Monday, September 24, 2012

'Wicked Faire' ~ Sweet Salvage Part IV

We're continuing with our SWEET SALVAGE "Wicked Faire" Coverage and now enter into Part IV and I Hope you're Enjoying hanging around as much as we did?  Because in all Honesty, with the host of Infirmity and Chronic Disability our Family deals with on a daily basis we don't get out nearly as much as we want or need to... and so when we do... we're stayin' a while and going for it!  *Winks*
It's True, when we finally get a chance to get out we're a bit Buck Wild about Enjoying ourselves immensely because we are never quite certain when the next opportunity might present itself to get away and get Out!?!  So as my Dear Old Dad used to remind us, "Make Hay while the Sun Shines!"  He grew up in a Rural Reservation Environment so I'm not quite certain what Making Hay has to do with having Fun on a Sunny Day?!?  But, Whatever... apparently Making Hay was real important on the Rez... and I made up my own Interpretation of what it should mean I guess in my own situation of Life!   ie: Squeeze everything you can out of any and every good Opportunity as it Presents itself so you have no regrets... and enough "Hay" to last & sustain ya in a drought of whatever substitutes for "Hay" in your Life???!!!!  *LOL*
Until Death... because if you're not busy Livin', then you're busy dyin' has always been my Mantra!  So find a way to Live Fully regardless of circumstances and obstacles... be Tenacious about it in fact! I Feel so Blessed to have Lived a very Full Life and had the privilege of growing Old... I'm not wasting any of that Gift of Life and waking up every Day waiting on Ideal circumstance or conditions... as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work..."
A nod to the Dia de los Muertos Altar in the Hallways reminded me that I've got to get busy making mine at Home to gather Family and Friends to Honor and Remember Friends & Family Members who have passed from Time into Eternity for next Month's Dia de los Muertos Celebration. 
This Silverplate Creamer was a Lovely Design and caught my Eye... I would use something like this as a Bud Vase for Casual Alfresco Table Settings.
Suspending small faux Blackbirds from the Ceiling really Appealed to me and the Princess really thought it Special, it was her Favorite Touch of the Event in fact.  She noticed every Detail of the various Blackbird Suspension Vignettes throughout the Event... even down to the Humorous Touches of a few Birds who were hanging upside down on branches!
The Medusa Type Head Vase Display was Cool...
And a Display like this for a Halloween Party would make great Party Favors for each Guest to take Home at the end of the Evening.  Are you Planning a Halloween or Masquerade Party this Halloween my Friends?  So much Fun they are... giving every Adult an Opportunity to be a Big Kid again and Indulge their Fantasy Wardrobe and Decorating Styles. 
Another forlorn Creepy Old Doll that really wanted to go Home with me and be added to the Collection... but I Resisted... no easy feat for Yours Truly!  Don't be Sad though... during a subsequent Visit it was no longer there so it had been Adopted by another Creepy Old Doll Lover!
And not everything has to be Old and Tattered... there were plenty of Lovely New Home Accents that blended well with Salvage Style and will give you Inspiration of how to mix your Old and New seamlessly to Compliment each other at Home and give you Options in case you can't locate the Perfect Antique or Salvage piece just yet.
How Refreshing it was to be able to get Panoramic Shots and not just the coveted Close-Ups of my Fav Images.
Here was a coveted Close-Up so that I could remember an Innovative way I liked to Re-Purpose an Old Wire Basket to hold Artist Supplies... or even Kitchen Utensils.  It reminded me of an oversized Flower Frog!
Absolutely Loving the Idea of taking Old Barbie Doll Wigs and attaching them to Skully Light Strands... Genius!!!   This Vignette was tucked away in the Men's Room... you see... Attention to Detail is literally EVERYWHERE!
In fact, I was so glad Sweet Ron told me about the Doll  Factory in the Men's Room so I could behold it and cover it for you my Friends!  *LOL*
Yes, it's True, with my Infatuation for Old Doll Heads you just know I was going into the Men's Room now that I knew it was set up as a Creepy Doll Factory!!!  *LOL*
Doll Making Parts were everywhere...
In Ghoulishly Wicked Displays... perfect for Unique Halloween Vignettes!

Yes I Monopolized the Men's Room for quite some time Photographing it all... with Princess T standing Door Guard and Lookout... kinda like a Men's Room Thelma & Louise we were!  Sans going over the cliff at the Grand Canyon... *Winks*

Good thing none of the Guys had a call of Nature Emergency which would interrupt my Photo Shoot!  
Or they would have had to use the Ladies' Room instead!!!  *Smiles*  Because this was just all too Cool to miss out on a Photo Op of!  And besides, I was Scouting out the whole place during the Preview party Evening to ensure I didn't miss anything I might not be able to live without, no matter where I had to 'Score' it!  *LOL*   And the Camera malfunction that Night had ruined a lot of my Photo's Quality... so I had to recapture several Images during my subsequent visits.
And across the hall to the Ladies' Room is where we're going next because yes, the Ladies' Room was decked out too!
This Cauldron Pot with the flickering Flame Lights was a Cute Idea in there.
And Inky Hued Punch in a Vintage Punch Bowl was Cool too... where are the Black Food Groups after all?!  *Smiles*
This piece was certainly "Oddities" Worthy!
Be sure we're not done yet... since I won't be getting Out again for a while I Intend to keep going with this until I've used all my Inspirational Images in Posts... I swear!  *LOL*  So... in case you didn't get to go... you won't have missed anything in the Visuals at least... I think I Photographed IT ALL?!?  *Smiles*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Ok....I'll be first to admit that those doll heads give me the heeby-geebies, Dawn. I could very easily have nightmares about them! lol!

    I am soooo impressed and a bit jealous that you swim for exercise. I am a lousy swimmer and can keep myself alive in the water...but that's about it. So keep up the great work! They say that swimming is THE best exercise out there!

    xoxo laurie

  2. hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by! XO Christie


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