Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favorite Collections... Naw, They're Not Going Anywhere...

As you know, here at the Bohemian Valhalla Residence we've been diligently going through the Big Edit & Purge of 2012 to downsize the Hoard of Lovelies and Collections at the Ole Homestead... and either Sell, Donate or Toss as much of it as we can bear to part with.

But the Favorite Collections... Naw, they're not going anywhere.   Well, perhaps after I die, unless I opt to get buried with it all. *Winks*  But there are just some things I've been Collecting and have Loved for a long time and I still Love and am as attached to them as I ever was.

And those things, well, I'd have to be beyond dire straits to consider Editing or Purging and so they're the Off Limits things that the Family know they won't even try to convince me to give up.

And they are those things that I also use all the time... for daily use or Inspiration and so it's not as if they're among those Lovelies or Collectibles you find yourself Storing away, forgetting about or don't have any use for whatsoever.  So I have no Guilt in holding onto my Favorite Collections for a Lifetime if necessary.


Now to be sure there are certain Favorite Collections that have become so vast over the years that I'm beginning to Let Go of a portion of them.  Especially now that I have a Booth and have Connected to Kindred Spirits that I know for sure Appreciate them as much as I do and are Delighted to procure what I'm finally Releasing.

The Family are actually quite Astonished and Proud of me, for example, of Editing and Purging some of my Vintage Tablecloth Collection and Letting Go of more and more of them!  They thought that day would never happen!

But this, though it is certainly one of my Older and more Beloved Collections, has surpassed critical mass and it almost seemed Sinful for any one Person to have a Hoard of this many Vintage Tablecloths.  *Smiles*  This Image is just the tip of the Iceberg... this Collection IS stashed in areas where many aren't and can't be adequately displayed, enjoyed or used.  And that to me seems a pity and a waste.

And seriously, did I REALLY need every known Pattern ever made into a Vintage Tablecloth?  *LOL*  Clearly it was time to go through them and decide which would make their way to my Booth to be Enjoyed by someone else with a Passion for them as strong as mine has been.  Besides, I have been Collecting them for Decades, long before they were Valued by most, so I didn't have much Invested in any of them and got most for a pittance.  I didn't have to Sacrifice, Scrimp, Lust After or Save for this Collection, I always had 99 Cents to $3 to pop on one when I ran across it somewhere.  And so, now I can easily turn a Profit on my Modest Investment and Let Go of many without any powerful Attachment or Sentiment causing me to Hold On past when I should begin to Let Go.

And Thankfully too, those Favorite Collections that aren't going anywhere don't take up that much room... even if we eventually reverted back to Caravan Living some day I could take my Favs along without a U-Haul in tow!  *LOL*

And when I looked back at Images captured throughout the years of our various Homes, I realized that actually I was a Minimalist by Necessity for far longer than I'd remembered!!!  It was only when we lived in an actual House... this House, that had ample Room to Indulge Collecting Beauty that I had become a Maximalist by Choice!  *Winks*  Wow... that was quite a Revelation!!!


It really has only been barely over a Decade that my Collections blossomed into what they are Today... prior to that, though I Collected and Loved to Junque... I didn't Acquire or even keep that much because there was simply no room for it in a Trailer and moving so frequently as we did!

So in a way the Great Edit & Purge is just me coming full Circle... back to a Lifestyle I used to have and was always quite Content with... only keeping what I Loved Most and was Necessary... and Letting Go of the rest after I Enjoyed it for a Time and a Season...

And because I always made it a Habit not to get too Attached to mere Things I have the Relief of now knowing that I'm most definitely not the definition of a Hoarder *whew* because this Process has become quite effortless and easy for me as I gain momentum and Release Things.

Just keeping those Things that I Adore enough to always want to have them around for Visual Inspiration, daily use and to Delight the Eye each time I behold them.

Things I Loved enough for Long enough that I did Sacrifice, Scrimp, Lust After and Save to Acquire each one and so that always indicates a well thought out Acquisition and not an Impulse Buy.  Anything really worth having is worth waiting for and you'll probably not grow Tired of or want to part with.

As you can see my Magnolia Pearl Bags and Backpacks are among some of my Favorite Collections...

And there's a fair amount of my Bohemian Bling too.

Because these are some of the Things I've Collected that I Truly Love as much now as the day I bought them and my Attraction and Connection to each Piece hasn't diminished one iota... in fact, it has probably grown over Time.

And I'm glad I Invested in each and every piece of these Favorite Collections... and will probably intend to expand the Collections over Time, slowly and deliberately, as I always have.

Are there any Favorite Collections of YOURS my Friends that aren't going anywhere... at least perhaps not until you die... and only then IF you choose not to be buried with them?!?  *Winks* 

May your Favorite Collections continue to Delight you, now and Always... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love your way with words - "critical mass" would certainly describe my stash of fabric and you are right - the textiles become "collections" in themselves, in ready for the perfect project (which may or may not ever come). And also hitting the nail on the head is the idea of waiting, saving and acquiring something that you know you'll love - not an impulse buy.

    Those Magnolia Pearl bags are exquisite!!!

    How goes the rest of your downsizing?

  2. Do you actually know anyone who has more vintage table clothes than YOU????

    Books are my most "Critical Mass"! Honestly. I am having a TERRIBLE time deciding which I can part with.

  3. Those bags are gorgeous!!! I wouldn't part with them either...But I am going through a bit of a purge myself...actually the hubby has more "critical mass" than I do...in the form of metal!!! we have a special area on our property for it..LOL Hope you are having a better day my friend...my best to you & the Man


  4. Oh my, your vintage tablecloth collection is so pretty to LOOK AT!! I love that display of them all together like that. I know what you mean about having pretty things stashed away and not being enjoyed. It is such a waste. Mine would be lace I think. I have pretty vintage lace stashed away where it does not get enjoyed either, unless I bring it out to go through it. Sad :-(

  5. I can so relate to some of my collections meaning as much to me today as they did when I bought them. I have always heard buy only the things you love.....so it only makes sense we would still love most of them today. Like your tablecloth collection sometimes our loved items tend to multiply on their own and a small weed out is needed. Love the boho bags, oh my they are beautiful!!!!

  6. I'm just thinking about the same thing. Do I need this much stuff or should I be on the hoarder show? Your tablecloths and Magnolia Pearl bags are a dream!!

  7. Lovely collections you have, the bags looks wonderful!!!

    Hugs, Jenny


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