Friday, September 21, 2012

'Wicked Faire' ~ Sweet Salvage Part I

Today I'll begin the Series of Posts I'm Sharing with you from the SWEET SALVAGE "Wicked Faire" Event, which will continue to run through this Sunday.  So there's still time for you to make it and enjoy a Halloween and Autumn Vibe at it's finest, while seeking out some Awesome Found Treasures for your own Wicked Decorating Projects for the Season!
Tomorrow is Princess T's 7th Birthday and she wants a Girl's Day Out with Gramma going to the Desert Botanical Gardens and our Fav Shops together.  So I'll probably stop by again because she's definitely a Wednesday Addams Type of Child too and will surely appreciate the Decor and Vibe all ready for Halloween Imaginings.
Hey, we're the Family that likes Creepy Stuff and especially Decorating in an over-the-top Fashion and allowing our Imaginations to run Wild, so we're really Inspired every Halloween and in our Element.
But even if you aren't into the Macabre, there are Fab Vignettes for the Freshest and Beautiful Autumn Vibes as well.  And the changing of Seasons brings us all into different Color Palettes to Decorate and Style with... the Warmer Tones and Scents reminiscent of Autumn.
The more Organic Settings of Nature are often Infused in Autumn Decor and I've always liked that... being a Nature Girl as well.
Not that I won't also have Da Bling mingled in... *Winks*... and they did too.  So there's plenty of Autumn Glam for those of us who have to Maintain the Sparkle and Glam in our Life year round! *Smiles*

And for those really digging the Vintage Industrial as much as I do... you won't be disappointed either by the Selection of Vintage Industrial Inventory throughout the Event!

And even if you just need some heady doses of Inspiration for your own jumping off point into the Holiday Season I'd highly suggest you stop by.  Though I must warn you, that you will very likely be strongly Tempted to come away with SOMETHING!  *LOL, come on, you know you will!!!*

You'd have to be dead not to be Inspired or longing for a 'lil Somethin'-Somethin' once you're here!

I really Enjoyed the back end Story to this particular Vignette that Sweet Kim Created... the Attention to Detail as it related to the Storyline that was the Catalyst for the Styling and Design was Impeccible!   And so Fun... a mixture of Comedic Tragedy of a Love gone terribly wrong.
And the Warm Autumn Harvest Styling that Sweet Cynthia Created was so Welcoming... just as she and her Dear Hubby are!
I really like Orange... and even some of the Rooms of this Old House still have some of the original Pumpkin colored walls that we decided not to paint over.  When Evening comes and you turn on a light in those rooms they have a warm glow like the interior of a Jack-O-Lantern.  It's very comforting and I haven't met a Kid that doesn't Love it!  Maybe that's why I Love it too... I'm a big Kid at Heart!  *Winks*
But I must say that though I've never Decorated in these particular Hues, the Room Kim Styled in Lime Green, Black and White really was quite Lovely and felt so Festive, Chic Glam and Inviting!

And the Black Widow Vignette was among one of my Favs... Loved the complex way it was Styled in the Details and Storyline.

And there's that Mardi Gras Mask I accidentally left behind... humnnnn... Wonder if it will still be there Saturday when Princess and I do the Birthday Girl Tour of Togetherness?  *LOL*  I know... it's not MY Birthday... but I won't be able to help but wanna snag that Mask if it's still around and it's within budget, ya know... just keepin' it Real my Friends!  *Smiles*

And Nancy of Steam Punk did a great job of Decorating with those Rag Banners... which I really like... and layering the Frames to Showcase that Creepy Old Guy Antique Photo.

He was probably a very nice Man but those Old Timey Portraits are often so Morose that they can make anyone look Creepy!  *LOL*   I actually recently bought the most Killer Antique Old Creepy Guy Portrait and Ornate Frame for my Home Halloween Vignette this year. The Reveal will be later this week... you're gonna either Luv him or be totally Freaked out by him?!  *LOL* 


I'm presently looking for a Zorro Style Masquerade Mask for him so I can tape it across his eyes on the glass {like this}. Easier said than done... thought I could find such a thing anywhere, or at the very least the Dollar Store for a song... but to no avail thus far!!!  WHAT!?!??  No Kiddos dress as Zorro anymore for Halloween?!?  The Shame!   They probably don't even know who Zorro is anymore... I know, I'm showin' my Age?!?  *LOL*

And though I hate to admit to have a very Fav Vignette since I find something about them ALL that I Adore and Appreciate all of the Work in Sourcing & Styling... there is always at least One that draws me in Totally and I find myself over-photographing... which is always a 'Clue' about how much I'm REALLY diggin' it!  *LOL*   And this Event it was this one with the Tortured Dolls, Medical Vintage Items and Anatomy Charts... and totally Whimsical Macabre Styling. 
I know... I am sic and probably in need of Help or going to Hell... but I thought it was Hilarious and just my Vibe for Halloween Decorating... very Addams-Family-ish!  *LOL*

Just a hunch since she's such a Glam Diva, but I'm Guessing that Princess T is going to gravitate towards the 'Wicked' Production Room & Vignettes there?  She'll probably want to re-Style her Room in Lime Green, White & Black after soaking in the Inspiration of it?!?  *Smiles*  Or at the very least begin wearing Ensembles in those particular Hues... she's going through a very early Black Phase right now... our Daughters didn't do that 'til their Teens... Guess the Princess G-Baby is just having Early Angst at Seven?!?  She's a very Melodramatic one so I'm not surprised really...  *Smiles* 

Not that she'd Inherit that from anyone in particular mind you...  *LOL... just sayin'*

Okay, so as we move from Childhood Angst, lets look at what's looking more Important under Glass shall we?  I'm still having Mad Cloche Love...

Be sure to come back Tomorrow as we begin Part II of the "Wicked Faire" Event... at SWEET SALVAGE.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. A very Happy Birthday to Princess T. Hoping your girl's day out is grand.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I was quite delighted that you stopped to visit me. I really enjoyed the Halloween stroll of pics you took, that looks like so much fun! My fave was the purple, black, and white with lime styled by Kim. That was true Halloween glam at its BEST!!! I look forward to part II ...
    Have a great night,
    Hugs~ Steph

  3. Ooh, truly love your pics of the night's event! Sure wish I could go again this month. Great Post!

  4. Hi Dawn...l've been smiling all the way through this post, thoroughly enjoying the wicked sense of humour you folks have...the doll with the clamped head is hilarious..what a migraine she must have. And the snake through the skull head is awesome...hope young princess T has a perfectly ghoulish birthday haha...have a fantastic time together won't you. Thanks for totally brightening up my day.

  5. WOW! Dawn, I so want to attend this with you, shame we are so far apart but your pics bring me there to all this fab magic. Wicked! x


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