Saturday, September 15, 2012

Making Gypsy Showroom Curtains

Today I decided to start making some Gypsy Curtains for my Showroom Entrance.  Being a Fabric Artist I just Adore searching for Fabrics & Trims to Create from.  I always have a Vision in my Mind's Eye of what I would like for everything to look like... so its just a matter of discovering the perfect pieces for Sale and the Thrill of the Hunt once I have a particular Project in mind.  So the Hunt was on Today for a Colorful Boheme' Paisley Fabric, some Vivid Pom-Pom Trim, and Tea Stained Lace to edge the Panels with.

I was not having very much Luck finding Vintage in what I wanted and so I hit the Fabric & Import Shops to see what would turn up?  And the absolute Perfect Combo came together with a Trip to World Market and JoAnne's Fabric Store.  I found a couple of Shower Curtain Panels in the absolute Perfect Boheme' Paisley Print & Color Combo at World Market ... which saved me a lot of Hand Sewing and Shower Curtain Fabric is so sturdy for Commercial uses... so this should hold up well.  And to make it distinctly My Style I found the Perfect Trims at JoAnne's Fabric Store, some Bright Turquoise Pom-Pom Trim and some Tea Stained Lace Fabric with finished scalloped edging. {For some reason it's not showing the True Tea Color in the Photos???!!! So strange...}  So I Hand-Sewed one Panel together this Afternoon in a jiffy and will complete the other Panel Tonight... check one Showroom Project off the List!  I'll find some Fab Tassled Swag Ties and Walla... the Gypsy Showroom Curtains are ready to be hung!
And the Panels will be hung under this Vintage Balouch Wool Door Surround... which is too large for any doorway in our Home but will be perfect for the wide Showroom doorway.
It was a 'Score' from a long time ago just waiting for the Perfect Project.  When I Love something and can get it at a Bargain I know that eventually the Perfect Project and Use will come up even if at the time of purchase I have no Idea yet when or what that will be.  *Smiles*  
And I had a total Epiphany about my Showroom Sign that I will be Hand Lettering and Painting.  I discovered this Awesome Antique Beveled Glass Mirror with a Beautiful Ornate Frame that has a Great Patina.
There's so much about it that I Love and now I won't have to seek out a Board for the back of one of my other Frames to Paint on... I'll Paint on the Mirror instead.   The Beauty being that Mirror Painting can always be Changed if I decide I want a New Look or different Font later on.
And the Carvings on this wood just blew me away!  I'm sure this used to be part of an Old Vanity.
And what about my other Lovely Frame 'Scores' you might be asking?  Now that neither is going to be used as the Showroom Sign Frame I'm going to back them with Vintage Velvet or Satin under Chicken Wire to hang Jewelry, Ephemera or Old Photos upon for the Showroom.
I think they'll Showcase such things nicely.  After all, Old Frames have a Myriad of Styling uses which is why I always pick them up when I find some that I Love the Aesthetic or Color of.  I was fortunate that these two had already been Beautifully Refinished in Ideal Hues so most of the Work was already done for me.
And I'll probably offer some in my Showroom for Sale too because Salvaging Beautiful Old Frames and Refinishing them is such Fun and I'm dying to buy some Annie Sloan Paint and Gilding to experiment with some Refinishing Techniques while I'm on this Leave of Absence from Work.  While The Man is taking long Naps during his Recovery and the G-Kid Force are in School I'll have some Time for Artistic Projects again during this Month of Prep Time I'll have before the Showroom is available for me to move into... so I Plan to take full Advantage of the Rare Luxury to have Time to be Creative again! 
And think about what Inventory I will want to bring in for the Grand Opening of the Showroom?!?  You might be wondering why I have Skullies all over the House?  Well... one Project I Hope to get to is to Create some Dia de los Muertos Skulls for my Home Altar.  I wasn't able to purchase that Fab Blinged out Jeweled one, my Offer was finally accepted but by then The Man was already having Surgery and in Hospital so I couldn't make it back to the Mall... and since I'll have Showroom Outlay to get it the way I want it, I've decided to be Frugal and just Create my own Skully Art this Year.  So this Guy's waiting for a Paint Job done Mendhi Style and perhaps some Vintage Bohemian Bling Accents.  And that Sweet 'Lil Vintage Loving Cup... a Goodwill Hunting 'Score' for less than Three Bucks!! !   Well my Friends, gotta get busy Sewing that other Panel together now...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Don't you just love when a great plan comes together like that Dawn?! I'm lovin' those turquoise dingle berries! (Well that's what we call em instead of pom poms *winks*) And that header is gonna be fab! I hope you'll share some shots when you're all done?....Oh and are those cigar drawers?...Sooo cool! Vanna

  2. WOW! I'm loving the frames & fabric....I'm glad you're not just sitting around on your hands while your hubby is napping and kids are at school :)
    Frankly, the skull creeps me out. But to each his/her own. (I think you know how much I like everything else.) I wish you lived closer to me. I have a frame or two or three to add to your cache!

  3. love these ideas - be sure and show us when it's done!!

  4. Oh Dawn.....I love it how "life" doesn't keep you down for very long. teehee You seem to go from zero to sixty miles an hour in the blink of an eye. Please show us that fabulous curtains when you are done. i want to make some myself and would love to see what you come up with.




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