Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Post That Never Was...

I initially had a different topic for this Post... but I've decided not to dwell on it... so I've decided that it will be the Post that never was... *Winks*

My Ego won't let me go there anyway... which is probably a good thing!  *Smiles*  And so I decided to Photograph Visual Joys instead ... like the Fresh Fruit Tartlets that The Man brought Home... mine was the one in the middle.  Can you tell he was trying Nobly to Soothe my wounded Ego? *Winks*

Why are there only three you might be wondering?  Well... The Man doesn't Heart Tart like the G-Kid Force and I do!  *LOL*   Isn't it funny how even such little things & Sweet gestures can bouy Spirits when you're down?

And before Work Today I also Photographed these Pretty Faux Confections from my Friend Myko's new Showroom.  Yes, I've been spending a lot of time there, she's Created such a Magical Space to Escape down the Rabbit Hole to!  *Smiles*

How Cute are these!?!  And I have two Vintage Tins exactly like this one... one from Paris and one from New York, the Graphics and Colors are Beautiful.  I remember being Jazzed that I managed to Source one from the American AND European Market in the same Design & Style.  Myko's Tin is from Paris... in case you were looking for one?

I had to go back and get this Vintage Altered Art Bottle from her Showroom anyway... Loved the Color & Technique used to Color it, the Vintage Velvet & Chandie Crystal Accents... and especially Loved the Price... under six bucks! 

I have been meaning to apply this Technique of Bottle Coloring to some of my Vintage Bottle Collection... so easy and Fun to do Altered Art Bottles this way... no soldering or classes required! *Winks*  So this inexpensive Purchase shall be the Catalyst to motivate me to finally get around to it!  *LOL*  Do you often put Projects off like that too or completely forget about them until something prompts you again?

I finally decided I must have the two Fiesta Ware Style Dancing Girls too... they go so well with my Dancing Turk.  Sourced from two completely different Dealer's Booths at our Antique Mall for a Song... what a Happy Coincidence!

It made me feel like Dancing too... well, until I uploaded these Images and realized I better put the Dancing off until AFTER I Dust!!!  *Ugggggg.... LOL*   I never remember to do all the Housekeeping and Foofing before I start snapping spontaneous pixs around the House for Blog Fodder, do you?

Well, perhaps your Home is always tidy and spotless so you have no idea what I'm even talking about... but for those of us who aren't domestic goddesses, you realize what a Reality Check a Photo can brutally Confront you with!!!  *LOL*   So, Okay, I now realize this Trio is Dancing around in the dirt... so between us Friends lets just Pretend I Intended to have an Earthy Photo Shoot... that'll work.  *Winks*  Well, at least I managed to keep the baskets of clean laundry out of frame... *LOL*... but Hey, at least it was now CLEAN laundry!  And I'm CERTAIN I burned tons of Calories after hours at the Laundromat!?  *Smiles*

And at least now I feel like Dancing & Junquing for Found Treasures instead of dwelling on the fact I've gained 16 lbs. in spite of strenuous Workouts at the Gym a couple of hours almost every day, physical Work and Dietary changes!  *Gasp, yep, it's twue! Sob*  And yep, The Man, Bless his Heart, tries to Soothe my discouragement about it with... FOOD!!! {She shakes her head in dismay, but doesn't pass on her Tart... Bwahaha!!!}  Yep, I'm probably a Lost Cause???  Because it seems that even PHOTOGRAPHING Food, perhaps even Faux Food, could be Subliminal Visual Sabotage?!?  *Winks*  Maybe I shouldda bought this Aladdin Looking Lamp Creamer and rubbed it to see if a Genie popped out to Grant my Weight Loss Wishes?!?  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The much heavier but still Dancing Bohemian


  1. Maybe the weight gain is coming from photographing food. ha! Love the dancing Turk!

  2. Yes, really, the food photos make me hungry! I can gain weight just looking at them!


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