Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Engaged In Distractive Behaviors

Because we've been dealing with a succession of very Stressful Issues on the Homefront and The Man's Surgery coming up Tomorrow Morning... I've been Engaged in Distractive Behaviors.  Hey, it works for me! *Smiles*  And my Sidekick Princess T has Partnered with me in some of them since her 7th Birthday is coming up soon and Grandpa will be Post-Surgical during it, so we decided to do her Birthday Shop-A-Thon early together & have a Girl's Day Out... our last Fling for a while.

Grandpa wasn't feeling well enough to attend the Dealer's Breakfast with me so she opted to come along as my Date instead... that was a perfect start to our Day and it was a perfect opportunity to try on outrageous Hats... yes, she has a Passion for them too... the Apple didn't fall far from the Tree!  This is how we Roll!  *Winks*

In fact it was Tempting to want to Purchase the Vintage Zorro Style Hat from Myko & Brett's Booth... but she was on a Birthday Shop-A-Thon Mission with the Five Dollar Gift Card she'd won that Morning for being one of the 1st 50 Customers through the door during the Last Bash Of Summer  Event at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.  She was practically dragging Gramma away from the Breakfast to get in line outside to be among the precious few to procure her Gift Card!  *LOL*  We were having as many as 1000+ Shoppers a Day during the Last Bash of Summer Event so things were really hopping at the Mall!

And even though many a Cute Vintage Toy was Calling to her to take them Home with her... she was on a Fashion Diva Mission to Procure a Vintage Purse it seems and nothing would distract or deter her...
She has a Formula for Success already at this tender Age and it involves, as Kimora Lee Simmons would call it... FABULOSITY!!! 
This Kid was Born with it in fact... she wants to take up as much Space in a Room as she can possibly Command by being Fabulous and the Center of Attention! *Winks*  She's already got it down to a Fine Art and Science... and apparently it Called For a Fabulous Blinged Out Bag... and she was very Focused and Specific about which one would do because it seemed as though we looked at a gazillion of them before she made her Choice... and it was THIS ONE!  A Lovely Vintage Sequined and Beaded Gold one that I only had to Pony-Up an extra two bucks beyond her Gift Card to 'Score'!!!  *LOL*
And throughout the Day it Called for several Wardrobe Changes as well, because being Divalicious is a lot of Work and one has to ensure that all Wardrobe can go with said Vintage Gypsy Bling Birthday Bag! *Whew*
And it was certainly of no use trying to pursuade her in vain about how much extra Laundry this Wardrobe changing Frenzy would create because Fabulous Fashion Divas don't do their own Laundry so they haven't got a Clue what you're even talking about!  *LOL*
Just kill me now and put me out of my Misery Okay?!!?!??!  *Le Sigh*
Yes... it was certainly a lot of Fun trying on outrageous Vintage Hats...
And receiving doses of Inspiration... such as this Chair upholstered with Vintage Ties...
And there was the last foof of my Booth since I didn't know when I'd be able to be back?
Yes, I even Let Go of the 'Wicked' Book... right now Money comes before Sentiments... since I'll be taking a long haitus from Work while The Man is recovering and in rehab after Surgery.
And wouldn't you know that the Air Conditioner decided at the worst possible time to go on the fritz Tuesday Afternoon... so I had to call in and have someone cover for my last two Shifts at Work so I could stay Home & scramble to get someone to come out on short notice to take a look at it and possibly repair it before we're caught up in this Surgical Thing being in full swing!!!  *Le Sigh*
Since our temps are still hovering around 108 during the day and 100 at Night and The Man is sick enough without Heat Stroke adding to his Misery!  Right now the Unit is dumping water into the house when it shuts off... and leaving it off is out of the question since we're not entirely comfy when interior temps get into the stifling 90's. 
Yeah, though our Property was built and designed at the turn of the Century before Air Conditioning... back in those days there was no Residential & Commercial build up & Urban Sprawl, this used to be a lush Agricultural Paradise and there were lotsa huge Ancient Mature Trees surrounding us which have since been cut down by the City.

I should probably win some kind of Award for Dealing with a Triathalon of Simultaneous Crisis in fact... which is why Engaging in Distractive Behaviors has been so crucial to my Sanity and sense of Well Being!
And in lieu of an Award I'll just take the Princess Shopping for her early Birthday Gifts...
Because a little bit of Retail Therapy, Beautiful Vignette and upcoming Seasonal Inspiration always makes us feel better doesn't it?
And there's always some of our Good Friends to Visit with who are Working their Booths and bringing in Fresh Inventory for the upcoming Holidays.  Check out the Vintage Prom Dresses my Friend Emelita just brought in, just in time for Halloween Costume consideration for that Fashion Diva in your Household!  *Winks*
And as for the Princess Fashion Diva in our Household... well, her Birthday Shop-A-Thon Spree netted her the Flashy Vintage Bag... Lip Glosses... and Collections of Fairies and Princesses.
And a Gramma's Troubles can almost melt away when you experience the contagious Joy Sharing such a Special Moment brings to a Child.   Even though I knew that within a matter of Hours they'd be scattered about this Ole' House as they made themselves right at Home... *LOL*
But it's not as if Gramma didn't 'Score' a 'lil Somethin'-Somethin' herself during Girl's Day Out...
Check out the Awesome Large 1955 Loving Cup I was able to add to my Collection, it matches my Smaller 1943 one perfectly!  So yep... I did get myself an Award after all... maybe not for Sales Performance as inscribed... but it'll do.  *Winks*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. She is just the cutest thing ever, Dawn! I see a future model in your family! :) I'll be keeping your hubby in my prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery. :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Princess T totally scored on the B-day treasure!!! Love the gold beaded purse and a girl can't have too many princess and fairy dolls.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the Man for success with the surgery, comfort in the healing, and joy in the blessings of family.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Hoping all goes well for your husband and family tomorrow.

  4. She is adorable and looks like she had a great birthday shopping day. She reminds me of my granddaughter with her dark hair, eyes and skin coloring. My grand's idea of a great shopping trip is adding to her already large collection of graphic tees. I miss those days of fairies with her.

    Hope your hubby's surgery goes well and his recovery is quick.

    Love all the Halloween things.

  5. Your carefree & fun spirit is being carried on with your little Princess! Prayers for a quick recovery for your husband, and strength for you through the coming weeks my friend! Take care ♥


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