Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Now Showing ~ "Marilyn"

Some Iconic Hollywood Super Stars don't even need a particular Movie to be Pure Inspiration and immediately recognized... and Today's Post of the SWEET SALVAGE "Now Showing" Event will take you to a Section Inspired by such a Timeless Icon.   Say the Name "Marilyn" and you know exactly which Iconic Blonde Bombshell I'm talking about without even attaching the Surname!

Yes, I'm talking about the Timeless Larger than Life Persona that is Marilyn Monroe... a True Hollywood Legend!  Even the G-Kid Force and many of their Generation recognize Marilyn... and that's really saying something given how many years she's been gone, but not forgotten.

And again, I feel that the Sweet Team totally nailed it on the Styling of the Section paying Homage and a Tribute to Marilyn.   Hot Pink, Bubblegum Pink, Sultry Black and White with lots of Sparkle and oozing Femininity and Sex Appeal epitomizes "Marilyn Monroe" Style. 

Though a Childlike Essence & Quality of Little Girl Fantasy Decorating interjected in there also reveals yet another facet of Marilyn that I Believe made her so Beloved by the Public and yet so vulnerable.  

In fact, My Grand-Daughter, Princess T, enjoyed the Styling of this Section... and my Fav Section {"Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil"} equally... this one just had that Fantasy Little Girl Appeal to it, totally unpretentious and Fun.

Appealing to Little Girls and the Little Girl still inside of each Grown Woman...

Transcending Generations and the passage of Time...  just like Marilyn herself.

With Celebrities and Movie Stars you usually hear a mixed Review... some folks like a particular one and others don't... but I can't remember ever hearing anyone say they didn't like Marilyn Monroe.

There really was just something Special about her that Appealed to the Masses and formed a Connection of some kind... not just during her Time here, but long past it, enduring even Today.

Still Inspiring...

Still Endearing...

Still Sexy and yet managing to be Sweet at the same time...

Inviting, Classy and Comfortable in Style... with a Naughty and a Nice side Balanced Beautifully...

Yes, we still do Love you Ms. Monroe and we probably always will.

And this was indeed a fitting Tribute to a Hollywood Icon that is likely to remain unmatched.

And be sure to come back Tomorrow... as Princess T Assisted Gramma in Covering the Event and helped to Photograph several Sections as my Blog Photographer-In-Training. 
Miss Cynthia who Styled our Fav Section "Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil" presented her with a gorgeous Bouquet from the 'Set'... in one of our Fav faded Hues!!!

And Miss Kim presented her with a Reversable Sweet Salvage Necklace of her choice!


Thank You for your Generosity my Sweet Friends...

The Princess really felt Treated like Royalty during her Visit...

And was over the Moon with her Surprise Gifts!!!  *Can't you tell?!?!  LOL*   And she had SOOOOOOO much Fun at the Event and helping Gramma Cover it.  And Tomorrow I shall Reveal a couple more of my Sweet "Scores" from the Event as we give you some Styling with a decidedly Western Flavor...

If  you look closely you can see a Slight Peek Reveal the Princess is clutching... *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


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  1. Hello Dawn,

    What a beautiful tribute to Marilyn. And, I agree with you--she is a timeless beauty. Your Granddaughter is so cute!! I know that you are a proud Grand Ma.

    xoxo Faye


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