Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blissful Ignorance Or A Cover Up?

You would think by now that I'd know better than to initiate a conversation in the car with a G-Kid... Silence is so much better and kinder... you know why?
Because our conversation is likely to go in a direction I never anticipated and really would rather not hear or know.  Like the conversation I had Friday Afternoon as I drove the Young Prince to his Dad's for the Holiday Weekend after School got out:
Me:  So... how was your day?
Young Prince:  Well fine except for that accident this Morning... but Luckily the Cheese was the same color as your Persian Carpet so it blends right in...
Me: {Gasp!}  WHAT!???!???!
Young Prince {still not looking up from his Video Game and non-chalantly continuing...}:  Yeah, your Vintage Melmac gets real Hot in the Microwave and so I spilled my Spanish Rice & Cheese on the Carpet...
My Vintage Melmac... Microwave??!???!  Spanish Rice & Cheese for Breakfast!!???!??   And why the use of my Vintage Melmac opposed to, say, paper plates which Microwave quite well!???!??!   Don't ask, Grandpa was in charge of getting them ready for School!!!
And asking The Man WHY to all these Curiosities??!???!  Well, that would be right up there with "How did you run over the Mailbox the other Morning!????!??"   The Mailbox that is now duct taped together as we speak... I swear to God!!!   Because clearly that was the Solution to my and the Post Office's request to repair or replace it!!!  *Le Sigh*
I don't know if it's Blissful Ignorance or a Cover Up on their part actually?  These things that happen and I usually don't know about in my absence... whether I'm still asleep, at Work or out of the house for a brief time.  But these things come out eventually... if I'm foolish enough to initiate a conversation with either the G-Kid Force or The Man... because it's not as if something like Guilt would consume or overcome them apparently.   Which is why Silence is so much better and kinder.   I'm wondering if there should be an Award for being an Adult Female and being able to fathom the rationale of Men and Children... because quite clearly their minds and rationalizations are far different than ours!!!   How they perceive what is perfectly Logical and Okay that will literally make our heads explode and spin when WE finally hear about it!!!  *Smiles*
And I really do attempt to Roll with it.   Because if you are a Collector and Curator of Nice Things and reside with Men and Children for any length of time you might have unrealistic expectations if you think that nothing is going to go wrong and things won't go totally South in your absence.  Because they will... and they do... I have numerous Testimonies to that fact and am on my 2nd Generation of raising Children and decades of being Married... so I'm relatively Experienced.   
Now... you would think then that I'd be used to it and heard it all by now?   Or at the very least know better than to continue to initiate conversation with any of them in the Hopes that what falls out of their mouths would be of Normal conversation topics and not raise Blood Pressure to near Stroke levels!?!  *LOL*

Me: Why is the Front Porch all sticky?
Princess T:  Oh, that's Bubble Soap... Hey Gramma, did you know that when you put Bubble Soap in the Cat's Water they can blow Bubbles out their mouths?
Now Insert me rushing back outside to see if the Cats are dead or dying and immediately change their Water Bowl!
{Don't worry, the Bohemian Cat Boys and Yul apparently Survived said Bubble Soap Experiment and now have the freshest of Breaths and no fear of their Water Bowl or the wee Princess & her Posse of equally Scientifically Inquisitive Friends!  LOL}
Yes... I should never ask them ANYTHING... I should live in complete Silence... Silence is Golden and much more Zen and kind.
And what Pearls of Wisdom my Female Friends have your Men and Children bestowed upon you lately?  What Animated and unexpected conversations have you had with them?  Are you still vertical and Sane after having been Enlightened by what they casually had to say about what transpired in your absence?  *Winks*
Whether it be Blissful Ignorance or an attempted Cover Up we may never know.
But one thing is Crystal Clear... if you don't wanna know... don't Ask... Trust me, Silence is so much better and kinder.
Blessings and Silence from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Bless your heart! And you are SO right... "Silence IS so much better and kinder."

  2. I must say Dawn that I am suprised at how much I am enjoying the total, without-undercurrents silence that is in my home now that I am down to just a couple of kitties and no husband. The house stays clean, nothing gets broken. I am starting to think I might get used to this : ) You have my sympathy! Also congratulation on your new beautiful hat! What a treasure and I am so happy you received such a lovey birthday present. You are such a lovely lady and deserve such a gift!
    Blessings and continued silence to you,


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