Sunday, September 9, 2012

Doll Head Heaven

This Saturday at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST was the "Doll & Bear Show", which was being held on the 2nd Floor of the Mall, which just opened up to the Public.   I was Hoping they'd have Antique Creepy Doll Heads for Sale since I've been on a Junquing Mission to find some!? 
You know what a "Thing" I have for Old Doll Heads and my Halloween Vignette this Year will have a distinctive Creepy Doll and Doll Head Theme.  But Doll Heads alone are scarce, most folks simply don't 'get it' or see the Appeal in Doll Parts as Art or Decor.  *Winks*  And since the G-Kid Force was actually BEHAVING during the Hospital ICU Visit to see Grandpa and during a Meal out, I decided to 'Go For It' before they returned to Normal Form!  *LOL*  It would give me a chance to also re-stock and foof my Booth as well since Special Events always draw big crowds.
And I was so glad we did because I hit the Motherlode of Doll Heads... in fact, it was Doll Head Heaven I tell ya!!!   And for a mere five bucks each I was ecstatic, totally Jazzed and loading up... I'm sure that Ed, the Key Dealer that assisted me, now considers me Crazy Doll Head Lady!?!  *LOL*  Yeah, he was giving me that 'look' of bewilderment at how Creepy Doll Heads could get anyone that excited??!??!  *Smiles*   This Large composite Blonde one with little Teeth and Eyes that open & close was my 1st acquisition and definitely a Fav!

But the Small composite One-Eyed one with the great Patina and tiny Teeth really Appealed to me too and was my 2nd acquisition... though it kinda creeps the G-Kids out a bit due to the missing Eye... 'til I told them we'd make a Cool Halloween Nightlight out of it that the Light could Shine through the Eyehole like a Jack-O-Lantern Doll Head... they were totally digging that!  *LOL*

My 3rd acquisition was the composition Doll Head with two totally different Eye Colors!  Yeah, I know, Weird because it doesn't look like an Eye replacement so maybe one Eye just Aged differently over Time, I dunno... but I Love it for it's Uniqueness! 
My 4th acquisition was a Sweet Small Kewpie Doll Style Head with a Molded Bob Hairstyle... I'm wondering if she'll fit in the Tiara wearing Gator's Mouth... we'll see... I know, I'm sic and Addams Family-ish... *Smiles*

I was just so Delighted to find so many Doll Heads for such a great Bargain that was totally Budget Friendly too so that I didn't have to chose and could get all of them that I fell in Love with!!!

And Okay, so that I could blend in as a Normal Person I also bought a complete Doll too! *LOL*
Yes, also at a great Bargain of $12 and so darn Cute I couldn't pass it up... and I HAD to Laugh out Loud when Princess T gleefully pipes up... "So, are ya gonna rip her Head off too Gramma?"   Ah, Sweet Wednesday Addams Child... you shouldda seen Poor Ed's Face!!!  *LMAO*  I had to assure him that No, we weren't gonna dismember the Dolly... but I don't know that we convinced him or he actually Believed us... I think he might consider us a Mad, Sinister Bunch?!?   *LOL*  But yeah, it's the Truth, she'll remain intact, I've never dismembered a Doll to just get the Head, Honest, which is why I always seek out Orphaned Doll Head parts for my Projects.

And for now the newly purchased Doll Heads will relax around the Bohemian Valhalla Homestead in various Ordinary Vignettes until they become the Halloween 2012 Displays.

Yes... I DID say ORDINARY Vignettes my Friends... because though it might not be Ordinary in someone else's Home to have Creepy Doll Heads just sitting about as Decor... in our Home it is.  *Winks*

And the newly purchased ones fit right in and look right at Home with their predecessors...

Most of which are also waiting for their Halloween Vignette debuts for the 2012 Holiday Season.

And it wasn't just Creepy Doll Heads I 'Scored' this Day... look at the Awesome Cast Iron Rx Mortar & Pestle I got for a mere three bucks from my Friends Myko & Brett's Showroom!!!

They keep re-stocking their Awesome Halloween Vignettes with the best Inventory ever... Myko jokes that I'm one of her best Customers!  *Smiles*  Okay, so it's no joke really, I do shop there a lot because their Selection and Prices are Fab!  *Smiles*

I also 'Scored' this great Commercial Mannequin Head with Afro for under ten bucks!

Loving the Hairstyle and fact it actually has Gray Hairs mingled in and feels like Human Hair... the realistic feeling Skin and Bohemian look... a great addition to my Mannequin Head Collection and the Price made my Heart flutter!  *LOL*   This one will Rock Hat Creations, Hair Ornamentation Creations and Exotic Style bits and bobs I come up with.
And how Cool is it that THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST is now so popular that during Events we already have Groupies lining up before the doors open?!  *LOL*
And why wouldn't we... The Party always starts early at The Brass and a Good Time can be Assured!  *Winks*
So yeah, it was a very good Day of 'Scores' and the Mall was packed with Customers for the Show and several pieces from my Booth made their way to the Registers while we were still there... so I guess I'll have to bring more Inventory in again soon...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Well, I am not into the doll heads....but I love your header!! Hope you have been well and thanks for stopping by!

  2. They do kind of creep me out but i do appreciate a great vignette of doll heads. Your find are great!

  3. Dawn - How did I miss seeing you yesterday? You always find the coolest stuff...xo

    -pamela ;)

  4. Yes, yep and yessiree!!! We get this! Although Romeo says he thinks they would be great to bat around, the doll heads ARE fun in displays! And I can't wait to see what you do for Halloween!!!! It's going to be good, I just know it! When I saw the fully intact doll, I thought the same thing "Wednesday" did - you would be tearing it limb from limb to include the head. Ah, I do like this g-child of yours!!!

    Romeo and I have missed visiting you, but hope to be back wandering the alleyways of blogland again soon! In the meantime, get back to shopping, you wouldn't want to miss another great find now would you?!?!

    Hugs and purrs,

    "Her" and Romeo


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