Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sweet Salvage Design Preview Party

 We asked and they listened!  SWEET SALVAGE Hosted their very first Sweet Design Preview Party Wednesday Night!!!  
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend with my Friend Pamela. As well as meet many other Friends down there at the Party!  
Katie and I have always been like Identical Kindred Spirits in Style and Aesthetic... so wouldn't you know we both happened to be wearing our same Style PARIS MONTANA Creations that Night by our Talented Artistic Designer Friend Heidi!!!   Perhaps we were Fraternal Twins separated at birth, I dunno?!?  *LOL*
To see Sweet Salvage's Vignettes and Inventory at it's finest on the Eve before the big four day Event began Thursday Morning was Fabulous and a Dream come true for Yours Truly.  Remember that "Wicked" Book I just Sold in my Booth that I had such trouble parting with? 
Well, Kim had Styled one of the Vignettes in her Interpretation of the "Wicked" Production Theme!  It made me wish I'd Saved the Book and Presented it as a Gift to her instead now that I know she wants to see it!  Darn... and now I just realized I forgot to scoop up that Killer Mardi Gras Mask too this Morning when I went back for the Opening Day of the Sale!!!  *Arghhhh!!!*
But don't feel too sorry for me 'cause I did snag my Fav Doll Head... which I made a Beeline for on Opening Day... it was #1 on my 'Preview Scout' Reconnaissance!   Check... *Smiles*
And this Loving Cup... Check...
And this Fab Glittery Dia de los Muertos Skully Creation... Check...  so really the only thing I forgot was the Mardi Gras Mask that had been on my Reconnaissance List!  *LOL*
It really was pure Magic and a Night full of Inspiration, excellent Food, Drinks and Fun.  So many of the Vignettes had Humor tucked into them and getting to notice all of that, as well as many other carefully orchestrated Creative Details, down to the minutia, was really Special... instead of madly rushing around trying to see everything in a crowd!
Mingling with a Delightful crowd of like minded Souls and Talented Friends discussing Shared Passions, it was like being at an enormous Fancy Fantasy Mansion House Party elaborately decked out for Halloween and Fall!  With the added Bonus of getting to go into all of the rooms to get exclusive sneak peeks with the individual Stylists along to visit with & answer any and all of your question, be your Mentors and Graciously Share their knowledge, Expertise and Process!  The Creative Energy & Vibe was palpable!
I had been Hoping for such an opportunity to Savor all of the hard work that went into the Beautiful Styling and Vision of each Themed Monthly Event. 
To leisurely take in each intricate Detail of the Styling and Storyline of each of the 12 Designer's areas and Photograph it to my Heart's content to Share with you here in the Land of Blog. 
 Something you really can't properly absorb and do while Shopping and jostling amongst the other Sweet Event Loyal followers once the doors open for the Event and the crowds descend to purchase their Treasures. 
It always grieved me that I couldn't possibly see or Photograph everything in it's Pristine Styled condition and at it's very Best before it all got unfoofed and bought.  I always Wondered what I'd missed!?! 
Or be able get those great Panoramic Shots... without being in the way of throngs of eager Shoppers and feeling like I was being an obstruction while I tried to Frame the Shot without having Shoppers in Frame!  *LOL*
Though I personally Love 'The Close Up' best of all... and tend to gravitate towards taking more of those Types of Shots... {which is handy since a cheap Camera doesn't necessarily do Panorama well... }
Getting some Panoramic Vignette Shots shows the Big Picture and takes one's breath away!  
By the Way... ALL of the Vintage Industrial Lighting Creations were taking my breath away this Evening!  Pamela and I could Envision this particular one Gracing and Illuminating my new Showroom and having creepy Doll Heads hanging from it!  *LOL*  Alas, not within Budget this time around... {Insert Petulant Pout!}
So having an exclusive Evening with the Sweet Gang and viewing the Beautifully Themed Displays while being able to ask each Designer questions about the Vignettes and the Stories that they tell was pure Joy and so very Inspiring. 
We also enjoyed a Fabulous refreshment Bar, Hors d'oeuvres and Dessert Buffet provided by POSTINOS
Let me tell you that all of the Food, Wine and other Beverages were superb and so Beautifully presented and Served! 
Fabulous Foods, Fantastic Friends AND Found Treasures together in one Venue... pure Bohemian Valhalla for this Gal! *Winks*
Everyone was having such a good time and Spirits soared and the Excitement mounted as to the upcoming "Wicked Faire" Event being Publicly Revealed in the Morning... we all knew it would be so well Received!  Because it really was beyond Amazing!
Everything was glowing and twinkling...
And it was a perfect way to Scout out your favorite Treasures before anyone else and not miss or overlook a thing, so that when the Event opened the next Morning you could go right for it!  *Winks... and I did!!!  Getting all three of what I most wanted!!!  LOL* 
The only mishap I had of the whole Night was a Camera malfunction!!!!!!!!!  *GASP, yes, it's Tragic but True!!!*   I know... terrible almost catastrophic timing for such a thing, huh?!?   *Le Sigh*  
 Here I was FINALLY able to have unlimited Preview Access to Photograph everything and the old Camera decides to act up... curses foiled again!  *LOL*  
But absolutely nothing could put a damper on this Evening, not even a temperamental Camera... which I can't entirely blame the machinery because I had indeed dropped it a few days ago when the strap broke.  And being Tech Challenged I'm still lousy with the Technology of the more expensive Camera I have and didn't wanna risk trying to use that one. 
But I didn't Panic {well, maybe just a little bit, Smiles}... I still took loads of pixs for you my Friends, figuring the law of averages would surely give me SOME decent shots? *LOL* 
 So just forgive that with the technical difficulties I wasn't able to get the Shots with the Clarity I had Hoped for and expected.  I was a bit tied up like this unfortunate Mummy with balancing drinks, Hors d'oeuvres and trying to use a faulty Camera to capture the Essence of it all!  *LOL*
Thankfully there were other Party Guests Photographing the Party too... such as the Adorable and Sweet Karen Valentine of MY DESERT COTTAGE, who is also an Amazing Photographer... and the SWEET SALVAGE Photographers... so be sure to visit their links to see more!  I'm Hoping to "Borrow" some of the Group Shots they got that I was in and so not the Photographer of but would like a Copy of.
This is going to be a Monthly Pre-Event Preview Party so be sure to order your Tickets online at the SWEET SALVAGE site just before next Month's Event. 
Which will have a "French Market" Theme!  And though I am an avid Francophile so I'm definitely looking forward to that... I have to admit that I have been looking forward to this Halloween Inspired Event all year, so this will be among MY personal Favs of Themes... being a Wednesday Addams Type of Gal!  *Winks*
 We do Hope to see you there at the Preview Next Month though... but get your Tickets early because only a Limited Number of Tickets will be available to the first Guests that Reserve a spot!
Because if you've ever been to one of these Amazing Occassional Sales  you know what a Rush it is... so just Imagine getting an Exclusive Preview the Night Before Opening Day!!!
And who among us doesn't Adore a Good Party?!?  Come on... you know if you get the chance you can still be Miss {or Mister} Party-All-The-Time!  *Winks*
And after all... you'll be amongst Friends...
Albiet at least ONE will be a creepy Doll Head Luvin' Friend... *Winks*
And many of our Talented SWEET SALVAGE Friends will also be there... PS: We LOVE you guys, you totally ROCK and sure know how to throw a Partayyyyy!!!   *Smiles*

You TOTALLY know we'll be back... *Winks*...  And my Blog Friends... be sure to come back Tomorrow as I Share more of the "Wicked Faire" Event at SWEET SALVAGE... because you know that even a malfunctioning Camera did not prevent the Queen of Excess from taking a Gazillion Images!  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  3. Thank you Dawn! Once again, you inspire and captivate all of us with your thoughtful comments and imagery. We are so pleased to have you come and visit with us. Your friend Jim - a.k.a. SweetMan

  4. Dawn! That place looks fabulous. I am not much of a Halloween person but I still saw quite a few things I loved.


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