Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mission Impossible... Your Assignment Should You Choose To Accept It...

I could almost hear the Theme Song from "Mission Impossible" ringing in my psyche and the classic and iconic words of: "Your Assignment should you choose to accept it..."  *Winks*  Yes, I had finally gotten to the place of facing the last bastion of disorder in the House for the Great Edit & Purge of 2012... to Clean, Organize & Purge the Abyss that is the G-Kid Force Bedroom!!!  *Gasp!*

Yes, it was a lofty Goal and a dirty job, but somebody hadda do it... and because it was entirely too scary to Photograph the "Before" scenario that confronted me *Shudder, you have NO idea*... I am so very Proud of the "After" that I had to immediately preserve the Images for posterity... lest it not stay this pristine for long?!? *Smiles*

The first order of the day was to pitch the Old Beds & the Princess' Mattress... which were utterly destroyed and beyond Salvage.  And purchase a new Mattress for her from my Friend Antonio who owns Casa Linda Furniture Stores and has the best prices in the City.  She 'scored' a Gift Bank shaped like a Leopard from him too... Antonio is such a Generous Spirit and the G-Kid Force really like him.  I had decided that their Mattresses would now be simply on the floor, so that no more stuff could be shoved under them in an attempt to con Gramma into thinking they'd actually cleaned their room! *LOL*  You wouldn't believe what I discovered under those beds when I revealed the Secret Stash of crap accumulated under them!!!  *Holy Mother Of God!!!*  After the Big Purge & Clean, which was more of a Workout than a Morning at the Gym we rolled out a Butter soft Wool Persian Carpet in a Color & Print that isn't Gender specific, since they still share a room... it was a Super Cheap Goodwill Hunting 'Score'... gotta LOVE that!!!  *Winks* 

So... here's Princess T's side...

And Prince R's side...

She LOVES her new Mattress... and was my Primary Helper in this Huge Assignment... that kid is a Worker and diligently kept at it until well into the Night... it was actually easier for the two of us to have the Young Prince & Grandpa out of the way whilst we worked on it. *Smiles*  The only thing left to do is get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to erase all of the Artwork scribbled on their Pumpkin Colored Walls... yep, that's what those Mysterious Markings & Hyroglyphics are all over the place as far as little hands can reach... budding Artists they are so when Markers and Crayons come out it is not always the Coloring Books that display their combined Creative Talents... especially Princess T and her Posse! *LOL*

But now, rather than Chaos and Disorder... the Toys & Books that are left are neatly Organized and there is once again Order and a Zen quality to their Bedroom and they're really Loving it... almost as much as Gramma is... because when the Home is in Order & Clean... well, there's Peace in the Valley and we don't have to go to War every day!  *Winks* 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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