Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now Showing ~ "Alice In Wonderland"

The next Movie Inspired Section we'll be moving to at SWEET SALVAGE's "Now Showing" Event was another Favorite of mine for obvious reasons... because you know how much I enjoy falling down the Rabbit Hole into Wonderland...  *Winks*

That's right "Alice In Wonderland" Inspired the Styling and Sourcing of this Section of the Shop and I was totally digging it.  Especially this Awesome Lamp with the Creative Card Deck Shade!!!  So very hard to resist that Lamp and walk away from it... *Le Sigh*  And you know what a weakness I have for oversized Commercial Letters... and with the Lyrics of "Go Ask Alice" by Jefferson Airplane resounding through the air, I was indeed Transported to Wonderland!  *LOL*

I'm going to have to make some of these Inspired Lampshades with Card Decks and also Old Photos because they're so Fun and Whimsical.

And the oversized Lettuce Art hanging overhead was really bringing the Feel of Wonderland to Life...

And you know how I Collect "Mad Hatter" Hats... so this was yet another extremely difficult item to walk away from and leave behind!!!  *Darn*  Vintage Grey Top Hat with a ten and six card tucked in the Hat Band...  Favorite Storybook  & Movie Fantasy come to Life!  *Sigh*

Vintage Birdcages with Chandies inside... Magical...

And it wouldn't be Wonderland without the White Rabbit, now would it!?!

Yes, you really did Feel like Alice in this Delightfully Fun Styled Section of the Shop...

And the Selection of Old Timepieces was Awesome!!!

Yes, you have definitely gone "Through The Looking Glass" now....

Surrounded by Enchantment and Whimsey...

As well as a variety of Stylish items to Feather your Nests with and drag Home with you when you crawled back up out of the Rabbit Hole... but would you really want to???  *Winks*

Because the Beauty of Wonderland is that anything goes... and you're only limited by the Boundaries and limits of your Imagination... and I don't know about your Imagination, but mine has NO Boundaries or Limits!!!

And it wasn't only at SWEET SALVAGE that I got my Daily Dose of Wonderland and Mad Hatter Style my Friends!   Because my Artist Friend Angela over at SIRENS & SAINTS/FRILLY FROCKS had just Created some beyond Enchanting Mad Hatter Hats from Vintage Beaver Top Hats... and I was having a Mad Love Affair with one in particular, with Awesomely Excessive Embellishments, so I had to Model it!!!  *Swooning*

And snap about a bazillion Images of it from every conceivable angle!!!  *LOL*

Because thats most definitely a Clue that I'm Hopelessly in Love and/or Lust with something!  *Winks*

Dear Lord... help me to come up with a way to fund the Purchase of said Top Hat!  *Smiles*  See... it was perfect and Divine Coincidence that a Statuary of Jesus just happened to be right behind The Hat... so that I could offer up a little Prayer for Divine Favor in Hopefully someday procuring it?!?  *LOL*

Because if I'd had the ready Cash on hand... I certainly would not have left this Creation behind... no way!!!

I know for some of you it is totally over the top and you'd perhaps only use it for a Prop or Decor... and I'd do that too... but I'd also wear it... because after all, I'm the Queen of Excess and Gypsy Style is right up my alley... my Motto is that it is better to be looked over than overlooked!  *Winks*

And there were other Vintage Beaver embellished Top Hats for you too if you are a Mad Hatter Enthusiast as well?

See how Lovely...  Just stay away from MINE 'kay!?!  *Winks*

So that we don't have to go to the dirt and have Mad Hatter Smack-Down 2012!!!   Because I could very easily Morph into the Red Queen and squeal, "Off with her head!!!"  *LOL*  

 Now be sure to come back tomorrow as we continue our Tour of the Event and go to yet another Section Inspired by Favorite Hollywood Movies... though it was really difficult for me to want to climb out of the Rabbit Hole and get back to Reality... *Winks*

Because this had been such a Delightful Place to be and to Visit for a while... stimulating the Imagination, while being Inspired.

Blessings and many more Rabbit Holes to fall down... Dawn... The Bohemian

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