Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Even More Sneak Peeks!!!

Okay, so we're at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST again having even more Sneak Peeks before the Big Sale Event begins this Thursday through Sunday...  and I want to Thank some of my Blog Friends who have come out early to Shop and Visit after Following the recent Posts.

Yesterday Blog Friend Jackie came all the way out from Mesa to Shop at the Goodyear Brass Armadillo, meet in Person and Visit... it's always such a Joy to finally meet some of my Blog Friends and Supporters in Person and get to Visit face to face.

With over 900 Booths/Cases/Showrooms I know you'll Enjoy the Experience and feel the Trip was worthwhile to come see us here on the West Side.

And it would be great if you stop by and tell us about what Treasures you 'Scored' while you were here?!? 

This Vintage Croquet and Bocce Ball Set from the 60's brought back a lot of fond Memories for me... these were some of our Fav Games to play Outdoors as Kids!  I remember we used to just make up our own Rules and Regs... and never played the same way twice, 'cause that's how we Rolled!  *Winks*

And yes, I brought in a few more Found Treasures that I could squeeze into my Booth Space for the Event... this 1960's Era Movie Reel Holder with Reel Cases is in an array of Lovely Hues for Display Purposes.

And I have a Passion for Old Ornate Tins... Love the Graphics...

And who couldn't use more Attractive Storage... for all our bits and bobs?!?  *Winks*

And Myko had just included some Lovely Nautical and Beach Inventory to her Showroom for Summer.

Shell Art holds a Soft Spot for me since I Loved Creating it from Beachcombing Found Treasures when I was Young.  Maybe some of you opted for Creating Macaroni Art... but I preferred Shell Art because my Love Affair with Shells goes way back to Childhood... and I don't think Hunting Macaroni would be nearly as Thrilling as Beachcombing for Shells was!  *LOL* 

Check out this Wee Loving Cup Myko just put into Inventory.  Too bad the G-Kid Force need new School Uniforms by next week, which totally kicks my Junquing Budget in the head.  *Le Sigh*  No... Hunting for School Uniforms is also not nearly as Fun as the Thrill of the Hunt for Cool Junque! *LOL*   AND it's a LOT more expensive outfitting two growing Kids for a School Year's worth of Uniforms than a Grand Junquing Adventure would be.  *Le Sigh*

Pray for me as I'll surely go through Junquing Withdrawal abstaining 'til Fall!  *Winks*

It's torturous when you see Killer Pieces like this to just come away with mere Images!  *Sigh*  I'm having Architectural Salvage Envy!!!  *LOL*  Items like these get my Creative Juices flowing... the Possibilities for Unique OOAK Creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so we'll slowly move away from the Architectural Salvage since I'm drooling like a Kid in a Candy Shop Jonesin' for a Sugar Blaze, but with no Pocket Money to spend!  *Smiles*

Here's yet another new Booth with some Lovely Vintage and Retro Kitchen Inventory.

The Man would Love this Beautiful Antique Oil Painting of a Stag and I'm Adoring the Frame too!

And how Sweet is this Conch Shell converted into a Pincushion!?!

And being a Fabric Artist I stopped dead in my tracks when I spied this Vintage Russian Doll... her Ensemble and the Fabrics used are Divine!!!

Old Lace... Old Velvet... Old Brocade, Trims & Fringe in the Loveliest of Hues!!!

The Fabric Prints, Wardrobe and Palette are so very ME... and check out her little Earrings!

This was SO hard to have to Pass on... so I was sure to take loads of Images of her.

From every conceivable angle... for Future Inspiration.

Here's a Sweet Little Table-Trolley that caught my eye too...

In spite of Condition Issues it still had Details I was Loving and would have worked well in Bohemian Valhalla with a little TLC.   Why do I always see Perfect Pieces when I cannot Buy?!?  {Insert me Pouting Petulantly!  LOL}

Okay, so we'll have to slowly walk away from the Table-Trolley too and distract me with something else that is Lovely and you might be wanting, so I won't be obsessing about things I'm having a Forbidden Love Affair with...  because after all... it's not all about me... we're giving YOU sneak peeks, so we can spent YOUR Money instead, right?!?  *Winks*

Yeah, I'm pretty good at that too... I'll help you spend your Money freely during our Junquing Adventures Together, especially if I have none to spend... just Fair Warning!  *Smiles*

So long as someone is 'Scoring' great Found Treasures I'll be Happy and Content... 'cause if it can't be me that gets it, well, it might as well be you, right?!?  *Smiles*

This big Commercial Red $ Sign would be Perfect don't you think?  *Winks*  Or perhaps the Vintage Dress Form?

And after you 'Score' all your Treasures lets Celebrate in Style... we can get some Custom made Pinatas and Chill some Champagne or Wine!

'Cause the only thing better than a fulfilling Junquing Forray is a good Party afterwards to Celebrate a great Pick!!!

And I'm noticing a Wealth of new "Picker" Reality Shows this Season... so if you're an inexperienced Picker or Junquer you can pick up some Tips and Info to Source your Found Treasures more effectively and knowlegeably.   Because FINALLY what I've been doing my entire Life is now coming into it's own and becoming widely Popular, Appreciated and Recognized! 

And all of you Seasoned Junquers & Scavengers by Choice know what I'm talking about... back when it was somewhat looked down upon by the masses to Scavenge, Pick and Junque... and we were the exception to the rule... when most peeps were buying brand new and wouldn't think of Upcycling, Re-Purposing, Salvaging, Going Green, Rescuing, turning Trash into Treasure etc. etc. etc...  *Winks* 

Who knew it would suddenly be On-Trend and spawn a Host of Popular Reality Shows and be the next best thing for everyone to jump on the bandwagon of?!?

I guess we were just ahead of our Time and Visionaries... *Winks*

Blessings and Happy & Successful Junquing... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Looks like the PERFECT place for you to be...such interesting things to enjoy...and maybe even take soem of them home.


  2. I love that floral china! Your blog is so eclectic and bohemian. =)

  3. I have a lot of those fancy, colorful tins in MY environment! (Some of them look just like the three you showed in the first pictures here...) I absolutely love them and have trouble passing them up when I see them.)

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