Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage ~ Let Them Eat Cake Event





We're continuing our Celebration of SWEET SALVAGE's 1st Birthday and "Let Them Eat Cake" Event.  Combining delish Foods and delightful Vignettes full of Treasures was a little slice of Heaven on Earth!   I wasn't able to get the best of Panoramic Views because of the overwhelming Popularity of the Event... so many people showed up for the Party and to seek out their very own Presents among the Inventory.  So my Panoramas were gleened more towards the end of the business day, than at the beginning... after the majority of Shoppers had dissipated and I felt comfortable to return.  But I'm finding that I'm drawn more to the Close-Ups anyway.   For some reason a Close-Up captures my full attention because I'm all about the Details.  Usually my Fav Images are of the Close-Ups that I've taken or seen on someone else's Blog.  Perhaps you are more drawn to the Majestic Panoramic Views, but I'm finding that I'm more a Scrutiny Type of person in the Visuals.  I think that's because I'm a Forager by Nature... and I often never know what I'm searching for until I find it... and wading through is an intense Rush for me.   So during the Thrill of the Hunt at an Event I'm much more intently focused on getting up close and really seeing each piece Individually, moreso than trying to see it in the Big Picture.  I can't take everything in just Admiring the Big Picture in a Panoramic Sweep... I'd simply miss too much if I didn't get in close and dig around, really eyeballing the minutia.  Reading every little piece of Ephemera... fondling each piece of Bling so that the Light dances off of the Stones and Crystals... examining each item in a Vignette as if it were the only one.  And maybe that's why my Panoramic Shot attempts have typically failed or not appealed to me as much either, even when I can obtain them.  So I just Hope that you are Enjoying my Close-Ups as much as I Enjoyed Experiencing them and Capturing them through the Eye of my Lens?   The Colors... the Styling... Creativity... Ideas... Inspiration... and Treasures were Truly Captivating.  We'll continue our Journey Tomorrow... because though we didn't stay long upon the Grand Opening... we did come back Later to Savor our Experience at a more relaxed Leisurely Pace, which is more my Style and preference, sans the mad flurry of activity during the initial hours.  And the Sweet Team keep adding fresh Inventory throughout the four day Event and Creating new Vignettes perpetually as things are Sold... so its never a Static Display, but a constantly Evolving one that is a Wonder to behold!  So... BEHOLD my Friends!

And if you're still in the Mood for more Party... then join us over at COMMON GROUND where Debra is Hosting another Fabulous Vintage Inspiration Blog Party!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. OH the sweet treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love when you take the time to share pics. You capture it so well, Ted and i have missed the past couple of them. We been working on our yard and one of the times while they had a event we flew the kids in from Il. I love the event they put on!! Have a beautiful and creative day....Chickie

  3. I love the close-ups!!! I am telling you if I went into that place you would never see me again!! LOL what amazing items...your pics are like being there & looking around...panoramic is for the Grand Canyon not the treasure trove..:D

    Hope things are doing ok with You & the sure & take care of your self, Dawn...Love your comments over at my place...I hear you Sistah!! <3

  4. Hi Dawn
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet note! Hope you are doing well in your part of the world. Love that we can both appreciate curbside treasures.

    Have a wonderful week dear one!

  5. That's some serious eye candy! Love it all!


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