Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rust & Roses Grand Re-Opening ~ Part III

We'll continue Shopping and being Inspired at RUST & ROSES for a couple more Posts... because we ended up spending a lot of time there, the Vibe was so Wonderful and the Visuals so Enchanting!  I really did have an Alice In Wonderland feeling and so I could have stayed down the Rabbit Hole much, much longer than we had Time for!  *Winks*

On a Day of Celebrating and having Fun you really need more than 24 Hours in it don't you?  *Smiles*

This Architectural Fragment was gorgeous... the Details and Colors...

Spiritual Art always Appeals to me... the Sepia Hues of this Sacred Heart piece make it particularly Divine.

I've got some Vintage Red Folding Chairs at Home and wasn't sure how to Store them so that they could be Visually Enjoyed while not being in use and easily accessible... so this Vignette gave me a great Idea of what I could do with them.

I Hope that when you're Junquing and Shopping that you don't focus so intently on just the acquisition part of the Journey that you miss out on all the Inspiration, Ideas and Styling that the Vendors are also Sharing along with the Inventory?


As a Creative Spirit myself I am always Happy and flattered when a Customer Enjoys my Creativity, Vision, Ideas and Effort that is expended at the Presentation and Styling being as Important as the offering of the Merchandise.  A LOT of Work and Talent is put into a Beautiful Display and Imaginative Vignette, it is like a Work of Art that is fleeting but nonetheless worthy of our Appreciation and Attention.

Sometimes I see Shoppers so eager and zealous at snatching up their Treasures that they fail to notice or care about the big picture and Beauty that their 'Score' is an intricate part of.  That's a pity... they're missing so much of the Journey in rushing to the Destination with tunnel vision, refusing to slow down in their Shopping Frenzy.  Witnessing it reminds me of a Discovery Channel Documentary during Shark Week of the Feeding Frenzy!  *LOL*   That is why I prefer and enjoy a Zen Shopping experience where I can savor the Moment as I 'Score' the Treasures and capture the Essence of it through the Eye of my Lens.   I'd rather miss out on a piece than to miss out on Visual Moments and Experiences that will be far more Priceless in the long run.

And I flee when I see a Shopping Frenzy about to begin or already in progress... which is why you will rarely, if ever, see this Gal in the midst of a Huge Sale or Black Friday... I'll pay full retail before I'd endure that Horror to save a few bucks!  *LOL*   But some things are worth seeing and Experiencing and I'm glad that the Melrose District has come into it's own and are riding the wave and surge of Popularity... it Truly is a Destination and if you haven't yet been, you really should put it on your "List".   I'm Delighted that the Businesses and Artists are Prospering, being Appreciated and are now so well received by the masses... each has certainly earned their Successes and Work tirelessly to bring us the most Amazing of Shopping Experiences, Fabulous Found Treasures Sourced with Care and Artistic Talents of Local, International and National Artists. 

I do Believe it will be Important for the Recovery of our National Economy to continue to Support our Small Businesses and Indy Shops... and I make it a point to Shop at them regularly and I Hope you do too my Friends?

Each Shop and Boutique has it's own Character and the Essence and Creativity of the Owner... you just don't get that with Mega Corporations that are operated by Faceless and Nameless Entities.

I see the Pride and Joy of the Owners and Staff that operate these Small Businesses and Indie Shops.  So it is also Important to remember to express your positive Sentiments about their place and help Promote them in any way that you possibly can to spread the Word about the places you have Enjoyed and have become your Favorite Haunts.  Don't keep it to yourselves and have it be the best kept Secret.   I always make it a point to take my Friends and Acquaintances to all of my Fav Places and have them take me to theirs... there's a lot of Joy in the Sharing of such information!

I'm a creature of habit but I'm also game for any new experiences as they come up.  You never know when you'll discover another Favorite place to add to your itinerary!?


Aren't these tiny Tole Hanging Lamps Adorable... Love the Deconstructed Shades that have been added to them.

An Inspirational Idea that gives better light... and a mass of these hanging at various heights would be eyecatching.


I'm still Enjoying Tarnished Silver and Silverplate... it's so versatile in Decorating and Styling... using the Candlesticks of various heights as Cupcake Holders is a Sweet Idea.


And the Boudoir Dolls are still Hanging Out at the Shop ...   *Winks*

This Desk Chair looks about as well used as the one I'm presenting sitting on in front of my Computer!  *LOL*

And this Sweet Handmade Pillow was Lovely... I always look for OOAK pieces that Crafters or Artists have made... so much more Interesting than mass produced Pillows.

And of coarse I had to stop by The Goose... really had missed this Sweet Face over the Summer... Looks like Bohemian Goosy has been having a Fun Summer though, her Floral Halo and Bohemian Bling Neck Band are a bit skew-wiffy!!  *LOL*


I have a large Collection of Vintage Tole Trays at Home... we use them as TV Trays all the time and everyone has their Fav Design, Color and Size to use.  Displaying them on a tiered Magazine Rack is a great Idea though.


Be sure to come back Tomorrow my Friends... we've still got lots to cover and see...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! Really enjoyed all of this - but LOVE that Goose! x

  2. You're "speaking to the choir" when you talk about admiring the display talents of creative people! Sometimes that's all I can do/afford :)


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