Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Visual Addictions

Okay, I freely admit it... I have serious Visual Addictions.  In fact, anything that is Visually Appealing or Interesting to me, I'm drawn to like a Moth to a Flame!

And because I see Beauty in so many things and so many places my Addiction is fed Daily... all I have to do is look around to get my 'Fix'!  *LOL*

Which is probably a good thing since I'm Insatiable when it comes to Delightful Visuals... yes, I'm a SERIOUS Visual Addict!  *Winks*

I've always been the one that is just as eager to look at Pretty Food Presentations as to actually Savor them with my palate... I most definitely eat with my Eyes first!  And the Natural Beauty of many Foods really has contributed to me being a Foodie as well!  *Le Sigh*

The G-Kid Force know that all they have to do to get Gramma to eat and Enjoy anything they make for me is to give it a Good Presentation Visually! *Smiles*  This is one of Prince R's Surprise Strawberry Shortcake Presentations for Gramma.

Yes, I'm a Very Spoiled & Pampered Gramma!  *Winks*

And if a Great Visual ALSO has a Fantastic Aroma...

Or, Feels Awesome to the Touch, well, I'm even more Deeply in Love and can't get enough!!!

Because really, can you EVER have enough of something that Looks Good, Tastes Good, Smells Good or Feels Good?!?  I think not!!!  *Winks*

And if something has a Sparkle to it, my Magpie Tendencies kick into overdrive when anything Shiny and Sparkly comes into View... totally drawing me in!!!

I could layer Pretty Things like an Onion, so that you'd have to keep peeling away layers of Beauty to See and Experience it all! 

But even the most Simple Things can be Visually Delightful and a Preview of how they'll Delight other Senses... Indian Fry Bread with Honey & Powdered Sugar for Example!  Yummy!!! *Winks*

And some things might become so Visually Addictive that you surround yourself with them... Peacock Feathers it is for me!  *LOL*  The Gorgeous Iridescent Hues and Delicacy of them totally Captivates this Visual Addict!  *Winks*

And along with those Visually Stimulating things that are In Your Face Evident, a Visual Addict will usually have a Bounty of Subtle Beauty hidden and tucked in just about Everywhere... often the most unexpected places... for Visual Surprises to Discover.  

And because any Addiction tends to get out of Control, the Visual Addicts will usually struggle with Excess in this Area as well... requiring a need to Edit & Purge every so often so that they don't end up with Visual Overload!  *Le Sigh*

Not that we Want To mind you *Smiles*... but Balance in all things is prudent lest we get totally carried away with those things we Crave!

Those particular things that Tempt us and Test our Willpower, or lack thereof. *Smiles*

And each of us knows and is acutely Aware of what THOSE things are for US?!?  *Winks*

Yeah, YOU KNOW those particular things that you find Irresistable and can be Addictive to your Personality Type!  *Smiles*

That you're Passionate about and perhaps already totally Addicted to in some kind of way!?!

And I've had serious Visual Addictions for so very long now that it is doubtful I'll change... or even want to.

Because some things we really don't want to give up do we?  And Delighting my Eyes is most definitely an Addictive Trait that I will choose to continue to Indulge myself with probably for the rest of my Life.

Making me quite the Hopeless Case... *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow, that's a lotta' love goin' on there! Great piccy's, thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks you for satisfying my junking fix for the day....what fabulous treasures! Love the hand mirrors, the jewels, the cloche, and those yummy fruit desserts. Love it all!

  3. Are you serving refreshments in your booth again? LOL!!! ;)

    -pamela xo

  4. Pamela you're a Riot GF! Yeah, we had to stay late last Night so we were missing Happy Hour... so we hadda do something right? *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Seeing that I am incredible visual too..your post images delight me beyond words. Oh I love pretty food and sparkly joys....sigh...don't get me started!
    Hope your Summer is going amazingly well...xoxoxo


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