Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are You A Global Nomad?

I'm very much the Global Nomad when it comes to Style, Decorating and Personal Aesthetic...

There is no one particular Country or Culture that dominates my Life Landscape, I have always had an Eclectic Mix of many Styles and Cultures Blended into a Bohemian take on each that pleases me.

I Believe that every Country and Culture has something Special to offer that Appeals to me in some way and I can appreciate and Live with in our Home.

Perhaps it is because we were a well Traveled Family that we developed this appreciation for Countries and Cultures other than our own.  Because truly we Lived a Nomadic existance almost all of my Life and our Exposure to different Lifestyles, Styles, Countries & Cultures influenced us greatly.

And I have never been able to have just one dominate my Styling or Home at a given time... so they tend to co-exist in an Eclectic Blend.  With periods of time when my Mood connects to some more than others.

But its not as if, just because I'm in a Tropical Mood and that is Inspiring me at the Moment... that I will forsake all of the other items from around the Globe that I have Collected and enjoy.

Because my Nomadic Instincts will certainly kick in often and I'll want to visit and re-visit other Cultural Influences and Styles that I appreciate and which Appeal to me in their distinctive and unique ways.

And I'll always find myself dragging Home a New Found Treasure that speaks of the Exotic and reminds me of some Time and some Place that speaks to my Soul and perhaps a Remembrance of our Family's Colorful & Rich Past.

This day it happened to be this great old Metal Urn... with a Lovely Patina, Ornate Handles and layer of dust since it was fresh from the Dealer's Storage... and filled to the brim with Peacock Feathers... how could I possibly resist?!??!   I had to sit it down and Photograph it at my Booth right away before it came Home with me. *LOL*   She was so glad I got it, she said she had thought of me when she brought it in.  Not surprising, our Friends know us so very well that those pieces we will Connect to they sense are just "Us" and remind them of us particularly.

And sometimes it will be the use of something that is just our Style and way of doing things and so it too speaks to us...

As a Vintage Fabric Artist and Collector of Old Mismatched China these Sweet Pincushion Creations drew me in since I have some at Home and use them all of the time.

The use of Velvet & Exotic Fabric Prints, Vintage Trims and Interesting Old China is quite Lovely don't you think?  

And the only thing I Love more than Beautiful Things... is Beautiful USEFUL and CREATIVE Things!

Hard to choose a Favorite though... when each is so distinctive and Lovely in it's own right... and that is exactly how the Global Nomad feels about most Things.

There isn't just one above all others that we gravitate to exclusively... we enjoy each Individually.

We surround ourselves with many different ones and don't have them compete with each other for dominance, and Collectively they hold Interest and enhance each other's differences.

And I've always enjoyed those Places where I don't know what to expect... because there is such Diversity to Delight the Eyes as well as Stimulate the other Senses. 

I like our Home to be that kind of Place too.  Where you can take a Journey on the Canvas of your Imagination even if you aren't a Global Traveler or Nomad and have chosen to put down roots and not Wander... or have a particular exclusive Country or Culture that your Home reflects.  

Because for us Global Nomads, where it is from and what it is isn't nearly as important as the Interest it holds for us and the Connection we feel towards it, for whatever reason or Purpose.   We'll find and Invent a Purpose in fact if we decide it is going to be a part of our World.  *Winks*

Because at least for us, we are so Culturally Diverse as a Family that many Worlds have been brought together and Blended as One... and it is Beautiful as it Expands with each Generation... adding to that Cultural Mixture that has made us appreciate so many differences of Style... of Culture and Ethnicity... of the Oneness of Humanity.

And I consider that a Priceless Gift that our Family has bestowed upon us... where our Ancestry is Rich and Diverse enough that we have embraced many differences and ways without bias or judgment... adopting many of them as our own in fact.

Being totally comfortable with our Global Nomad Status, Style and way of Life, even if some don't exactly 'get it' and find it to be rather strange and outside of the lines and box of the Status Quo.

We don't take offense or feel defensive if asked why we Celebrate this or that, look like this, have one of those, or dress this way... and our answer is likely to be Simply, "Because we want to..."  

 It is rather nice to have some Mystique and Intrigue in your Personal Story to add some flavor... after all, Variety is said to be the Spice of Life!  *Winks*  And we are quite a Spicy Bunch in our Diversity and Ethnicity Blends... *LOL*

And we'd probably feel quite confined to Live or Be any other way but how we are... totally Free of Inhibitions and what others may think or say about our choices... because we care not and march to the beat of a different drummer and follow our Hearts Desire.

We embrace the Quirky and mismash of what speaks to our Souls... it goes together because we enjoy it together.

And I didn't realize how much it meant to be True to Self until my Grandson, the Young Prince R, gave me an unexpected compliment during his recent end of year Field Trip at School.

I had signed on as a Chaperone & the entire 6th Grade of his School would be there.  Knowing that often comments are made about how different we are I toned down my usual Gypsy Style to accompany him and accommodate him, so that he didn't have to feel the need to defend my appearance to anyone who might say something and make him uncomfortable or defensive. *Winks*

The G-Kid Force looked perplexed as I entered the room... looking totally different than they're used to me looking!  "Gramma, why do you look so NORMAL?!?", the Young Prince exclaims!!!  *LOL*

And as I explained my intent, I didn't initially realize he was about to pay me the highest of compliments a Loved One can get... because I wasn't certain the choice of the word "Normal" didn't mean that usually he might be ashamed and consider me Abnormal?!!??  *Smiles*

But then the Compliment came... "But I LIKE that you're Different Gramma..."  And Princess T shook her head in agreement. {Insert me choking back tears of Joy.}  And so we shall continue to Roll as a Global Nomad Family... and find Fellowship with other Global Nomads and those that are tolerant of differences and accept us as we are...

The Aqua & Violet Pumpkins in the vast Pumpkin Patch of Life... *Winks*

Blessings and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Be Well... Dawn... The Bohemian

*NOTE: Some of the Treasures Featured in today's Post can be discovered at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Antique Mall in Goodyear,  Arizona*


  1. i am eclectic and did not come out until my later years. i to recognize other cultures and customs.

    lovely post.

  2. I love your style...it really is soooo much fun. I love how you celebrate life! xoxoxo

  3. This is a great posting It’s exactly what I was looking for. I like your article.
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    1. I was unable to reply to your Blog directly, but I am so glad you came for a visit and enjoyed the content of the Post.

      Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Great post Dawn...You post some great things...I love those pin cushions...I made one from a pewter sugar bowl and love it...so much better to look at than the typical tomato...LOL My son would LOVE that skull...the painting on it is wonderful..

    Love that last photo...Grammy Love <3

    Prayers & good thoughts for you & the Man...I know things will be fine...

    Peace XO


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