Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday My Young Prince!

Yes, Today is the Young Prince R's 12th Birthday and he's growing so quickly into a Fine Young Man!

One with a Tender Heart for his Elders...

And who has always had a Love of the Arts and possesses Artistic Talent that has Blossomed Early and been Apparent to all who meet him... whether it be Music, Fashion, Designing, Origami, Drawing, Painting, Styling, Glass Blowing, Architecture, Computer Graphics... and anything Creative and Artistic... he wants to know everything about it and learn to do it.  He's always been my Artsy Sidekick and he has such a Good Eye and a Level Head when it comes to Artistic Critique and Sage Advice beyond his Years.

He'll eagerly follow me down the Rabbit Hole and Imagine at least a Dozen Impossible Things with me before Lunch.  *Winks*

I'm sure he'll one day be someone's Knight In Shining Armour... and he's already pretty popular with the Girls at School.  *Smiles*  Who could resist those Beautiful Golden-Green Dreamy Eyes after all?!?  *No Brag, just Fact... LOL*   He hates it right now when anyone tells him he's got Beautiful Eyes... but all that will change when he realizes that Gaze will Win and Captivate 1,000 Hearts!  *Winks*

He's the Kid with the zany sense of Humor and a Host of Characters he Dreams up just to make us Laugh... such as 'Thug Santa'.  *LOL*

The Fearless One when it comes to Daring to be Different and marching to the beat of his own Drummer rather than Conforming... which by the way, is so over-rated.  Why follow the herd and Conform, only to end up in a destination you were never intended to be just to 'fit in' or not 'stand out'?!?   Just "Be" Uniquely YOU, you're one of a kind just as you are, Celebrate THAT!!!   I'm so Happy and Proud of him for realizing that Truth and Fearlessly doing his own Thing regardless of popular opinion or what anyone else is doing, thinks or says about it!!!  *High Five Prince R!* 

This is a Kid who Overcomes, often with a Smile on his Face and a Song in his Heart... and has Overcome more Adversity in his Life already than most Adults would or perhaps even could ever bear.   His Spirit is Strong and his Faith is deep... he's the one quick to Cheer other people up when they're down and offer Encouragement, an Uplifting Word at just the right time, a Hug... or even a good Foot Rub or Spa Treatment!  *Winks*   He Dreams Big and Implements his Dreams to make them Realities... which is very Important in Life!

He's the one who wants to be a Famous Scientist AND Fashion Designer so that he can Invent something Profound... In-Style!!!  *LOL*   And I do Believe he could... because he is Convinced that anything is Possible, even when others scoff... and he thinks totally outside of the Box and sees things through Fresh Creative Eyes.  Since he's only limited by his Imagination, he knows that so much IS Possible!

And he has so much Faith in those he Loves that he causes you to Believe anything and everything is Possible too... it's infectious when someone has that much Confidence in you!  Yes, he's the one that Introduced Gramma to the Land of Blog and helped me set up this Blog... and still assists me when I'm stuck or Game to learn something New, Interesting and Fresh.  *Winks*  He's an Excellent Teacher and an Observant Student.   And Today he turns 12... Happy Birthday my Young Prince... you totally ROCK!!!

And you're a Son your Mommy is Extremely Proud of too!

Love Gramma... AKA: Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Birthday to the Prince!

  2. I'm one day late! Sorry!
    Yes, Happy 12th Birthday to your little man. Ooops! I mean, young Prince!
    I hope he had a great day.


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