Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Effects Of Old Age... In First Grade!

I've been doing the Florence Nightingale gig ever since The Man got released from Hospital after his Surgery... because The Family have all taken turns being sick ever since he got Home so I've had a least two down at any one time!  A steady rotation of sick people = me not getting nearly enough sleep or 'Me Time' and so I've needed a good Laugh... or Cry... whatever!   Hey, emotional release is emotional release, it works for me okay! *Winks*  I was really feelin' my Age from all the drama... and that's what made the precious Statement all the more entertaining to me... in fact I'm still laughing every time I even think about it!
Because what often falls out of the mouths of Babes is always good for a Laugh... they don't mean to be hilarious, often they're dead serious and so it's hard to keep a straight face when what they've just said is Comedy Gold!  And I LOVE that about them!  They always say the most hilarious gems just when I most need it... their Comedic Timing is perfect even if they don't realize it!
Such was the case today with Princess T... whose 'turn' it has now apparently been to be really sick... now that her big Bro' is finally on the upswing from his recent bout with significant infirmity.  She had something different, but it brought her to the Emergency Room this Morning just the same because the Kid was REALLY sick... and this Gramma was REALLY worried when she didn't just bounce back as six year old's normally do in a day from whatever it is that is ailing them.  And the Pediatrician was swamped 'til sometime next week... and since the Kid was having trouble swallowing, eating or drinking & in a lot of pain, are you kidding, it just couldn't wait that long! So fast track to the ER this Morning after I got the Young Prince to School.  In fact, she's missed two whole days of School and it was really bothering her, she who prides herself in the Perfect Attendance Record... because though the Doc says the Viral Infection will clear up just fine with the Med Regimen given, she's still to stay Home until at least Thursday recovering. 

And she's been a real Trooper... so much so that the Lovely ER Volunteer {who just happened to be a Hungarian Gypsy so we had a lovely Kindred Spirit chat} gave her a Beautiful Hand Made Quilt their Volunteers make for the Sick Kids and a Sweet little Hand Made Puppet that opens it's Mouth to reveal a Band-Aide... because she never so much as shed a tear during the injections and painful swallowing of the other Meds... even though she obviously felt like crap and the sparkle was dim in her Beautiful Dark eyes.   And it really pained me to see her going through so much... I was the one almost in tears as she remained stoic and brave!  So I desperately needed a good Laugh... and I didn't have to wait long...
Because as she lay there sucking on an Ice Pop after we got Home from the Five Hour ER gig... she sighs, turns to me and says rather melodramatically...
"I never missed a day in Kindergarten.  But now that I'm in First Grade and gettin' Older, I'm sick and missing days all the time..."    *LOL*    Ah, the effects of Old Age... in First Grade!  Yeah, that six year old Angst really made MY day my Friends... in fact, I'm STILL Smiling about it! 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Awww, poor thing to be so ill. I hate to hear of children and animals not feeling well. Ok, I hate it when anybody is sick. Kids though do usually bounce back quickly and I have no doubt that with your expert care she will be back to herself in no time. Meanwhile, don't forget to take care of yourself. You will be no good to any of them if you get sick too!

  2. Its so hard to see them sick :( Poor thing! She is such a beauty! I love the things that come out of their mouths at the most obscure times. Last night Lil Duck asks, "Mom? Is there anyone on the moon right now because I think I see someone on the moon..." I had a hard time swallowing the chuckle on that one. She was so serious. She's 4.

  3. What a little sweetie. Don't you feel so helpless when they're sick like that? Such a pretty quilt they gave her and I'm sure it cheered her right up. Bless her heart and I hope she continues to recover so she can get right back to school.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes, I love the velvet pumpkins too, I was lucky to find them cheap at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. It is hard when kids are sick and then it gets passed to everyone in the house. I hope everyone is feeling better.


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