Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Drama Free Zone

Because Real Life can be very complex and unpredictable, I began this Blog Journey as a place of refuge and Peace for myself and anyone who chooses to visit, of Beauty and Inspiration... and designated it The Drama Free Zone. 

And right now particularly, as our Family faces some very heavy, potentially Life threatening and Life altering health issues, I'm guarding this tiny Space of mine to keep it Drama Free and maintain the positive atmosphere I always wanted it to evoke.   Therefore, any potential controversy in Post or Comment will be immediately deleted, because right now, the last thing I need is un-necessary stressors or random drama I never expected or intended. 

I've found that Life is too short to engage in anything that disturbs my Peace and Tranquility or could be upsetting... either to me or to someone else... and so I avoid such things at all costs.  But every so often, even with the best of intentions, what you meant for good can still not turn out as you intended... or wanted... and I find the best thing to do is to respectfully view those instances as a learning experience and move past it quickly.


To just continue to focus on those things that I find to be Uplifting, Beautiful, Inspiring, Encouraging, Peaceful, Interesting and above all... completely Drama Free!  *Winks*

Because even though I invite anyone and everyone to enjoy this Space with me... it was initially meant for my own Artistic and Emotional Release, a place of respite and refuge from some of the Worldly things that aren't so lovely all of the time and we seek to temporarily escape from and renew ourselves in Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.  That is also what I want it to be for the wonderful Blog Supporters and Friends I've made here in the Land of Blog... and for anyone who might visit, even if just once.

It is naive to think or assume that some unexpected drama or negativity might not spill into this Idyllic World we have Created for ourselves... and Thankfully it is a very rare occassion when it does.  *Whew!*   But when it does... at least here... just know that it will immediately be erased... in it's entirety, as if it never existed... because I don't need it... not one iota of anything that I perceive to be even potentially problematic or upsetting to anyone, in any way, or for any reason, it's just not welcome... so I prefer it to be immediately gone & forgotten for my own well being and anyone who enjoys a totally Drama Free Zone too.  *Smiles*


And since you never really know what might cause or draw out controversy, offense, negativity and the like, I just play it by ear... being True to Self and my Vision for my Posts... and I Hope that all who visit will come to expect a Zen Experience since I am diligent to make it so.

My Dear Old Dad used to always say that if you couldn't say anything nice, best to say nothing at all... I am in total agreement, because if what you are about to say isn't an improvement on silence then it's best to reconsider the expression of it.  I want only to say the nicest of things about anything I cover here and so I don't even want this to be perceived as a negative Post or a Rant... but just an explanation of why some things might just disappear into thin air & deleted.  Just know that there was a reason for it being so... and the details matter not.


But I would like to know how others here in the Land of Blog have addressed the issue of any negativity, drama or potential drama?   I'm still quite a novice when it comes to Blogging, but I'm getting better at it and discovering what to do or not to do and how to enhance my Space to be all that it can be and should be. 


And I have found that I enjoy Photography so much that I prefer to use my own Images, especially as I improve upon my Photography skills and editing... and I've also found it invites less potential for drama.    Since it has been asked, know that anyone, at any time, is Welcome to borrow any Photo I have taken that Visually Delights them or promoted their Art, Style or Business... and Share it or Re-Blog it.  The only thing I respectfully request is that any Images of the Precious G-Kid Force not be used or put on other sites. 

To me the Purpose of Capturing & Creating Beauty in Images, Art, Style and the like is to Share it with others and have it be enjoyed by more than just myself...

And the Sharing of Beautiful Images and Stories is what drew me into the Land of Blog so completely... and I Believe most Blog Enthusiasts would agree that it is the primary Appeal to visiting other's Blogs?!

Though I do spend time in my own Space having that Release that I find so enriching and enjoyable... visiting other Blogs is equally enriching and enjoyable, so I have many Favorites... and find new ones almost daily.

It has also been a great way to discover new Artists, Shops, Shows and People that I might otherwise never have known about... and in my enthusiasm to Share my discoveries I've found that it can also invite potentials for a negative experience & innocently ignite sensitivities you weren't aware of... and so I'm becoming a lot more guarded & cautious now about that. 

 Wondering if perhaps its just best to allow peeps to discover on their own and stay out of the loop of revealing anything or anyone I discovered and enjoyed so much I would like to Share it?  I'm still somewhat on the fence about that... since you never really know how it will be received.  Better to stick with those People, Artists & Establishments I know well enough to know the outcome of!?!


So that this can remain the Peaceful Refuge and enjoyable experience I have always intended for it to be.

Blessings and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Goodness Dawn, I am sorry for any negativity that you might have experienced with your beautiful blog. It is always so sad how people can find fault or anger with the simplest of things or completely skip the well meaning or good intentions behind something. I too have made a conscious intent to keep my blog a place of beauty, magic and upliftment. I also mostly use my own pictures to avoid any trouble. However with Pinterest and Tumbler I have posted some gorgeous photos from others not always knowing the source. Sometimes this makes me a bit nervous. Keeping my blog a happy place is also sometimes a challenge with tough life issues that come up. I truly want to keep my blog beautiful but also real. However I try to look for the good in everything as I know God is in everything and so I try hard to practice that both in my life and on my blog. I hope I succeed and anyone that visits goes away with a bit more beauty in their hearts. I adore your blog as I think you succeed at this marvelously! For every one bad apple there is a barrel of good ones. Thank you for your beautiful blog from one of the good apples (I hope!).


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