Friday, September 28, 2012

"Wicked Faire" ~ The Finale'

I've taken you with us on the whole Tour of the "Wicked Faire" Event at SWEET SALVAGE... From the Preview Party the Night Before Opening Day... to my last Visit on Princess T's Birthday.  I Hope you've Enjoyed yourselves as much as we did?  As the Cute Vignette says we had to "Pick Fast"... but we did come away with our Fav Found Treasures while having a Delightful Time and being immersed in Inspiration.
So much so that I have begun my own Wickedly Delightful Halloween Decorating and Styling already and will be Sharing it in subsequent Posts.
So early you might be saying?  Well... we Love a Halloween and rather Macabre Addams Family Style Vibe so much that we Savor it for a while and it's a preferred way of Decorating for Yours Truly.

Can you find a more Imaginative Time of Year to go Over-The-Top really in your Decorating Aesthetic and Fantasy-Based Styling?  I think not...

Some might say Christmas... but for us that is a Spiritually Inspired and Holy Day so we're more inclined to Honor our Lord in a more Traditional way that is not Fantasy Based, but rather Faith Based in how we Celebrate.   So... our Halloween Vignettes are much more likely to draw from Over-The-Top Imaginings and Fun Fantasy Styling... being as Quirky and Oddities Inspired, Spooky or Whimsical as we want it to be.
It's also a Time of Year that we really Connect to Nature and the Harvests that Autumn brings a Bounty of... so that will Inspire us as well.

We will be Considering which Costumes will be worn for Trick-Or-Treating and preparing for taking the G-Kid Force around the Neighborhoods to get their Treats.
We will attend Pumpkin Festivals and Dia de los Muertos Processions and Create our own Dia de los Muertos Altars at Home to Honor those Loved Ones who have gone on before us and passed from Time into Eternity.
We'll attend the Arizona State Fair which comes every October... and the Harvest Festivals and Local Carnivals that will be providing an Autumn chock full of Fun and Festivities.

And there will be much Joy at the kick-off to the Holiday Seasons... regardless of what has been Endured throughout the rest of the Year... because during this Season its hard to be or stay angry when there's so many Delightful things to participate in, see and do!  And we'll soon be looking forward to a Fresh New Year with Hope and the Possibilities it holds!

That is what makes it one of my Favorite times of Year to look forward to regardless of what circumstances might be at any given time.
It's a Time when Family and Friends are much more likely to Connect and get Together for Quality Time and Celebrations.

And be mindful of how Blessed we Truly are!!!   And how much has been Overcome during the Year!

Our Youngest Daughter has a Birthday in October and it will be on her Special Day that I will move into my new Showroom and I can hardly wait!  That is most definitely a long awaited Dream come True... and I've been Scouting and Sourcing to see what I would like to Style it with... this enormous Wrought Iron Chandie was so very hard to resist... I could picture that hanging in the middle of my Showroom!  *LOL*  It looks so Gothic and so very My Style!  *Smiles*
I only Wish the Budget were more flexible to get the Showroom exactly the way I Envision it on the Canvas of my Imagination.  But, necessity is the Mother of Invention... and I'm up to the Challenge of Adapting, Improvising and Creating Something from next-to-nothing on the Shoestring Budget I have.
And that is precisely why Ample Inspiration is so crucial... Inspiration is Free my Friends... to be Inspired will sharpen your own Imagination and Creative Energies and put them into overdrive!
To surround yourselves with other Kindred Spirits, Artists and Creative Souls will Intensify your own Creative Energy and enlarge your Vision... it will Energize & Encourage you as it propels you forward to embark upon your own Destiny and make your Dreams your Realities.
Your Inner Circle will be your Sounding Board and your biggest Cheerleaders and Supporters.
And don't forget this Wonderful Community here in the Land Of Blog to draw upon!  I personally have received so much from the Experience of Blogging... exceeding my Wildest Dreams... and meeting some of the best people around!!!

Princess T so wanted Gramma to purchase these amazing Dragon Sconces... aren't they Fabulous!?!
Oh yeah, we could definitely Envision this pair Gracing the Bohemian Valhalla Residence and making the Entrance even Grander!!!  We had to leave them behind... but if Money were no object I would have 'Scored' this duo in a Heartbeat! 

So many folks were in fact Feathering Their Nests with the Found Treasures they did 'Score' at the Event... and I always like to Wonder where everything ended up and how it was Styled in everyone's Homes?   Wouldn't it be so Cool if we could see?
And that's one of the Primary Reasons I delved into the Land Of Blog... not just as a Personal Journey and Journal... but because I'm such a Voyeur when it comes to Enjoying how everyone Decorates and Styles their Homes, Businesses and even Gardens... or prepares for a Show or Event! *Smiles*

It has been a Generational Thing in fact... my Mom and I used to Love driving or walking around Neighborhoods and getting glimpses into the Lovely Homes we passed... admiring the exteriors and occassionally the interiors if the Windows Showcased what was inside too!
I also suppose that is why I Enjoy the Older Neighborhoods best... with the Variety of Architecture and distinctive Personality of each Dwelling... Front Porches where everyone sits out to Greet Passers-by and their Neighbors... you just don't get that in cookie cutter Modern subdivisions.... where Stepford-like Sameness prevails and the hanging out is done in the seclusion of a back yard invisible from everyone.

And if you're a bit of a Voyeur of Styling and Decorating of the Homes of others I Invite you back Tomorrow... to get a glimpse into ours as we begin the Halloween Decorating Process of this Ole' House... *Winks*  
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have enjoyed this series of posts. I decorate for Halloween, but by your standards it seems fairly pitiful I look forward to seeing the photos of your decorations.

  2. Blessings right back at ya Dawn...crikey l've LOVED reading your blog today and agree with everything you've said especially about blogging, inspiration and enjoying getting a glimpse into other peoples homes....l hope you have a fantastic time setting up your new showroom..what fun that'll be and can't wait for you post some pics...l love the shadow box with skeletons it's so funky and l agree with Princess T those dragon sconces are awesome...Oh and l thought the pumpkin with the drawing pins? in it was such a great'd be great to paint one black and put them in...could be goth pumpkin hahahah...Mum thought it was mind blowing that someone in Arizona had sent her a happy birthday message thanks so much for making her day,..a very big happy birthday to your daughter also... all the way from Oz. hehe!!


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