Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty At Cottage Gardens

Few words will be necessary as we stroll through the Beauty at COTTAGE GARDENS... a Delightful pair of Shops owned by my Sweet Friend Carol Migray in Downtown Glendale, Arizona...

We can try on some of the Fabulous assortment of Bohemian Bling that Carol carefully Sources from Shows & Artists all over the Country and Locally...

There are also racks and racks of Fabulous Fashions to expand our Wardrobes for Summer...

I really wish this gorgeous Gypsy Piano Shawl & Old Lace Skirt was in my size... *Le Sigh*...

Yes, I had to take a 2nd look at this Lovely Bracelet constructed from Upcycled Vintage Earrings, Cabochons & Lockets... LOVE IT!!!

See how versatile Deconstructed Lampshades are my Friends... at Home I also hang my Jewelry, Ornamentation & Notes from them...

Humnnn, I wonder whose new Red Truck that is parked across the Street? *Winks*  Loving my new Red Truck!!!

This is yet another Lovely way to utilize the Deconstructed Lampshade... by attaching Interesting Old Book and Document Pages to it or other Ephemera that you enjoy...

And if you're needing a Bohemian Carpetbag Style Purse made from an assortment of Lovely Vintage Fabrics & Trims... Carol stocks the Beautiful "Pure West" Line...

And I'm always drooling over the new Laura Van Creations...  I "Heart" everything Laura Van, what a Creative Genius!!!

And this time of year the Gardens are all in full Bloom and vividly Beautiful... so the Aroma in the air is intoxicating...

And right now an incentive and appreciation for braving the Arizona Heat of Summer to Shop is 'Catlin Cash'... from now till August 23rd with a minimum purchase of $10.00 you will receive play money for every $5.00 you spend.... and then on either August 24th or 25th you come in with all your play money and put it toward whatever you want to buy!!!

So... what have YOU seen during our Stroll that you're getting or Saving up for my Friends?

I know... so hard to narrow that Wish & Want List down to just a lil somethin'-somethin' huh? *Winks*

So... how well did I restrain myself you might ask?  Well, it wasn't easy... but I was on a Mission for some small Purse Mirrors...

And that is EXACTLY what I came away with... at 50% Off no less, so I was Jazzed!!! Aren't you proud of me?!? *LOL*

For once I wasn't such a Bad Girl!  *Winks*

But oh it can be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard when it comes to Beautiful Things, can't it?!?

And please come over to a wonderful Floral Inspired Blog Party at Hakan's "Rosegarden In Malevik"... the Images Shared there will just take your Breath away!!!  I have Shared a Couple to get your pulse racing... and so that you can see how Beautiful & Romantic Hakan's World is!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh, what a fun, fun store!! You could look forever and never see everything! Thank you for posting all of these fun pictures, she is one talented lady!



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