.

And I particularly Enjoy Inviting Skeptics over... to spend the Night preferably... and see what happens?!?  *Insert a Vincent Price Style Laugh!*  Tomorrow will be the Finale' Post of the Event... so be sure to come back for a Visit and to say Farewell to a "Wicked Faire".
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Gosh, great minds are thinking alike! I just posted a bit about how I prefer the darker side of Faerie. Be Afraid indeed! I love your photo tour of this event, and wish we had some like it over here. I have viaited haunted places but never owned one. Fascinating! x


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