Monday, July 23, 2012

Now Showing ~ "Hooray For Hollywood"

When we think of Hollywood and the Movies, what comes to mind?  It could be something different for each of us, or something Iconic for all of us.  Well, today we're in the SWEET SALVAGE Tribute to Hollywood and the Movies in the 'Now Showing' Event that is Inspired by the Movie "Hooray For Hollywood"!

So sidle up to the Consession Stand, grab your refreshments and treats, and lets go to the Movies on the canvas of our Imaginations and Celebrate all that epitomizes Hollywood and Acting to us.

Since each Era has had it's Iconic Moments of Acting and Legends of Hollywood, it's difficult to single out just a few, or even just an Era... so we'll embrace it all, from the Silent Movie Era right up to the Present.

When I think of going to the Movies, the Lobby and Concessions is what always Greeted, Ushered and Welcomed us in.  Nothing tasted or smelled better than the Buttered Popcorn at the Movie Theatre. 

And I like to Imagine what it must have been like behind the Scenes, during the Casting, Directing and Production of the Iconic Movies we have grown to Love?!

Because there are always so many more Players in the Industry than we'll ever see or know about... and only get a glimpse at when the Credits roll.

We see the Glamorous side and Living Large... which is all so much Larger than Life and Grandoise.  BTW I was in Love with this Deconstructed Sofa...

And matching Chairs...

Oh how I'd Love to ditch our current seating in the Livingroom and replace them with such intriguing Eye Candy and do Derelict Decorating with evidence of Faded Oppulence one day!!!

Perhaps you're thinking it wouldn't be at all practical... and you could be right, but I'd add sumptuous hand-made Bohemian Down filled Gypsy Pillows and Create my own Style of over the top Hollywood Glam... Gypsy Style!  *Winks*

Yes, we've all heard of the seedy Casting Couch Stories of Young Starlets so eager for Fame... and what a Tale many of the Old Hollywood Director Couches could probably tell!?!  *Winks*


And I always Wondered what a Casting Couch would have looked like?  I Wonder about things like that you see... anytime I ever heard the Rumors and Stories...  *LOL*

I Wondered how a Room might have be Styled to entice a Young Starlet to lose all inhibitions and succumb to the wiles and seduction of someone using their authority and position as leverage?  Or was it more Romantic than that?

Yes, I could also Imagine it perhaps being a more Romantic or Seductive setting that would really appeal to someone with Stars in their eyes and a Fantasy Vision of becoming a Star and having a Legendary Hollywood Romance that everyone would be envious of and talk about.

Or Write about...

Or make Future Movies about!

As well as those who obviously made it in Hollywood, I also Wonder how many Young Hopefuls packed up everything they had to chase a Dream and leave their Past Life behind... and never did become Stars... and what became of them?

We will never really know most of their Stories since their Parts, if they had any, might have been more obscure than the Legendary Performers.

And of coarse there are those Legendary Performers that everyone knows everything about... or thinks they do... by the Personas portrayed on the Silver Screen or Stage.

And I must say I was quite Impressed by the Fab Vintage and Antique Furnishings that seemed to be Sourced straight from Old Hollywood Sets and Offices in the Industry...

Unusual Pieces that certainly have a Story and History behind them too that we can only Imagine...

These two Amazing Pieces were my Favs... and if I had a large Art Studio or Formal Library I would have Loved to add these to the Styling of those Types of Rooms.  I mean, how Amazing is that set of Drawers?!?

And if Vintage Industrial is your Style then you would have been in 7th Heaven with some of the Pieces available at this Event!!!

Styling your own 'Sets' at Home would be lots of Fun wouldn't it?  Visual Fantasies come to Life!

Perhaps Inspired by YOUR Favorite Hollywood Movies or Iconic Characters?

Maybe an Office Space Inspired by what you would have Imagined an Executive in the Industry back in the day would have owned?

Or Create your Version of a Private Screening Room?

Or just go Hollywood Glam in your own particular Styling and Version of it?

Complete with some Wardrobe Accents that make you Feel like a Star or a Leading Lady... or Leading Man?

Loving these Boldly Styled and Upholstered Chairs... very much my Imaginative Rendition of what Hollywood Glam back in the Heydays might have looked?

Definitely these Pieces would make a Statement in any Room they Graced.

And during Intermission we can go back to the Concession Stand and load back up... *Winks*  Remember when there were Intermissions at the Movies?  *LOL ~ Yep, dating myself I know!*

Loving this Coca-Cola Bistro Set...

After all, Coca-Cola is as Iconic as most Famous Hollywood Stars!!!  *Smiles*  Who hasn't heard of Coca-Cola?!!!!!!???!?

And this just reminded me of all the Soda Fountains that used to dot the Landscape of Americana back in the day too...

Yes, this Theme was quite a Rush of Nostalgia... and I Enjoyed it...

From the Suave Accessories...

To the Awesome Storage Office Pieces that I would have Loved to Own!!!

To the Vision of what a Hollywood Private Bar might have held and looked like at some Director, Producer, Actor or Actresses Home?

To the Vintage Luggage that the Wannabe Stars and Starlets might have toted their Worldly belongings in as they headed for Hollywood with Stars in their Eyes and a Dream in their Hearts!

I know you've probably seen at least some Items that you would have Loved to 'Score'?  Or been Inspired by some of the Visuals to Create a part of YOUR Dream?

And made it a part of your Worldly belongings.  *Smiles*

Whether your Nest is Hollywood Glam or not?

I Hope you've Enjoyed saying "Horray For Hollywood"!!!????  And be sure to come back tomorrow as I Reveal even more Hollywood Movie Inspired Sections of the Shop...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Cut - That's a Wrap! I didn't make it again - I think I'm Scared! :) Next month!

  2. Lovely, Dawn -- great story and great pics --


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