Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Old Fashioned Silly Fun!

Most of the time Life is Real Good...
But has Life ever gotten so Crazy that you've felt like you're losing all your Marbles?  Yeah... well, our Solution to that is to just have some Good Old Fashioned Silly Fun and preserve your Sanity while acting a bit Insane!  So... while I spend this Crazy Day starting at 3:00 A.M. at the Hospital Today with my Honey while he has Surgery... and leave The Son & his Bestie in Charge of the G-Kid Force {Lord Have Mercy... Scary Stuff I tell ya... ALL of it!} ... I'm Scheduling this Good Old Fashioned Silly Fun Absentee Post for you... just 'cause I Love ya all! 

Cut loose and take the Edge off your problems for a while... Unwind... De-Stress instead of being distressed... We "Heart" Mardi Gras Masks!!!

And if you can't find an Adult willing to Participate and Indulge in Random Silliness with you... any Child will!  So... Channel your Inner Child and throw Inhibitions to the wind for a while!  Yes, you can do it without totally wrecking your carefully orchestrated Rep & Cred... besides, most of the people around you will probably never see you again, really care, or even know who you are anyway so you're working under the cover of Anonymity, Trust me!  Well, unless you're already Famous or Infamous that is, in which case this doesn't so easily apply to you!  *LOL*

Have a Good Time doing those things that would make you Smile or Laugh out loud if you saw it being done in a Comedy... see how much Fun  you can have without getting Arrested Okay?  *Winks*
Don't take yourself too Seriously or allow Ego to get in the way of an Enjoyable time.

Seek out that which you find to be Amusing and Outrageous and thoroughly Enjoy it...
We were totally Enjoying this Spooky yet Strangely Beautiful Chair.
It made me Wonder if the person who dreamed up the Predator Character in the Alien Movies had seen this same Image and used it as their Muse for the Character?   You never know...
This is a pretty Old Chair and I'm pretty sure outdates the Movie!  *Winks*  But we decided that though it is certainly Hauntingly Lovely, it's just too Creepy... maybe it's the Emerald Eyes, I dunno? Kinda freaked the Princess out... Imagine the Beast Princess being skeerd of another Beast, Ironic huh?! *Smiles*  
This one was Fun but not nearly so Creepy... though it was plainer it still has Artistic Flair and Lovely Carved Details.
And both were rather Throne-Like.

Looking for things that just make you Smile, how about this Unique Treasure??!!!!
This Kewpie Doll Chocolate Mold in my Friend Rick's Booth did just that for me, make me Smile from Ear to Ear... at first I thought it might be some Vintage Creepy Halloween Prop looking like a Torture Device for Kewpie Dolls?!?  *LOL*

Even though I now know what it is... I still think it would make a Killer Halloween Prop, don't you?  It cracks me up every time I look at it!  Kewpie actually looks like he's biting his nails anxiously as he is encased in the torturous looking Body Cage... waiting for... MOLTEN CHOCOLATE????!!!   Hilarious in a Macabre kind of way!!!  *LOL*  Who knew Chocolate Molds could look and be so Sinister?!?  *Smiles*

And this Antique Bohemian Art Nouveau Brewery Tray with the Gypsy and the Snarling Bear... it makes me Smile AND I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the Graphics, Colors & Patina of it!!!  Part of the Good Old Fashioned Silly Fun we have is Imagining what Expensive Items we'd Power Buy on an Extravagant Shopping Spree if Money were no object and we didn't even have to look at the Price Tags?  *Winks*  Yep, Yours Truly definitely has Champagne Taste on Beer Drinker's Money! *LOL* 
So why not fall in Lust with an Expensive Antique Beer Tray?  *LOL*  And this is a Piece I'm having a total Forbidden Love Affair with and a Lustfest of epic proportions 'cause I want it so badly, have never seen one before and the Graphics are so TOTALLY MY STYLE!  In fact, I'd Love a Framed Painting of this Scene and would Love to know who the Artist is?  Anyone know?
Vigor, Strength and Purity... guess you were Promised and got all that when you drank Ranier Beer huh, or at least think you did!?  *LOL*  If it were within my Budget I'd totally 'Score' this piece because it's absolutely Beautiful!  But I'm having to Settle for just Admiring it Visually until it Sells to some other Lucky Collector of Boheme' Art and adding it to my Fall Banner Images instead.   Wonder if it would be Wrong to take up a Beer Tray Collection of Donations? *Bwahahaha!!! Just Kiddin', Remember, we're being SILLY?!!  Smiles*

And it's always a Riot to try to find the Creepiest of Antique or Vintage Dolls for my Wednesday Addams Style Sensibilities!  *Winks*  This mos def looks like a Horror Movie Doll, by her expression she's just seen something absolutely Horrific!?  *Winks*
Cute and Creepy always Appeals to me and makes me Smile too.
And who wouldn't be Amused having their drinks served up in this Quartet of Naughty Lady Mugs?!  *Winks*  Get your Luau on in Style...

And here's a Cute Idea I'm totally Stealing ... Borrowing... rather than Candy in an Old Gumball Machine, Serve up Sweet Vintage Game Pieces & Lil Toys or Charms as the Prizes instead.
And sometimes when you're out just having Good Old Fashioned Silly Fun the Junquing gods will Smile upon you abundantly and you'll run across the 'Score' of a Lifetime, even though you weren't even looking for it!  Like this Killer Full Size Vintage Velvet Tapestry Bedspread I got whilst on my Silly Fun Day Out!!!
Guess how much I paid for it my Friends?  Go ahead, GUESS?!??! 
Think Ridiculous, Outrageous, Unbelievable Bargain Okay?

The kind where you check the Price Tag to make sure it's the right one and on there securely and not some Mistake or switcheroo because you can't Believe your own Eyes!?!??

Where your Heart starts racing like a Hummingbird's because you can't hardly contain your Joy and Excitement once you realize, yep, that's ALL they're asking for it!!!  Holy Mother Of God, whoop whoop, Happy Dance, THAT kinda Price & 'Score'... the kind Good Stories and Great Blog Fodder are Made of!!!

Did any one of you Guess $1.99?  Yes,  you read it correctly... I said a Dollar and Ninety-Nine Cents! *Yes, you can Gasp, I did!!!*  Yeah, it was definitely Good to be Me that Day!!!  Who says that Good Old Fashioned Silly Fun doesn't Pay Off? *Winks*  And no matter how Crazy your Life gets, ya gotta Love something like THAT adding to the Fun and Insanity, Right?!  What WAS that person smokin' who Priced that piece I wonder?!?  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Having a silly break from the intensities of life is highly recommended by Queenie and the Delicious. The Delicious also highly recommend frequent napping :o) Hang in there! You're in our thoughts and prayers.
    Always, Queenie

  2. A big kiss, dear! God bless you!!!


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