Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mindless Meanderings...

When I'm up under a lot of Stressors I've found that Mindless Meanderings, whether in Nature or through Junquing Paradises, is just what I need to slow down & quiet my thoughts and reach a place of Calm and Spiritual Serenity...

And so I've been leaving the house early before my Shift there to do some Mindless Meanderings beforehand around THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST... and I'll just Share the Images today that I captured during my recent strolls.

Since I'm a person with heightened Senses, pleasing Visuals are just some of the things that really Minister to me when I need a Reflective Moment or Quiet Escape.

Instinctively I know what to do when I don't know what to do about things... if you know what I mean?

After having sent my Prayers and Concerns Up... I have to be doing something or I find myself thinking too deeply and thoughts can start racing and overwhelming me with mind clutter. But I'm a Human Being not a Human Doing and so I carefully choose the Doings so that they are the Healthy Doings that bring me back to Center.

And it is during Quiet Strolls in Nature or Junquing Paradises that I can begin to empty my mind of such things that are mind clutter and just BE, while actually Doing nothing in particular... nothing Planned, nothing that requires anything of me except Presence and Being in the Moment fully.

And just Being in the Moment is a very Calming & Ministering place to just Be.

It is a Place where the burdens and weights of whatever your Reality are just melt away if you need for them to for a while... and I've needed them to for a while each day in order to take care of myself and my own well being, Restoring my Soul and Energy.

Where I haven't had to Think about what is happening Now and what we'll be up against Later... and still have to traverse some kind of way...

Which is an awful lot... all at once... and involving many Loved Ones who are coming up for Major Surgeries due to Serious Illness {4 Immediate Family Members in fact... Whew... just thinking about THAT is a Mind Trip!}...

Just had a Major Surgery {one Immediate Family Member}... have rapidly deteriorating Health {5 Immediate Family Members}...

And the situation with the Nephew... who had been taken off life support and Passed from Time into Eternity this Afternoon.

And so The Man is leaving for Utah in the Morning... and has chosen to drive... which I didn't particularly have a Peace about since I must stay behind and with his Health Issues I'd rather he have someone accompanying him & not push himself...

But the Young Prince is still away at Church Summer Camp and not due back until the end of the Week...

And Princess T has been very sick for the past few days and has had to have Medical attention and is on Medicines several times a day again, so she's not up for anything at the moment... nevermind an Interstate Trip & Funeral...

And frankly neither am I... just making it through each day with a Peace & Calm about everything and holding it all down in the Lord's Strength has been taking everything I have in me...

And the quieting and slowing down of Thoughts has been a very high priority in order to maintain Inner Calm and hold my Peace in Faith... and so I've had Daily Mindless Meanderings, while Meditating, to accomplish that task and bring me back to Center anytime I've strayed and risk not knowing how far off Center I've drifted...


Because that is easily done you know, in the busyness and business of Life... sometimes if you're not careful and mindful of it and securely Anchored to your Source you can drift quite far and totally lose your bearings of where Center is or you thought it used to be!?  And getting back can become particularly challenging if you've lost your way... and become hopelessly Lost.

And keeping Balanced and having Peace & Faith is what will get you through so many things that you might not otherwise be able to endure... or at least Think you can't.

And the Battlefield is after all primarily in the Mind... as a Man or Woman Thinks... so they ARE!

And whether you Think you can or you Think you can't, you'll be right... because you will Magnify and give Life and Power to what you focus & Think upon the most... whether good or bad.

I know where I need to Maintain Focus... and what I need not to Think upon... in order to continue to walk in Faith... and remain up by it...

Not every Thought and Voice you listen to will be Truth... and so you have to Guard against what is not Truth and discern each Thought, each Voice and Believe only that which is of a Quality that Ministers to your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul and Sustains you through the Valleys of Life.

Choosing to ignore the rest... those ones that are placed there by powers and principalities not of the Lord and of Truth... those that seek to deceive, tempt, rob, kill or destroy you and erode your Faith or attempt to make you abandon it entirely.  I can and have lost or had to let go of a lot of things over the course of a long Lifetime, that's just the way Life tends to unfold Naturally... but Thankfully Faith has not been one of them, and I refuse to be robbed of it.

For Our Lord has Promised never to Leave or Forsake us... {Hebrews 13:5-6}... and I have stood on His Promises all of my Life, experiencing firsthand the Truth of them and that He is not a man that He should lie... and He has Sustained me through every Trial, Sorrow and Tribulation that Life has unfolded... and it is in the Mindless Meanderings that our Connection has been the strongest... and so I Walk Daily... in Faith... knowing it will always hold.

Blessings & the Lord's Peace be with you also... and know that He will Reveal Himself to you Intimately if you Invite Him to... and may His Presence always be Strong in your Life... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I'm so sorry you are going through such a valley of shadow and sorrow. My thoughts and prayers ascend for you and your family that this passage through this hard time will be swift and that healing is complete.
    Take very good care.
    Always, Queenie

  2. What a heavy load you are carrying right now! I, too, will be thinking of/praying for you, your husband as he is traveling, the Princess with her issues...ALL of you.

    I really like the signs incorporating various items to spell it out - MANCAVE, etc. Most intriguing!

  3. Dear Dawn,

    Shop therapy is the best medicine for you right now. So sorry for all your family illness.

    BTW...the floral photo in the 4th photo down, is by a dear artist friend of mine, her name is Kimberly Poloson.

    Hugs and hang in there. Joyce


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