Friday, August 10, 2012

Creating A Comfortable Home

I think within all of us is the Desire to Create a Comfortable Home...


A place of Refuge... a Retreat... where we can Restore our Body, Soul and Spirit each Day, Raise our Families and Entertain our Friends.


And Comfort can mean different things to different People... because it isn't always about mere Physical Comfort, though that is Important too, we are the most Relaxed and Refreshed when we are Comfortable on the Inside as well as the Outside.


Because haven't you ever been to a Home which may have lacked the creature Comforts and yet it was so Inviting and made you FEEL so Comfortable Inside that it mattered not what was lacking in the way of possessions or the better things in Life that Money can buy?  In it's Simplicity and Hospitality it offered those more Important things that Money can't buy at any price!

When we Love certain things they provide a Comforting Atmosphere when we surround ourselves with them... and since our Loves can vary over Time and from Person to Person the Creation of a Comfortable Home is deeply Personal and subject to change without notice!  *Smiles*

It can vary according to Gender, Age, Lifestyle, Culture and Life Circumstances... among other things.  It can also be greatly Influenced by many things.

And at least in our Home it is always a Work In Progress and never really complete or a finished Work because it is constantly Evolving, just like we are.

Some things may stick around for a very long Time and others can move in and out randomly as the Mood strikes us... I try never to become so attached to any 'Thing' that I couldn't let it go if I needed to or had to at some point in Time.   I've had a little and I've had a lot... and I've found that Creating a Comfortable Home can be done with either.

I've even Lived out of a Suitcase at times and yet still managed to Create the Comforts of Home no matter how briefly or how long I've stayed in any one Place... because Home to me has always been where ever I am at for the Time I'm there and most definitely where the Heart is... not necessarily a particular 'Place' or 'Location'.

And not always where Loved Ones happen to be either... since over Time some have moved beyond the Veil and passed from Time into Eternity... and others, though still among the Living, are scattered in different States and Countries so we aren't always Together in one spot or one Home anymore.

So I've learned that you've got to make a Home and Create Comfort regardless of Circumstances and whoever is Present or Absent during the various Seasons of Life.

Of coarse the Door always remains Open at our Home for those who will return from time to time... and for however long that may be they know that our Home is also their Home because they are Family and/or Dear Friends.

And it may or may not Look exactly as they once Remembered it in the Past... because during the Evolutioin of Creating a Comfortable Home for the Present and Future there will be Objects that came and went... and some from the Past that might still remain and abide. 

But one thing will be a Certainty... it will be a Comfortable Home... one that I Hope everyone that enters will feel Welcome, Comfortable and Valued in.

A Place where they will Feel Refreshed, Restored, Rested and Safe because it is a Refuge from the outside World that they can Retreat to any time they want or need to...

Our own Personal Bohemian Valhalla.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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