Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Missed The Best Moving In Sale Ever!

Yes... I missed the BEST Moving In Sale EVER my Friends!!!  I got the Invitation to Attend on my Birthday, perfect Timing, not so perfect circumstances since a spontaneous Road Trip to Texas was completely out of the question.  *Le Sigh*   Magnolia Pearl was having their Moving In Sale August 17th through 19th... and OMG from the Images I'm gleening from Facebook and the Land of Blog for those who were able to be there, I'm Heartsick that I couldn't go and missed this Golden opportunity of epic Bohemian proportions!  *Sob!*
Seriously though... it's probably just as well since I would have totally busted the Budget and wanted to Buy {and not just look at Lustfully} what I couldn't resist... whether I could really afford it or not!  *LOL*  I would have been like this: That Ottoman... GOTTA HAVE IT!!!
Because you see... my Countenance would have been somewhat like these Nymphs as I pranced and swooned my way through the Sale... totally out of touch with Reality... and living out a Fantasy Buying Spree that would have surely given The Man another Stroke or Heart Attack!!! *Smiles*
He'd of probably needed a Fainting Couch once he got the Bill... *LOL* 
Because this Killer Bohemian Duvet... GOTTA HAVE IT!!!
This is not something I could have easily walked away from you see... I would have been scheming for a way to procure it... this is a piece I would have gone to the dirt for if some other Treasure Hunter had wanted it too!!!  *Winks*
Along with ALL the Fabulous Pillows... Hey, if I'm going down in Flames, might as well have it ALL for that Total Look, Right?!?
And if it looks familiar, yes, it was the one from the Photo Shoot of the Magnolia Pearl Airstream Reveal!!!
And I had TOTALLY Fallen In Love with it then... so for it to be offered up for Sale... OMG... I only Lament that I wasn't somehow able to know WAYYYYYYYYYYYY in advance that it was going to be offered... to Save up for the Road Trip and to ensure I could 'Score' it!!!   Hey, if I'm gonna Dream, Dream Big I always say!!!  *Smiles*
Yeah, and throw in that Bolster Pillow as well since that looks like the one on the Bed in the Airstream Photo Shoot as well so we can't separate it from the Duvet, right?!  *Winks*... not to mention I Love it!!!
AND the Peacock Chair and Peacock Pillow... and the other Pillow as well, GOTTA HAVE THEM TOO... see... see why it was a good thing I couldn't go my Friends?!?  *Winks*
Because seeing all this for Sale and NOT being able to have it or afford it would have been Torturous I tell you!!!  When I Lust... I Lust HARD for Gorgeous Creations!!!  I have been known to make immense Personal Sacrifices and go hard to Save for a piece I was having a Lustful Affair with.
And I am having one of THOSE Lustfests with this Chair...
And the Pillows...
ALL of them in fact... who could pick just A Favorite after all for Heaven's Sakes?!?!???!  Not I!!! 
And if that Chair and some of the Pillows is looking familiar too... yep, Showcased in another Amazing Magnolia Pearl Photo Shoot!!!   Fell in LOVE with it all THEN... who knew they'd all be offered for Sale just a few Months later!???!???!  It's a Dream come True I tell ya!!!
Couldn't you just see yourself hanging out with your Friends whilst snuggled in this Chair... I could!!!  Most definitely!!!   This would be THE CHAIR that nobody in the household would be allowed to sit in but ME... just so's they wouldn't risk wrecking it.  Okay... so maybe it's just as well I couldn't get the Chair too... I'd be vicious about protecting it!  *LOL*
So... we'll just move on to the Smalls... yep, there would have been plenty of them catching my Eye as well... and definitely the luscious Fabrics to Create something out of... like that Blue Beaded Tassled Piece!
And if you Adore Majolica... some Amazing pieces to be had as well!!!  I'm Loving that tall Vase...
Yes... I Missed the Best Moving In Sale EVER... and I'm still not over it... and wondering who 'Scored' all those Fabulous Pieces I would have given my eye teeth to procure?!?  But I want to Thank those who have Shared their Images of the Event with us... so that we could Pretend and Imagine how it would have been if we'd been there too... and what we would have wanted to 'Score'.
ALL IMAGES were via Facebook and the Land of Blog... Thanks to Binky LaFaye of BINKY LA FAYE and Anne Lorys of FIONA & TWIG... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Dear Ladies for giving us a Glimpse into the Best Moving In Sale EVER!!!
If there is anyone else who was Fortunate enough to Attend... let us know and show us your Pictures... and what you 'Scored'... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!   *Smiles*
Just wish I couldda been there... *Insert Intense Petulant Pout!* 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I bought that ottoman.

    JUST KIDDING!!! hehehe!

    Oh Dawn.....!!! You are a girl after my own heart!! That chair! Those pillows! And that sweet ottoman....??? Yeah, they would'ave found us mudwrestling over THAT one! lolol!

    Thanks for the fun comments you left about my prayer rug. I think we definitely are safer being junquing buddies from afar, girlie. lol!

    Have a great week!!!

    xoxo laurie

  2. OMG I would have LOVED to go to that sale too!!!!!! Dawn I have been trying to leave you comments for a while now but they never go through. (I am hoping this one does) Thank you for ALL of you sweet comments about my new shop and the magazine shoot!!!! It is all so exciting and I love when you stop over to visit:) Now lets see if this one works....
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens


  3. I have always wanted to see her booth set up at Marburger, some day I keep saying
    So glad you got the duvet & pillows ( winks) LOL
    wonder what prices are like do you know?


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